Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WoW at Pennytown Ponds - Cleaned sensor

.Every picture tells a story. You may remember some days ago I had this nasty spot on the sensor in my Nikon left half of the picture). As you will see above its gone (see right half). Thanks to Reg who brought his wallet of cleaning stuff and fixed it in the pub after our WoW. I actually qualified for a 'virgin' cleaning brush. Once we had found the 'mirror lock-up' in the menu and operated that, the job took him seconds and my sensor was as clean as the proverbial whistle. A quick google to have it done by a firm reveals a cheapest quote of £40 + VAT plus the inevitable postage. So, double thanks Reg.

Our WoW destination today was Pennytown ponds at Somercotes, followed by Loscoe dam.

The top two frames of the collage are Pennytown and the left shows me on-line somewhere in Derbyshire thanks to my dongle and top right is the view from where I was sitting.

I can't give you a link to a Pennytown website because I couldn't find one ! Interesting location though ( another Roy gem) and we were shown a tree in which there are a family of tree-creepers. Needless to say, although we stood for a while we didn't see them.

Loscoe Dam on the other hand has a very appropriate link to a Geograph photo by our own club member Lynne Kirton. Nice picture Lynne !

Mike, Reg and Roy are standing at the same fence that Lynne has depicted but a little further to the right.

For our chip-cobs we went to the Poet and Castle pub in Codnor. Mike says it is v.good in the evenings when they host an 'acoustic' club where you take take and play your own guitar. Although they stocked a good range of beers the chip-cobs/baguettes were quite expensive and the bread was tough. Also the bar-maid seemed to have a 'thing' about clearing the table and didn't really leave us in peace until the last plate had been cleared away. Then she started likewise on other customer's tables even though some of them hadn't yet finished their meals. Ah well. Not important I suppose.

Comments...... Bungus ..... I remember well Sandra's excavations to get out the Knotweed. If I remember correctly it was just in front of your front window. She beat it though, Bless her ! Re your neighbour from hell - I really don't know what to recommend ! In view of his continued behaviour there may be something in Rob's idea of an ASBO. He is correct to hint that I am way out of date with these things. However good your beat-bobby is supposed to be he seems reluctant to do anything positive to help you.

We will certainly try again with Rose of Sharon because, if you could get it established he would find it made of sterner stuff than poppies. We have been trying to eradicate it for years from that border at the corner of the drive. But it keeps coming back with renewed vigour.

Pleased to hear that Henry Normal is doing so well. I think you and I recognised his talent more or less at the outset.

Re the Rembrandt drawings. Sketches like that are always so immediate and so obviously by the hand of the artist himself. No studio kids painting in the drapery in a drawing is there ?

AnonymousRob ...... I like your Mum's sayings. I once took home a rather flash girlfriend who worked in Boots in Derby. After I had taken her back to Derby and returned home my mother said .."I can't see her scraping many butter papers" ......

I reacted to your comments (see above) and I think your advice to Bungus is sound. A diary and the camera should definitely be to hand

Level crossings are probably so called because I've never seen one where one end is higher than the other. Be a bit tricky for a train if it encountered the rail equivalent of a speed hump. Now wouldn't it ?

Tennis doesn't do much for me either. But then neither does football !


This evening I had Firefox problems. Equipped with the new version I decided to customise my toolbars and drag and drop things around to save space. Did it, hated it, and then couldn't undo the changes I'd made. Did two 'system restores' - no difference. Eventually decided the only way was to uninstall FF3 and then re download it. Did that but it all still looked the same. Then 'lo and behold' in customise toolbars I spotted a 'restore default settings' button. I clicked that and a perfect result. Instantly back to how I wanted it. Could have saved a wasted hour.

Quotation slot......

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines"

Ralph Waldo Emmerson

All the best on your holidays Jill. And our thoughts are with Brian - he as his knee operation tomorrow. And Bungus - I think it is his clinic day tomorrow. Or have I got seriously out of synch. Sleep well all, and I'll catch you tomorrow.



bungus said...

The weed killer I was thinking of is sodium chlorate. Vary effective; kills everything; and becomes a fertiliser after 6 months.

I only found out last night that laudanum is also derived from the opium poppy.
Wyatt Earp’s wife (?) used it.

Some nice pictures of Wilford suspension bridge on R Nottm website.

Your blog:

£40 + VAT plus the inevitable postage just to clean off a spot!
I would expect a new camera for that.

Just a thought: are the tree creepers also known as lianas?

Sandra has not only discounted the knotweed but also the loosestrife. Unbeknown to me, she had a struggle getting rid of that from the top of the garden some years ago.
The Rose of Sharon certainly sounds worth trying again though. Apart from anything else, I like it. But poppies will persistently come back (as in that bigger battleground, Flanders fields).

I hold no grudge against our beat bobby. He is very willing to discuss things and he makes sense in that, when seen in the cold light of day, grievances often seem too petty to pursue. I certainly take his point that a prosecution would not stand up and that civil matters are beyond his remit. I shall make him aware of the recent incident.

Henry Normal (aka Pete Carroll) was a very entertaining performance poet but I don’t think either of us expected him to succeed as an executive, a tycoon in the business of production. After all, he gave up a job in insurance to go on the road.
But certainly “Good luck to him”. I remember that he was alays very supportive of other up-and-coming performers (such as myself).

