Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Rest Day - The Fair arrives for Carnival

I woke up this morning feeling a little 'off colour' and have remained so all day. So unlike me. However it didn't deter me from nipping into the garden to get the raw material for a Collage of Roses. Not all of them are included because the picture quality wasn't good enough.

With thought, we could probably tell you each variety because we, or rather Y, has planted them all.

It would be a great addition to Picasa's collage maker if, after loading the pictures, you could move them about within the frame for the best effect. Maybe you can do it in Photoshop.

Picture 2 was Y's concept. She thought that 'the old and the new' would be a good idea for a snap. So during our boat trip we passed an old sailing ship with its foremast conveniently framing The Spinnaker.

All I need now is to await an appropriately named monthly competition at the Club.

Virgin media continues to offend. This morning our bill was far too big. Originally we signed up for £30 per month for TV, Broadband, and Telephone, plus calls. Scrutiny of the bill reveals the £30 offer is long gone and my 4mb broadband alone is £25 per month.

It just happens that in WebUser there was a piece about Mobile Broadband, like Rob has with his dongle. Research shows me that Vodafone seems the best deal at £15 per month for 3.8mb broadband and the dongle is free. So I've signed up for it. Another advantage is that it works anywhere there is a Vodafone signal; so no more searching for Wi-Fi hotspots when I'm out and about.

Comments..... Bungus ..... I like your von Trapp family explanation for the sloping bench. But I guess Jill's 'horse mounting' is more logical. It was kind of you all not to endorse the notion that it was a result of my sitting on it.

Your 'drip-trip' title for your chemo clinic days is inspired. Glad to hear that the day was uneventful though. But you must be bored out of your mind by now. If you become bored with haikus you could move into clerihew country. Plenty of material in your hospital trips I think. The first couplet is half made with drip and trip. Nurse and no worse, and needle and wheedle, are jockeying for position.

Jill ..... Your green-finch account was quite harrowing. Still, I suppose it is 'nature'. At Burton Joyce the great tit nest and the webcam came to a sad end too. The chicks went down to 3 left in the nest, then 2. They fell out, so in the end none survived. But the children were quite impassive about it.

Having just read your comment I must tell you that 2 minutes ago Y poked her head round the door and announced that she was putting the central heating on.

I'm with R on high vantage points, provided there's a lift.


Quotation time ............. I realise there are several quotes along these lines but this on is new to me:

"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone"

The Wikipedia link was the best one. As it is so often ! And if you scroll down to the bottom of a long entry there's a button for 'quotes' in the right hand corner.

p.s. I've just noticed that, in the title, I've told you about the Fair arriving and then not mentioned it again. Sorry. More tomorrow.

Memo to Sports Desk.... According to our Chelsea fan in Palmers Green. Everyone is delighted abou the new boss...... Editor.

It must be train time again. Catch you tomorrow.


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bungus said...

Today I ventured forth and visited my old college friend in Radcliffe-on-Trent for the first time since last August.
As usual, we went down to the Royal Oak for a pint. The landlord and regulars seemed genuinely pleased to see me, which was gratifying, and we had a few laughs.

Nice roses.
We have a climber or rambler (I’m never sure of the difference) which now dominates the apple tree up which it climbs. It has just come into bloom (white and very pale pink) and looks a treat.

I like the mast, rigging and Spinnaker photo. Well worth entering in competition I’d say. The colour is nicely understated.

I am still happy enough with my Broadband provider (Supanet) unless thing start to go wrong. For about £20 a month I get the Broadband plus phone calls (although Sandra still has to pay BT for the line rental).

Pleased you liked the 'drip-trip' title.
Strangely, I don’t usually get bored. I take the previous Sunday’s Observer crossword and there are books/magazines and TV. I started reading ‘Pelham 123’ in a Readers’ Digest condensed book and found it as gripping as the film. I intended buying it (for £1) but forgot when the time came to leave. No doubt it will be there on my next visit.

I hope Jill’s green-finches survive. I am sure the parents will do their best.
Sorry to hear of the demise of the Great Tits. Many young children cope with death rather well.
I remember Danny’s pet rabbit, of which he was very fond, being found dead one morning.
When Dan arrived home from school, Sandra broke the news to him gently.
His response; “Are we going to eat it then?”
“Oh Danny we couldn’t do that to Bugsy.”
“Yes we could. You just chop it in half and put it in the oven.”

Sports Spot
I’d say Chelsea have picked a good man. But if it doesn’t work out they can always sack him in December.

Best match of the European tournament so far, tonight.
Holland were nearly as good as they were against the Russians. But France played well above their first performance and made it really gripping.
The 4-1 scoreline was sort of deserved but it was really more even than that; Holland just had that critical edge in creating and actually scoring goals!

Chic Murray quote:
“It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to have to paint it.”