Sunday, June 29, 2008

Brief Blog - a little respite from Magwitch.

Pleased to be able to report some improvement. But I can only stand up for 1 minute, or sit-up for perhaps 10 minutes. But I've been through this before and am determined not to seek the doctors advice. Last time I had this particular intense pain near my kidneys and the vomitting, I finished up in Hospital, to no avail whatsoever.

Thanks everyone for kind calls, comments, and e-mails. TJ offered to come and stay; Y wanted to return early from London etc.,

Managed to ring David as usual this morning but I couldn't chat for long.

The picture is a gadget of Bungus's which turns up the TV volume in his ear-pieces without over-riding the setting that Sandra prefers. Sounds like a good idea. If you look closely you will see the camera-man reflected in the gadget.

Comments .... Please excuse any omissions....Bungus ..pleased to hear that Ordnance Survey support your position. He will find that evidence difficult to quibble about.

Also pleased to hear about your dentistry and that the troublesome tooth is out. It is at least a start. Additionally it was good to hear that your hospital visit was satisfactory.

AnonymousRob ..... We hope that the weather is OK during your stay at The Anchor Inn. It looks good. And we particularly hope that the weather is good for your Jazz Festival. Best wishes to Dennis and Joan. Catch you when you return.


The above has taken me three separate visits, interspersed with lying flat. But I felt I should reassure you that I am still 'running'. I couldn't resist this though :-

"Thomas Jefferson once said, 'We should never judge a president by his age, only by his works.' And ever since he told me that, I stopped worrying"

Sleep tight. Catch you soon.



bungus said...

Good to have you back, albeit briefly.

No comment, so I'll blog off.

anonymousrob said...

Glad you are improving (?) RG.

The jazz festival was excellent, Denis and Joan in fine form, and the weather dry though cold at night. The Anchor Inn was fine and the natives friendly. More later with pics, hopefully.

Congrats to Spain. On the night, and overall, they deserved it more than Germany.

I can't belive you've quoted Reagan!!!!!!!!!!!! It'll be Thatcher next (please, no!)

Keep taking the tablets, patches or whatever works best.


bungus said...

It seems that opinions differ on last nights Euro Final.
Some thought it boring, others terrific.
I found it completely enthralling. Apart from the first twenty minutes and a couple of five minute spells in the second half, Germany were never in it. Even when they held the balance of play they never really threatened. Only Ballack came close to scoring but you can never write them off until the final whistle.
Even without top scorer Villa, Spain played exhilarating football. Torres scored a very well taken goal and with a bit of luck would have had several more.
Despite not having a second goal for security, Spain played a spirited and skilful attacking game until the end and well deserved their victory. As Lawro said, “a one-nil annihilation”.

anonymousrob said...

I agree Bungus, it was an excellent game and especially so for a final. Once the Spanish had found their rhythm there was no stopping them. I thought the quality of their passing was superb. It would have been interesting to see them against the Dutch side that turned up in the group stage.

We were told yesterday of an R&B festival that is held annually at Upton on Severn. It sounds right up my street but, sadly, not just down my road.

On the way back home yesterday we visited Astley Vineyard. A lovely place, charming lady proprietor and super wine. She gave us a map showing the location of all English and Welsh vineyards. There are over 100 which really surprised us. I feel a photographic project coming on!! The nearest to us is at Renishaw which, I think, is on the Derbyshire/Sheffield border.

This coming weekend is Henley Regatta. We won't be going this year as we would have to do a day trip on Saturday. Under our current economic conditions (Elaine's and mine, not Gordon's) it's not worth it for one day.

Hope the blogmeister continues to improve.


bungus said...

In one respect Germany outshone the Spaniards. They introduced Karanji, the most fearsome looking sub of the competition - straight out of the Hammer House of Horrors.

You mention Renishaw. I dropped the 'i' when I left the stately home because I was not as dotty as the rest of the family.