Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday BJ day - RG = Messin' about

Picture 1 is a 'hang-over' from Rob's Cuba epic. If memory serves - this is a snap of a real Peso note as used by the residents, as against the Peso note issued to tourists. The real version buys much more.

The notion doesn't offend me at all - it is in fact a splendid idea which we should copy.

'Hang-over' isn't inappropriate either, as I recall the amount of rum they managed to buy.

Thursday being Y's Burton Joyce day left me free to loiter and spend the day achieving very little but it was fun. Y's day was different from usual in that she met Lisa in town and looked after Millicent while Lisa shopped. It was Hannah's first day at big School and all went well. She and her chums walked from Burton Joyce to Carlton where the School is (this will be much healthier and grown-up, than the car all the time). We've spoken to her on the phone and all was fine. Older kids said things like "Aren't you little?" But there was absolutely no bullying or unpleasantness.

Picture 2 is a snap of the 'Picture Wall' which I promised. I managed a 'vertical panorama' no trouble. The Millicent picture which I have been pressing to de-crease is second from the right on the top row. (I wonder how 'decrease' came to mean 'get smaller'?)

The wall (as you walk into my bedroom) has been a feature for many years and I welcome submissions for exhibition. Top age limit at the moment is 12yrs I'm afraid but I made an exception for second from the left, second row down, which is a 'rubbing' by David Marsden 44yrs.

I devised a 'workaround' for the recalcitrant Photomerge pictures - and that was to darken the flipped frame so that nothing was visible for the programe to work on. And then, when I had 'merged' them manually, I 'selected' the flipped half and brightened it up again.

Reg feels his method is better, and he is prolly right.

Picture 3 is from yesterday's WoW and, knowing my love of 'water that looks like water' and 'dappled shade' , you won't be surprised by its inclusion. The almost 'triptych' construction with the best rectangle nicely falling in the golden-section was not entirely a fluke.

There is no doubt that Pennytown ponds is a fascinating place and I think Roy is intending to add a comment, telling us more. But the comment system is playing hard-to-get (you are not alone Roy by any means) and the Bungus method, of preparing the comment in a Word document and then, when you are satisfied with it, copy/paste into the comments box., has much to commend it.

Brian has had his knee-operation today but none of us has heard anything. I tried to send a Jackie Lawson e-card but the site is down - maybe be back tomorrow. So I sent an e-mail instead - not that he will be in any condition to read it - but our thoughts are with him.

Joan texted to say that my bespoke denim shirt, with pockets, is done and all we need to do is collect it.

I lent Mike my Sigma 10-20mm till next week and he e-mailed me to say that this morning he went out on his bike and took 76 pictures with it. Knowing Mike, there will be something quite stunning amongst that lot. Glad he's having fun with it.

Mike also e-mailed me this Army Joke which he described as a bit rude. In view of that I've made a link of it please clicky. So if you feel you might be offended, don't open the link. It's hilarious and typical 'humour in uniform'.

Comments.....Bungus .... Lovely comments again. I think I had know for some time about Laudanum. It seems that the most popular recipe was Thomas Sydenham (1624-89) in his work on dysentery (1669), contained one pound of sherry wine, two ounces of opium, one ounce of saffron, one ounce of powder of cinnamon, and one ounce of powder of cloves. but I guess the crucial ingredient was the opium plus of course the sherry.

I did manage to find the suspension bridge pictures on the R. Nottingham website and very good they were too. Damn cheek not paying for material though, ditto the Evening Post.

At the risk of being 'gullipid' again 'lianas' are a plant, it was the tree-creeper birds we were looking for.

If the architecture you and Rob find depressing is that long row of terraced houses on the road leading into Pleasley, I feel I must disagree. They are mostly boarded up now but I've always thought they were our working-class equivalent of the Royal Crescent in Bath. Give or take the odd palladian touch. Shirebrook has always been fine for me and I have such happy memories of the writers' group you introduced me to.

Your Groucho Marx quote reminded me of - "I Can Only Please ONE Person at a time. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking good either" - I've no idea who wrote it but it sticks.

AnonymousRob ...... Really valuable info about ASBOs and I agree that Bungus will fare better with the council than with the Police. From my recollection they have it all on file and there is a named official Bungus has dealt with before. He should pursue it. I know it's easy to say that, but I guess that due to his health he doesn't feel like pursuing anything much at the moment.

You are quite right that the 'Poet & Castle' used to be 'The French Horn' and the music evening described by Mike really does sound fun. I could 'take my own trumpet to blow' etc., etc.,

Anonymous Roy .... looking forward to reading your comment - when it arrives. Stick with it Comrade.


Y is off to Palmers Green for a weekend 'grannying' session. She will enjoy it and has decided to take the Casio because apparently Elli with her mini-violin looks and sounds incredible. And I shall be able to do some industrial grade messing-about.

Quotation time ...... I don't think any of our readers will disagree with this, even those holding down serious jobs like Rob :

"All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind"

The wikipedia page was the best. Brief, pithy, and lots of links for those who need to study further. The old boy would be proud of the author/authors.


..... Hope it's better than this for Jill on her holidays. Sleep tight. Catch you tomorrow............



bungus said...

Are you sure you have the peso rates right? As I understood it, the tourist peso is worth 5 or 10 times as much as the native one and much desired by the residents for its additional purchasing power.

