Sunday, June 01, 2008

Still entertaining - sorry no blog yesteray

It's a pleasure to open with Bungus's 'poppy'. As you will see it is a very rare and much sought-after variety which grows 50p pieces !

I hope he will distribute some seeds later in the year !

Our entertaining-alon continues. After Derek and Betty on Friday for nibbles, last night we had Chris and Joan and cousin Kenneth ((whose company they love) and Pat, for a proper knife & fork meal.

Chunks of fresh pineapple for palate setting purposes - my signature sausage and mash (different varieties of sausage - pick your own), swede in the mashed potato and chopped chives, sweetheart cabbage, carrots - and of course, onion sauce, and gravy for those who prefer it. For pudding I did rhubarb and bramley apple crumble. Y did the crumble 'cos mine are hopless ( I meant hopeless - but it didn't contain hops either). This proved popular and seconds were sought, and provided till it had all gone. Basically I had done custard but Joan had previoously asked for Evaporated Milk, so a jugful was dutifully provided. Then cheeseboard and coffee.

After having fed everybody, my back/leg told me to go and have a lie down. Which I did, around 8.30pm. I set an alarm on my mobile for 9.30pm but slept through it and didn't surface till 2am ! I shall apologise to everyone in due course for being rude - but I'm reassured by Y that everyone was very undertanding and they had a great time anyway.

The Picture 2 moth was on a window this morning, and again - no magic. I just used photoshop's merge facilities to add the flipped indoor picture to the outdoor top one. Same moth and I suppose I should have enlarged/decreased one shot or the other, to match, but it was too much of a faff.

Pat eventually went circa 4.30pm and it has been a fairly demanding weekend. This afternoon we all went to Durban House because I wanted Y to see the Alan Clayden exhibition. As I expected she loved the pictures. Although not keen on photography Y is an astute judge of a picture and some of the work stopped her in her tracks, so to speak. It was very sad to see so few entries in the visitors' book after our WoW visit on Wednesday. Maybe some people who profess an interest in photography aren't really interested deep down.

Comments .....Bungus ..... All of our memory powers are on the wane I think (except perhaps Hannah) , and of course you also have powerful medication problems to contend with. But I don't think you should worry about Alzheimers. As all our readers would attest, there doesn't seem much wrong with your brain (I'd just typed 'your Brian' - who I've never had the pleasure of meeting ).

Your Haiku is now in precisely the right format. And better for it !

AnonymousRob ....... Pleased to hear that your dongle is so well placed and dangling properly. Sorry about the work conditions though. Things will be better when you join us/we happy band of pensioners.

As Jill says - keep the Cuba stories coming. Most interesting. Gilberto is fascinating. Maybe you should amend your Cuba photobook so as to include some text. And yes, please send pictures which I could blog for the readership's benefit.

I understand how highly qualified people are doing low-level jobs but it is their overall level of happiness that matters. And although I don't think you have spelled it out, we get the impression that Cuba is a happy if rather subdued place to be. I searched the blogs and found this quote :-

"This blog is about the dictatorship Castro runs over cuba and the Human Right Violations that denies Cubans their basic rights.All Americans, and our allies around the world to recognize that we all agree that the Cuban regime has betrayed its people politically and failed them economically.Cuba will be a safer,happier place when Castro leaves the scene, whether by natural processes or, as is the goal of U.S. policy, make your comments, speak-up,Cuba will be a happy place without Castro
Author: Alex
New York state.

The blog address is but when I tried to open it I got a message saying 'this blog has been removed' by whom I wonder ?

American views of 'human rights' don't extend as far as a right not to be invaded by America; this is quite clear from post WW2 history. Their idea of how a Country should be governed seldom accords with the views of the indigenous population. In fact it doesn't even seem to suit the US of A all that well.

As every 'Order of the Garter' expert knows "Honi soit" is an heraldic fly-swat carried in the right hand. It is a device that symbolises "fxxx you" to Malcolm Y Pensense (you know - Chacun's cousin).

Jill...... As well as pigeons we are now getting lots of scary looking crows. A picture will inevitably appear.

Glad that you too are enjoying Rob's Cuba.

