Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunny but windy - David came, also Tracy

A lovely sunny day, but very windy. 26mph South Westerly and not warm either. Never mind. Better than rain again.

Picture 1 is the 'wheat' and I've worked out why it is there. It is growing around the base of the Japanese Rowan in which I hang the bird-feeders.......

David and Helen and Sky and Brooke came at coffee-time and that was super. They had such a lot to bring us up to date on and we had a grand time.

They had been to see 'Tom's Midnight Garden' at The Playhouse and said it was superb. From the link it looks good, and Sky and Brooke had lots of approving things to tell us about it.

Mobile phone's were compared and David's Sony Erikson seems streets in front of my Samsung.

At least you can hear the warning note when an appointment is due. I just can't hear mine in my pocket. And I know I haven't got important appointments like being at work. A typical one for me might be "switch oven on" but it is nevertheless annoying when I miss it.

However, I'm not convinced because I don't want or need a Music Player built in. More research required I think.

Cooking lunch proved hazardous. To accompany griddled chicken, I intended to cook disks of potato on an oven-tray. After preparing them, the Old Age Gremlins put the Dethlac Ant-Killer spray into my hand instead of the 1 Cal, Olive Oil spray. Fortunately I noticed before cooking the the potatoes.

I hope that Picture 2 will persuade you how easy it was for the OAGs to nearly kill us both !

After lunch Tracy called and that was very nice too. We had tea and sandwiches around 6pm.

Betty, our neighbour, brought us a charming bunch of the first cut of sweetpeas (see middle of the cards on the window sill) and now the big room is full of that unmistakable summery smell of sweetpeas.

Janice, the lady who collects the village-tote money also called and said nice things about our decision to take the house off the market. We have thought long and hard about it and we both feel that 2yrs will need to pass before the housing market recovers and we don't want to live in a state of permanent indecision as to what we are doing, till then.

We have counted our blessings and it isn't as if we are living in poor conditions etc., and our neighbours have said super things to us about it. i.e."we are sorry for your sake that you haven't been able to move, but from our point of view we are very pleased you are stopping".

An amusing things happened with my google-mail spam filter this morning. CNET send me regular IT orientated e-mails and this morning they sent me one with the title "What is Windows ReadyBoost and does it really improve performance?" . My spam-filter put it straight into the spam-folder obviously and not unreasonably thinking it was a viagra advert !

Comments...... Bungus ..... Taken up residence back in Pedantsville have you? It was very nearly sunset. My metadata tells me 21.34pm and the sun was about to set over Arthur's. He lives just two doors down from Bill's mother.

I think Opium smokers use the same stuff as we morphine junkies. It all comes from the opium poppy. Can't understand why we are trying to stop them growing it in Afghanistan. Or is it the Taliban who are going to stop them growing it? I get confused. Too many Fentanyl patches I guess.

Jill ..... Thanks for the e-mail photos, and do I understand it's OK to blog the rear of Carrie's house ? In my reply e-mail I make some suggestions to solve your Picasa based addressee problems. When you have the time after your hols I think the best method is for us to have our computers on while we talk on the telephone.

Best of all solution - Bungus and I will try to persuade you to come over to google-mail.

The Acer remains that colour and in leaf throughout the year. Obviously that particular radiant effect only occurs when the sunlight is shining through the leaves.

Millicent's letter won't be framed, but put on a wall I keep for the children's paintings. At the moment it is in between two books, with a weight on top, in an attempt to reduce the creasing. A picture of the wall will follow. A case for my Sigma 10-20mm !

Lucky you ! Actually meeting Bill's mother. You did well to subdue a giggle !

Y was thinking of giving Kinky Boots a look, in view of your comment. By the same team as The Full Monty and Calendar Girls - both excellent films. p.s. Y says she is recording it. So I may well watch it with her.


No quotation - Sorry - too tired - sleep tight - See ya soon !



bungus said...

Surprised that you say it was not warm today. Having seen the ferocity of the wind (50mph?) from indoors, I was surprised at how pleasant it was outside, temperature wise.
It reminded me of the ghibli (N African name for sirocco) without sand.

Talking of potatoes, I tried some Jersey Royals last week. Certainly not inferior to Maris Peer, but not so nice as Charlotte, was the result of the opinion poll.

I meant to say that we also have wheat and less common grasses growing around the bird table.

Well done for avoiding the ant killer. If you had gone ahead and then lost your appetite and just fed it to Yvonne, who would have believed you (except me)?

I was not disputing that it was sunset; merely commenting, in non-critical fashion, that the photo showed little evidence of it.

I think you are wise to take the house off the market until things settle down. At least you won't be thinking about it all the time.

My reason for considering seeking solace in opium was because, like morphine, it comes from the poppy, as, I believe, does heroin, which is the reason for trying to control cultivation and marketing.
But I haven’t checked.

Pleased you were able to suppress giggles in front of Bill’s mother. I am sure our northern sayings would fall on bemused ears down south. You bridge the gap most effectively.
Like RG, I thinks a switch to Googlmail would be beneficial.

Today I watched my first ever DVD; ‘The Buena Vista Social Club’ directed by Wim Wenders (sounds like a rambling group) and featuring Ry Cooder, who produced it.

At last the right team has won a quarter final.
After the game had been stifled by Italy for most of the match, including extra time, the shoot-out, for once, gave a fair result. Odd that Spain should have lost on penalties twice, in major competitions, on this very date.

Chic Murrayism:
“The boat was so old; it must have been launched when Long John Silver had two legs and an egg on his shoulder.”

Jill said...

Are your discs of potato the ones that Delia was using? I have only used them as a thickener for stews and soups.

I think I am already on google-mail, will check later, and see wnat difference that makes....I don't use it except to e-mail pictures.

Whose birthday was it? Yours? If so, Happy Birthday! I love sweet peas, I have tried growing them, but have never been very successful. Mt grandfather used to win prizes locally for his - when I had Fi he picked every single one and sent them to me wrapped in damp cotton wool and oil-skin in hospital - she was called after his mother so he was very pleased. This was in the days when you could depend on the post ariving the following day.

The film was enjoyable, if slightly overlong....

Jill said...

I meant to say that I think you have made the right decision over the house - you can now sit back and enjoy the garden and your neighbours for a while, without having to feel that it must all be kept pristine for buyers.

anonymousrob said...

I would like to meet Bill's mother. I wonder if she would let me stand in her garden and take a picture of the sky? I would also like to know how she ever gets to her house, wherever that is, as Bungus is adamant that it is always four or five miles away. The poor woman must get very frustrated never actually being able to get home.

Bungus, what an excellent film to choose as your first ever DVD. I love the film, the music, the use of colour by Wenders etc etc. Wonderful.

Yes, Italy deserved to lose. I thought they were very poor but was also disappointed the Spanish didn't go for it a bit more. They seemed very nervous and I wonder if that could prevent them reaching the final? Of course, the quality of the Russian's football could have a bearing on the game.

Pissaro seems to have much more colour on his rainy days than we do.

Grey and dull weather
Typical British summer
Pissaro'd all day