Pleased Hannah's first day at big School went well. The Dukeries has a good system in which children in their last year at primary school spend time there to accustom them to the feel of the place before they move up.
I am not sure about the walking being ‘grown up’. How many adults do you know who walk (other than recreationally).

I suppose in the same way that increase came to mean getting larger rather than ‘concealed in a fold’
No room for a septuagenarian on the picture wall then?

I lke the 'bridge over untroubled water' photo very much. Extremely calming.

I enjoyed the army joke. It reminded me of the policeman joke which I shall email.

I like the sound of the Sydenham cocktail!

Thank you for explaining the tree creeper. I have told Tarzan, who in future will be found swinging from a bird.

I intend to inform both the police and the council about the latest ‘brush’. Where I go from there will depend upon their response (but at least it will be on record).

(In the spirit of recycling) I could go to the 'Poet & Castle' and play on the linoleum.

The quote is true enough; and sums up why volunteers generally work so much harder than paid staff.

I couldn’t do with the stress of bringing a court case even if it was as easy as you try to make it appear. Apart from that it would certainly result in a counter claim.
Perhaps surprisingly, the Council’s order that he should reduce the height of the hedge was issued under Part 8 of the Anti-Social behaviour Act. He responded to that by saying that I was the one who was anti-social (if I remember correctly ‘because I wanted to desecrate his haven of tranquillity with its woodland walk and reducing the height of the trees would destroy the habitat of birds, bats and other creatures (his complete destruction of the trees instead of lowering them to 4 metres somehow seems to me to go against this caring attitude! Tupical.).

On 'clearing tables': we once went for dinner in a local hostelry and, before we had finished eating (about 9.30) the waitress had become the cleaner and was spraying polish on the adjoining table. And Sandra was not allowed to go to the Ladies because a man was in there cleaning – fortunately we had a friend who lived nearby.

I understood the gist of your level crossing query and found it amusing. I was lured into looking deeper but felt that my funicular reference did something to lighten the tone again. Please don’t get serious or obvious (see 'tree creeper').

Someone on R Nottm said the second quarter final was not as good as the first. I though it was great and the right result.
A technically good and pretty even first half but Spain in the ascendancy after that, running out clear and worthy winners. They played with flair and enthusiasm. Let us hope they prevail against the pedestrian resilience of the Germans (only Swineburger seems to have any wish to lift the game). But, hey, this is football!

Murray and Cooper
Duo of an unkind kind
Witty and succinct.

“I got up this morning. I like to get up in the morning; it gives me the rest of the day to myself.” (Chic Murray)
‘I saw this bloke chatting up a cheetah, I thought
"he's trying to pull a fast one".’ (Tommy Cooper)

Anonymous said...

Pennytown Ponds was originally the site of a number of cottages built for local workers and I understand so-called because all they were charged was a pennycorn rent of one penny per week. I
can’t remember who they were employees of, possibly a local benefactor ,although the leaflet I left with G might explain. The cottages were certainly there in the 1940s as it was a local playground and Ann can just remember them. There was also the local Cotes Park Colliery but I don’t think there was any connection.

The Poet and Castle was originally known as The Clock, then became the Red Admiral, then the New Clock and now the latest name. Why on earth do they do this? People go to a pub for it’s atmosphere. food and beer not . It’s name is irrelevant. It is apparently part of a small chain run by Ashover Brewery. We assumed that the poet was DHL but I now understand that all their pubs include the word Poet, the brewery itself being at the Olde Poets Corner in Ashover (we must do a WOW visit to investigate). Presumably our assumption that the Castle is Codnor must be correct.
Despite the barmaid who to be fair did tell us to tell her to bugger off if her fussiness was annoying us, the beer was excellent, six real ales of which only one was national brewery produced.
Incidentally a couple of years ago after WOW we went in what was then the New Clock and asked for four pints and four chip cobs but despite a Food sign outside were told that they were not doing food but there was a chipshop across the road!!

Rob - The French Horn is still in existence, about a hundred yards away but being ex-Kimberley now serves Green King crap.

TC joke which I heard live at The Commodore but never heard on TV

My wife phoned the other day
“I can’t start the car”
“Why not?”
“It’s got water in the carburettor”
“Well leave it for 15 minutes to dry out”
“I can’t”
“Why not?”
“It’s at the bottom of the river!”

bungus said...

I like Greens King draft IPA.

bungus said...

At a peppercorn rent The Penny Down Ponds cottages sound very much earlier than 1940 (at least 50years earlier I would have thought). I certainly don’t think that sort of philanthropy (with a payback – ie, usually tied) survived the 2 World Wars.

Reg said...

Anon. has stolen my thunder about the pubs various names.
I have just spoken to Audrey Brian's wife, He has had his op. and came out of the anestetic (Spinal)demanding his tea. I have passed on our regards.
This is the second attempt at posting a comment It suddenly disappeared in mid typing.
On our regular Friday lunch outing we went to the Red Lion at Bagthorpe, Sorry Rob The Dixie's don't do food,It was very good, a little bit more expensive but also better than the standard pub bar meal,almost like a restuarant They do have a "meal deal" menu. 1 course £3.50 3 courses £4.99 Fixed menu no choice obviously to complete with the 'Hole in the Wall's £3.50 carvery. We ate from the main memu, but if the meals I saw coming out were from the "meal deal" they looking to be excellent value. We will try them when the boss has had her scaffold removed and can cut up her meat etc. Proper beer as well. Anon will be pleased to know.