"I can't see her scraping many butter papers" is absolutely great. Worthy of Chic or Tommy.
Certain people, or families, have this grasp of the 'putdown'.
My favourite aunt was accosted outside her back door just before Christmas.
"Good morning ma'am. I'm the man who empties your dustbin," to which
"What a coincidence; I'm the woman who fills it." End of.

I think my emails and blog comments save the need for a diary and if I ever remember I’ll take photos. Drat!

Your answer to the’level crossing’ is probably correct; you don’t get many on funiculars.
But normal gradients on railways are so low that the difference in level from one side of the crossing to the other is infinitesimal.


All right, I exaggerated.
I’d say It was over a year ago (I have emails recording it) when our good next door neighbour phoned to say that bad neighbour had lit a fire in his garden which looked likely to burn down our garage. Naturally we investigated. The garage was safe but the fire had flames over 20’ high which were licking the upper branches of our rose-apple tree (at least a couple of feet inside the boundary) and the flames had travelled along the ground into our garden, where they were burning a newly planted (cheap) gooseberry bush and threatening other plants.
I said I would call the Fire Brigade and was told not to be ridiculous. I went into the house but did not phone 999. When I returned to the garden he was throwing water on the ground on our side of the fire. But three hours later at 11.00, the flames were still 10’ or more high.
I reported it to our beat bobby who was unwilling to intervene (the actual damage was minimal).
This week saw the first ‘attack’ since then, apparently brought on because I had driven a stake into the ground (admittedly just over the boundary among his pet thistles) to tie back some poppies which had blown over into the drive.
Nothing has happened since. His outbursts are not frequent and we do not actually find them frightening (but we are incredibly courageous people – I would not be surprised if Sandra copped for a George Cross next!)

I think you are not quite correct in saying “if a neighbour's tree etc crosses over onto your property you can do pretty well what you like to it”.
As I understand it one is entitled to trim off any growth that is over the boundary provided you offer to return the cuttings to their owner (not just dump them back on his property).
I think RG may tell you that the only thing HE was good at was throwing people out of pubs and annoying those of his superiors whom he thought were unpleasant in some way.

You must have a very good proofreader if the invitations contain only 2 mistakes!
Although I shall probably have to decline, I do want to be asked. Therefore:
RM Renshaw
No-None, Tuxford Road
Notts NG22 9TA

I haven’t seen Stanton Hill for 30 years or so, and it may well have improved as Ollerton has done.
Shirebrook is a wonderful place with a market place the size of Red Square. The inhabitants and shop keepers are amazingly warm hearted and generous without being at all subservient. A great place although, in the old days, always good for a Saturday night 'faight'.
I agree about that particular bit of Pleasley. Other miserable and thoroughly depressing areas are Meden Vale (formerly Welbeck Colliery Village) and its next-door-but-one neighbour Warsop Vale.
Lucky, lucky Germany! Well played Turkey; and how ironic is it that they should lose to a 90th minute goal?

“I had a great evening. But this wasn’t it.”
(A Turkish view from Groucho Marx quoted by O’Neill of Villa)

anonymousrob said...

From Wiki on ASBOs:
In the United Kingdom, an ASBO may be ordered in response to "conduct which caused or was likely to cause alarm, harassment, distress, or harm to one or more persons not of the same household as him or herself and where an ASBO is seen as necessary to protect relevant persons from further anti-social acts by the Defendant".[3] In England and Wales they are issued by Magistrates' Courts...
An anti-social behaviour order is an Order of the Court which tells an individual how they must not behave. An Order can contain only negative prohibitions. It cannot contain a positive obligation: Crime and Disorder Act 1998, s1(4) and 1(6); R (Lonergan) v Crown Court at Lewes (2005) 2 All ER 362. In order to obtain an ASBO a two-stage test must be satisfied by the applicant authority (see section 1(1) Crime and Disorder Act 1998). The first is that the defendant has committed acts causing or likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress within six months of the date of issue of the summons. The second is that an order is necessary to protect persons from further anti-social behaviour.

The applicant has to prove in a court of law that the individual has acted in an anti-social manner. That is to say, in a manner that caused or was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household as himself...
Less common ASBOs
The oldest recipient of an ASBO, an 87-year-old man who was abusive to his neighbours...

I think the local council might be a better bet than your neighbourhood bobby who sounds like he/she wants to be friends with everyone, or can't be a***d to do some real policing. Go for it Bungus!

I have never heard of Pennytown Ponds or Loscoe Dam despite them being only a few miles away. Maybe I need to investigate further.

The Poet and Castle at Codnor looks interesting, especially for some music. Did it used to be called The French Horn?

I disagree that clearing tables whilst people are eating is unimportant. Customer service and customer satisfaction should be very important to catering/hospitality establishments and especially so to public houses when so many are closing down.

Boo hoo, Germany won. The Turks were desperately unlucky against a less than average German team. I hope they get soundly beaten in the final as I don't believe they deserve to be there. This is not an anti-German stance but a pro-football one.

I'll try again - why are they called level crossings? because they aren't level when you drive a car over them; but thanks for the serious replies. Maybe I need more obvious humour.

I'm pleased, RG, that Reg has got rid of your nasty spot. He is clearly missing a trick and could charge only £30 incl VAT + postage to undercut the competition and make a tidy sum. As we know, though, Reg is a very successful at being nice so he probably won't do it. In which case, Reg, I will pay you £15 for each sensor that you clean for me.

Tonight my heart will be with the Russians and my body in the Dixies Arms for Open Mic night.