Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Recovered - Nat Trst stuff completed

I can only call Picture 1 "The end of an era" because Mansfield Brewery is being demolished.

We went to Littleworth (The LEA) to deliver the 42 National Trust letters re schools visits, for onward transmission via their mailing system, to Head Teachers. I think God has me down for an envelope stuffer. First for the SWP and now for The National Trust - that's ageing for you.

And this was the view opposite.

The number of pictures I want to share with you continues to grow leaving little room for my pretty flowers. There's Steve's Normandy Beaches, Rob's Cuba, and always a selection from Bungus - I don't know where to start. Steve's Picture 2 is more or less self-explanatory. He had a great time on the Normandy Beaches, particularly Omaha.

It's important for us fogeys to realise that, were there the need, our young men and women would be there to do it again. There is such a lot of silly talk about the younger generation !

For instance when I was a teenager I had quite a long knife in a sheath on my belt and I was quite proud of it. We all were - we were Boy Scouts you see !

Picture 3 is Rob's and is a view from Gilberto's apartment - faded elegance or what ? This is just one of the pictures Rob has kindly sent by e-mail and I'm hoping in his 'comments' he will tell you more, as I publish them. I promise his 'peso with Ché 's head on it' will appear, - probably tomorrow.

Tomorrow by the way will be the last blog until one day next week. It is our long weekend-away with Mansfield National Trust. We are going to The Royal Beach Hotel at Southsea and our outings are to Waddesdon, Petworth, Uppark and Charlecote. All separate links if you would like to have a look.

Comments.....Jill ..... Crowds of people tire me too, but Y seems not to worry. And she really likes her bit of socialising. A few people can be more tiring than many.

We didn't watch the Culture Show. We don't like Lauren Laverne's style at all.

We do care about the weather. It's been awful. Then all change - today has been good. I've researched Southsea though. And that's not good either. But we always have a great time with our Mansfield chums and are hoping to again.

Bungus ...... It is terrible the way the NHS operates over these multi diagnosis issues. Our friend Gordon tells me that he can only consult his Doctor about one issue at a time. If he goes to see him with knee-ache, and says 'I've also got a pain in my shoulder' he would be sent away to book another appointment.

To show you the Alan Clayden pictures as such tiny thumbnails was not fair either on him nor you. Y is not a photographer but she considered them remarkably good. And although my WoW group are photographers, their praise for them was as 'pictures' because few of the photographs followed current camera-club morés.


I am publishing this link to ArtDaily because today's edition is rather good. There is much important photographic stuff but the video of The Klimt Exhibition at Tate Liverpool isn't worth the 'disc it was saved to' - in my humble opinion, that is.

Time-served blog readers will realise that we haven't heard from Madeline for some time. The reason is that she has been 'proper poorly' needing an operation and a 2 week plus stay in hospital. It is a pleasure to report that she is now back with us and intends to try and catch up on the blog ! Oh dear Madeline (Bungus used to all her Mata Hari for some reason) you mustn't overdo it.

Quotation time ................... I'd love to believe that this Yogi Berra quote really was spontaneous :-

"Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical"

Sleep tight. Catch you tomorrow ! Do you like my place-name sign ?

Or should there be a white arrow ?




bungus said...

An evocative shot of Mansfield Brewery.
But that is NOT, to me, the Mansfield Brewery building.
I still think of it as the
19th/early 20thC building on Littleworth which I once visited after Friday night’s drinking with (among others) the then assistant brewer (later to become head brewer). As we entered, the black floor covering rolled up and disappeared – it was cockroaches. We then had a tour of the brewing vessels, having been warned not to lean too far over lest the CO2 cause us to lose consciousness and topple in. What a way to go! Then we had a pint or so of Directors’ Special Brew (which was set to become their first keg beer!)

Do you have to lick all the envelopes?

I am less sure than you that our young men and women would be ‘there to do it again’. I doubt if they would accept involuntary conscription to Iraq or Afghanistan. They are more aware and wary than we were. If this country itself became threatened it could be different, although if the threat came from a nuclear North Korea I am not so sure.