Wild China sounds good - fancy them finding a herd of Chiroo (as Jill says they were a blog topic some time ago). I sChirooe sure to watch future episodes and do my best to catch up on the existing one.

I was going to say something interesting about 'memory loss' but can't remember what it was !

Quotation spot ...... Although I take his point, I assume he is talking about people of pre-retirement age.

"Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade"

I've linked you to the Poetry Archive website where you can hear the old boy doing a reading.

p.s. to Ray. I've only just read your e-mail in my old Yahoo inbox - I rarely go there. Shame about Brodsworth though. It would have been lovely to actually meet you. Perhaps sometime this summer we could meet you somewhere, and I could bring Bungus with me !


Sorry I've rambled on but 2 days to tell you about Here is a picture of Rob and Elaine in their Caravan (close inspection will reveal Rob's dongle appear through the roof vent). And also for David and Helen who has just returned with their's. David described their weather as 'intermittent'...... They had sone sun and some of the other. Had a good time though.

Sleep tight ---- Catch you tomorrow.....



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bungus said...

By far the majority of people whose opinion of Cuba I have heard, speak of it as a happy place.
I more and more take the view that Americans know nothing of other countries and are not in the least concerned about them unless they interrupt trade or threaten US stability.
”our allies around the world… recognize that we all agree that the Cuban regime has betrayed its people politically and failed them economically” is a load of tosh. If America had not imposed sanctions it would almost certainly be an even happier place with a thriving economy. A sort of Iceland with heat and light.

It has been a Sunday like the one in a film of the forties or fifties, ie, miserable and damp. Such a contrast with yesterday which was beautiful until late afternoon.

I have been working on arranging to get my ears syringed but this morning Sandra agreed to try the Hopi candles which I have had for years. Magical! I didn’t experience the full transcendental bit but it was very relaxing and effective. I am naturally somewhat deaf but I can now answer the phone in comfort and everything is so much better apart from losing the Chinese Whispers effect!

Fri Comments and Sat blog;

It is a small comfort that others have memory difficulties. Who are you anyway?

You make Cuba sound very appealing, although your stroke of luck in meeting Gilberto (I thought he played for Boca Juniors) must have made the hol much more enjoyable.
I look forward to further bits of the story.
I felt a similar affection for the Libyans that I got to know well – but I had 18 months in which to do it and worked with several.

Contrary to the wbmaster's view,I think Pense was named after his mother’s birthplace.
The self-styled Honourable Isambard Kingkong Soit was a murky figure of uncertain origin, most commonly supposed to be Lebanese or Australian. It is believed that he married a certain Miss Twenty Pense (for the money) and, with the aid of ill-judged patronage, he briefly led the Abandonist Artistic movement involving, sub Duchamp, the use of common and cast-off materials to form sculptures. There is no record of him ever having held an exhibition or selling any of his work. He rattled as he walked.

I have always felt a great deal of satisfaction at being able to name the Magnificent Seven actors, the Derby and Charlton teams and the England World Cup winning team.
I have now recalled most of them:
Magnificant 7:
Jul Brynner, Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Brad Dexter, Charles Bronson, Horst Bucholz and the American actor who was in Hustle.
World Cup: Banks, Cohen, undertaker from Shirebrook, Stiles, Charlton J, Moore, Ball, Liverpool player, Hurst, Charlton B, Peters.
Woodley, Parr, Howe, Ward, Leon Leuty, Musson, Harrison, Raich Carter, a big clumsy ugly typical English CF, Peter Doherty, Dalley Duncan.
I remember Sam Bartram in goal, Alex Welsh (IL), and two Johnsons (one a RH I believe, the other CF).
I may have mentioned before that the weekend after the cup final I went to see Derby v Charlton at the Baseball Ground. Unusually, the ball burst in both the Cup Final and the League match, something I have never seen elsewhere.

Cords are comfy. Jeans are not. I have a yellow pair, the ‘new’ gray pair and a pair that Graham gave me and were too big in the waist for me even before I lost weight!
The only problem I have (which I shall again experience after Hopi) is the swishing sound as one leg brushes the other.

You don’t say what I am getting better at.

Frank Gallagher is an incredible role model and the world would be a duller place without him.

"The good thing about
Alzheimers, is that you meet
new people each day.”