Friday, June 27, 2008

Y off to London - My PC arrives - I'm exhausted

.Not really sure what this is on the front wall - Deutzia perhaps? Whatever it is it's doing really well this year.

Picture 2 is the earlier of the Cistuses. I love the colour and the crumpled-paper effect of the petals.

Picture 3 is yet another bee. I can now see the hairs on his legs and, as he wasn't airborne at the time, his wings are visible too.

That is it picture-wise. I've been too busy and I'm about all in.

My new computer arrived and all was not plain sailing. As my special monitor has not yet arrived (in short supply apparently) they have lent me a really old monitor. It's awful and reminds me of the sort you see at Lidl checkouts.

It doesn't receive a strong signal from the router in the big room and several problems follow in the wake of that. Jack the technician was very helpful and I'm sure that eventually all will be well.

Even firing on three cylinders I can see the potential, and of course, I have a lot of work to do. Pictures and documents to transfer. Programmes to load. And quite a bit of working-out to do. How to transfer my FireFox 3 'bookmarks' folder in its entirety etc..

I've already dealt with the toolbars and settings and stuff but I shall need almost a full day tomorrow. Perhaps just as well Y is in Palmers Green .

Comments..... Bungus ..... I am sure your version of the Peso story is the correct one. It makes more sense. Sheer romanticism on my part to want it to be in the residents' favour rather than the tourists.

Re Big School - Hannah didn't feel at all 'lost' because she has been going there for cookery on Saturday mornings for quite a while now.

You are doing the right things re your brush with your neighbour, who I agree doesn't look at all like the jolly fisherman of Skegness fame. My intention is to read the draft letters you have sent me very carefully and I will reply tomorrow.

Anonymous Roy ...... Thank you for all the info about Pennytown. The leaflet you refer to, confirms that the tenants of the hamlet paid a rent of One Silver Penny, presumably to the owners of the Cotes Park Colliery who built the cottages. It doesn't spell it out though. I will return the leaflet on Wednesday. We must WoW there again - I thought it charming.

Leaving 'comments' will become easier the more you get used to it. Anyway the current one is fine and I understand you used Bungus's copy/paste method.

Reg .... Thanks for the update on Brian. If he fancied his 'tea' on coming round I guess he must be OK. Re: Comments. This ' vanishing text' has all the hallmarks of a google-glitch. On we haven't had a serious one for some months so I guess we must be due. They will fix it, they always do.

The Red Lion at Bagthorpe always was a good pub for food. And a nice ambience to it. If you open the link you will see that you go in from the car-park through a door at the side and the seating area is on two levels. (no 'crossing' though).

Quotation time ..... You can't really argue with this bloke's point. Mind you I an think of at least two readers who probably will.....

"Nothing is as simple as we hope it will be."

Jim Horning

Off to bed. Catch you tomorrow !




bungus said...

Very satisfactory visit to City Hospital today. Transport arrived in good time to get me there but not too early and after my consultation I only had to wait a short while fro transport home. There was a bit of a muddle over my blood sample but it was pretty quickly sorted and the really good news was that arrangements are being made for me to see a hospital dentist (that will mean skipping one chemo session (possibly more depending upon treatment required)but that sounds a small price to pay for a possible end to discomfort and a chance that I shall be able to eat properly again.

To your blog:

Very detailed bee shot.

I had heard no mention of your new computer until yesterday (or was it the day before). What sort is it? and what is this special monitor? Does it fill the ink wells and bring round the milk?

Have you managed to establish a date for the Pennytown cottages? Perhaps when you have a picture?

I refuse to be drawn into a comment on the quotation beyond saying he is quite right.

More of Murray:
“What use is happiness? It can't buy you money.”

anonymousrob said...

Just a very quick comment for now. We are in the Cotswolds in the village of Eckington. we are staying at the Anchor Inn for a couple of nights and off to meet up with Denis and Joan at the Upton on severn jazz festival today.

The 50 peso note is the tourist one not the local one. The only local money we got hold of was my lucky 3 peso coin. The tourist peso is worth 25 times the local one so will buy much more as Bungus says.

Reg, you are right not to visit the Dixies for food as you say. You could however buy crisps, nuts mini ceddars, etc. There is also no point in going on a Friday as the service will be terrible. The time to visit is a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon when Elaine is on duty.

I now understand where the Poet and Castle is, thank you.

Glad to hear Brian sounds OK; hope Mo is still improving.