I too used to carry a knife as a teenager. But I never joined the scouts. I never voluntarily joined anything apart from the Nottingham Architectural Students Association (I actually became president on the 'nobody else is bothered' ticket), Shirebrook & District Writers Group etc.
My knife was, in fact, a craft knife with a 2” blade and wooden handle of similar length. I carried it in a sheath made by my mother with an elastic band to secure it to my wrist. It was meant to simulate the throwing knife worn in the same fashion by ‘The Saint’. I never came into conflict with enemies of society.
I also recall Ogden (I believe a relative of John Ogden) coming to school with a butcher’s cleaver. When the form master asked him why, he replied “To sharpen my pencils, Sir,” and that was the end of the matter.

Yes indeed, to more about Cuba and Gilberto.

I’m with Yvonne. In a crowd one can always move on to someone else. But getting nailed by one tedious person, with no escape, is a right ‘mare.

I do like Lauren Laverne. Probably because she is interested but not too serious.
And I think you care too much about the weather. It hasn't been awful – it’s been British. Within my experience, the only way to find bearable continuously warm/hot dry weather is to move to N Africa. It is very pleasant, but one gets to need changes (of socks, for instance) after a while.

All I want is someone to look at my few remaining teeth. My own dentist has agreed with Sandra that it would be unwise for him to see me while undergoing chemo. The assistant surgeon says the first step is to see my own dentist. And my doctor. And then, possibly, the hospital dentist.
I reckon by that time my chemo will have finished anyway!
Bugger it, I’ll carry on pulling them out myself (another one is teetering on the edge). And carry on eating just rice pudding and soup (an exaggeration).

link to ArtDaily:
I couldn’t find a Klimt video. He is not my favourite artist but well worth looking at from what I saw on the Culture Show.

Pleased to hear that our self-styled ‘Mata Hari’ is about to return.

Nice Yoga Bera quote. Very similar to San Goldwyn.

Or should there be a white arrow ?
Yes, one pointing to the right.

“And so, as the absent-minded zookeeper of time scrubs his loo with the startled bush-baby of hope, and the frisky King Penguin of fate approaches the small nun of destiny...”
Beckelina on Sheffield Forum

Madeline said...

I hope you enjoy your long weekend away. I used to be very fond of Southsea, but I expect it's changed somewhat by now.
Girl Guides used to have knives too! I had an illegal flick knife some years later which I carried after several nasty attacks on women in the area where I lived.
It's nice to be back after an enforced absence which was caused by a "brain bleed".
I'm not sure that I was a "self-styled Mata Hari" as it was Bungus' idea.

Jill said...

Lovely picture of Cuba -I take it that is Havana and not the holiday apartment.....yes, of course it is, it is Gilberto's.

I do hope you get some good weather for your week-end, I have been to those places except for Charlcote. Myy least favourite was Waddesdon, but they had a great display of buttons, lace, haberdashery, but that may have been a special thing. Uppark has fantastic views (but wind can be very strong...) and Petworth, you either do the house or the grounds, much too much of both to do both...Great house, though, and we had an excellent lunch there. Be glad you don't have to drive round the fiendish one-way system.

Bungus, I think the way you are not being treated for dentistry is awful. Perhaps your dentist could write a letter saying how urgent it is which you could take (to save it getting 'lost') to the chem people who could then pass you on to the hospital dental dept.

And having to make two appointments at GP if you have two things wrong with you defies belief.....

Welcome back to Madeline if she is reading this, I hope you make a quick and painless recovery.

I have new glasses (first time for 5 years) and they are most peculiar, I can see fine for computer/reading etc, but surfaces etc. are all sloping sharply away from me, at crazy angles. It is very disconcerting, I keep holding on to things because I think they are going to fall off. Steps and stairs are a nightmare, all at crazy angles like an Eschler drawing. I am nervous of driving at the moment. They are varifocals, but they are at least my 4th pair of this type, and have worn glasses since I was 9, never had this problem. Will report back tomorrow.....