Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Brief Blog - Recovery halted - Can't WoW

The picture is the best I can do with a rather crumpled leaflet about Pennytown Ponds. But it gives some idea of the location and the original cottages.

Of necessity a brief blog again because sitting up is difficult again. I took Y shopping this morning but didn't do to well and have spent the rest of the day laying down. Painful.

Please excuse my lack of response to comments.

I certainly don't feel up to WoW-ing tomorrow and will contact Reg and Helen in due course.

See you soon !


bungus said...

Sorry again that you hasve taken a turn for the worse. The shopping trip cannot have helped. Tables may be the only answer (try jumping off one).

The following may inerest somebody.
A computerless acquaintance wanted some litmus paper. Having unsuccessfully tried chemists and other likely sources, he asked if I could get some via the internet. In the course of my research I discovered that it is possible to make one’s own from red cabbage.
I mentioned this at tea one evening and Jessica (12) said “We did that at school but it wasn’t called litmus paper,”
Apparently it is now known as Universal Indicator.

Forgetting my natural modesty; I’m not often wrong and it looks as though I am right again!
This time about Pennytown which it seems was built early in the 19C.

I was the only one to comment yesterday so no one else will be offended by your lack of response!

bungus said...

Culture Show back on form tonight -some good stuff.

Reg said...

10:30 Wed. 2nd July
Message from Y just rec'd
G is in hospital, but is fine. Having tests today, hopefully home tomorrow I will keep blog informed as info. arrives

Best wishes to the Blog master

bungus said...

I also received a text from Yvonne, whilst in Lidl (or Lie?) as predictive text has it), having taken Sandra to King's Mill for X-Ray.
Graham later texted me too, hoping to be home today.
He has probably been overdoing the table treatment.

anonymousrob said...

Here's hoping our blogmeister is home very, very soon if not already. RG, we need you! Magwitch, go and go now and take the rest of the rag, tag and bobtail with you! (I think that's what Dennis Skinner said to Thatcher).

I love the tent in water picture; I'm sure it's saleable to a variety of places and hope Helen can make money from it. Failing that I'll buy the copyright off you for a fiver!!

I'm pretty certain that the prevalence of English and Welsh vineyards owes nothing to climate change and much to our growing interest in winemaking and wine drinking. We were told vines will grow pretty much anywhere and produce a harvestable crop providing they get lots of TLC. I think having the right soil and position adds a lot to the quality. Climate also helps; last year, we were told, some vignerons didn't get any wine at all because of the floods.

Astley Vineyard produces about 7,000 bottles a year. Average price is probably about 8 quid a bottle; not a vast income for 2 people working long hours 7 days a week to keep it going. But I guess it's as much about their love for the product as it is about money - maybe more so.

Get well blogmeister
And soon, return to the fold
Magwitch - disappear!

OK, it's not great but the sentiment is the main thing!


Jill said...

I wrote a long comment yesterday - and it seems to have disappeared....unless I put it with comments from an old blog entry?

I have been away in the Lake District, staying with friends, and b and b - ing, main object was to go to the Woolfest, all things sheepy and woolly and textiles, right up my street. And we saw a bit of the area too - fair was held in Cockermouth. Very mixed weather - but sunny when it needed to be. Jolly cold though. Beautiful scenery, but have no desire to walk/climb up it (friends are Walkers with a capital W).

So pleased out beloved blogmeister is out of hospital, hope it is not long before we returns to blogging. We must have our daily fix!

Bird - I suggested a swift if it was small, a red kite if it wasn't (we saw them from the M40). As you mentioned red kite, Bungus, did you see this comment I made? Am very glad someone is at last paying attention to your teeth, hope it is an improvement.

We'll see if this comment appears....

bungus said...


No, I didn't see your Red Kite comment; I made it all up by missen (as they say around here).

So far, they are talking about seeing to my teeth.
I was given a choice whether to see a dentist at City Hospital or King's Mill. Both are about half an hour away so I said City.
I was told today (at City, by a nurse who, being chemo, was not in on the discussion with the oncologist) that it will be at Queen's Med which is a further half hour each way. Why is there so much misinformation?

Yes, another drip-trip to City Hospital today. Possibly the best yet. A three hour round trip including ¾ hour on the drip. Didn’t have time to complete my Observer crossword (but did so later: 24 Across; Stormy weather and wind. [7] W*E****)

The boundary/hedge saga continues via email dialogue with our policeman.
I had a visit on Tue from our 2 CPSOs, Gav and Rich, which led to a good cop/bad cop interrogation about the (in)accuracy of OS Maps etc. They gave the distinct impression that they are ‘frightened’ to visit my neighbour. He was in the front garden but they got no further than the pavement.
For the time being I have decided to try keeping the dispute low key (without surrendering my perceived rights). After 6 years I have no stomach for a battle (hey! I have very little stomach at all! Internally, that is).
Softly, softly catchee monkey. We shall see what we shall see.

Granddaughter Jessica (12) appeared in the chorus of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ in the Dukeries Complex Theatre on Tue and Wed this week (and again Friday). This evening (Thur) she will be receiving the Award for Academic Excellence for her year.

No further news from RG and I do not wish to pester.