Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sorry No Blog

Back too bad.

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bungus said...

Sorry to hear that.
Is anyone available to offer succour?
If not, email or phone and I'll come over to either cheer you up or torment you.

Three bits of news:

1)the loose tooth which was causing such trouble dropped out while I was asleep last night, making eating much pleasanter although sore mouth is still an appreciable nuisance.
Early days but looking better.

2) Enquiries (made by a friend) at the Land Registry have resulted in Ordnance Survey plans being obtained which indicate that the boundary could be up to a metre in our favour (it looks as though at least some of the trees in the offending hedge were actually planted on what is now our land and, if that is correct, we could have had them lopped ourselves! Early days but looking better. rather than worse.

3) I emailed our beat bobby about the altercation. He has replied, enquiring whether I want him 'to have a word' or just take note for possible future reference.
I have also notified the council.

"No man should die in a hotel hallway." (Ironside)