Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WoW at Brassington - Brian's Sigma 70-210mm

We went to Brassington in Derbyshire, and the weather was awful. I hope Picture 1 conveys the feel of the morning.

I've desaturated everything except Mike's blue waterproof coat. To be more accurate things should have been saturated due to the heavy rain rather than the otherway round.

Brassington is a delightful stone village, well known to me from boyhood cycle rides. Everyone agreed it would be worth revisiting in clement weather, rather than inclement weather Ha Ha!

WoW this morning comprised Reg, Brian, Mike and me, and rain notwithstanding we had a good time - lots of laughs and a fair bit of getting lost as is customary. Brian lent me a Sigma 70-210mm lens to play with and first impressions are good. The zoom is pull/push rather than twist but the operation is positive and smooth.

On the way home we stopped at The Great Northern at Langley Mill for a good chip baguette. No link with a picture - so, no link ! I wished I'd had my Casio though, because of the very amusing ''Erewash Valley ' sayings, spelt phonetically on the beams in the bar.

When I got home I had a good look at the Sigma results and I have a spot of muck on my camera sensor . to be sure that it wasn't on Brian's lens, I swapped lenses and replicated the shot.

The spot was still there.

However, Reg assures me that he can clean it from the sensor.

Nice being in a Camera Club 'innit?

Comments...........Bungus.... We are all indebted to anonymousrob
for his work on St. James the Less on Papplewick Church...... Pleased I was right about Saxon anyway but, like you, I was mystified by the large monkey-wrench carried over his shoulder. I am sure that a 'fullers club' or a 'key to a large-ish lock' is correct though - if 'nifty googler' says so.

I think you nearly have it with your 'Bill's mothers........' shot. Probably get up to the 15/20 mark.

In any case, I agree with Rob that it is up to the photographer to decide the ambit of the rules and up to the judge to assess the photoghraphic merit of the picture.

Reg ...... I am now sure that the reason I was not getting a result with me bees wings is that I was not changing the ISO high enough. Simple as that. If there's any light at all tomorrow I'll have another try at ISO 1600.

I'll have another go, taking into account your comment and the discussion this morning. Sometimes I can omit to do the simplest thing. It isn't age-ing; I've always been like it.

From recent proof, where Bungus fooled me with the 'gullible' thing. I think I can be an amalgam of gullible and stupid. Perhaps a new word - 'gullipid' would do..

And thanks for congratulating Rob and Elaine on their forthcoming nuptials and we all join you in doing so.. Oh what fun !

Lovely point about the wedding snaps via a pin-hole camera and cyanotype processing !


My apologies to our non-photographic readers for the content today. There will be some skim-reading necessary.

I saw poor Maureen's 'scaffolding' this morning and I wince at the recollection. An horrendous bit was two pieces of metal under the scaffolding which looked like the tops of large safety-pins going straight into the flesh of the poor girls forearm. When I asked about them I was told they go straight into the bone. Ouch !! And there is also a problem with finding pain-killers which are acceptable to her system. Anything morphine based isn't. So she is stuck with Paracetamol. And that is so weak !!

What with my fentanyl patches me and morphine are best mates. Not surprising I suppose that I can be a little gullipid.


..... Sleep tight. Catch you tomorrow.


Reg said...

What you have to do is catch the millisecond when the wings stop at the change of direction.Don't forget the shutter lag!

bungus said...

What a lovely day you picked for Brassington.
It was fine here as it always is. Try Ollerton (or guided tour of Laxton with Stuart Rose [google]).

I intend to go out and buy a ‘fuller’s club’ as soon as Netto have them in.

You say, “I agree with Rob that it is up to the photographer to decide the ambit of the rules”.
Does that mean that if a competition is for a Seascape one can submit a photo of a Teddy Bear’s Picnic and hope to be placed?
I still say that ‘black overhead’ is not the same as ‘black over Bill’s mother’s’.
Not that I wish to be pedantic.

As, I believe, both Yvonne and Sandra say (more and more frequently) “For an intelligent man you can be remarkably stupid”.

I’ll congratulate Rob when it is all dusted!

You know I cannot skim read. So I just read the photo stuff with no understanding as I do TV set instructions written by a Chinaman.

Maureen’s scaffolding is far more elaborate than the one I had; which was more like a poking stick.
I am sorry she cannot take morphine which I think is wonderful. After my op I was able to self administer it for several days and complained when they took it away. Not that I was still in pain; I simply enjoyed the euphoria. I am sure I could become addicted.
As you say, paracetemol is not enough.

Reg :
Without being an avid photographer I think your bees’ wings advice is sound. And so simple!
Or try a film sequence.

Just for Graham (Chic Murray):
Staying at a Rothesay hotel, there were the usual toast and preserves (in little round pots) on the breakfast table in the morning. When the landlady came into the room, Chic lifted a tiny pot of honey and said "I see you keep a bee!"