Thursday, June 05, 2008

Packed and ready to go - nearly

Some difficult picture juggling is necessary this evening so bear with me.

Firstly this particularly evil looking wall-eyed crow. I promised Jill a picture but they seem extremely camera-shy and I'm sure I only got this fellow because he looks blind in his right eye. Even shooting through glass from the kitchen window, the slightest movement and they were off.

Gilberto's 'palatial' apartment is altogether engaging. And thanks Rob for these pictures. As you know, I love record shots for, as Roland Barthes calls it in Camera Lucida - the 'studium' - aspect of a picture.

The picture on the left (previously promised) is Rob's 'lucky peso' with Ché's head, against the 20p piece for scale.

And finally the picture on the right is Maureen's arm with what Reg accurately describes as 'scaffolding'. I can't really do better than paste Reg's e-mail -

G -Maureen is back home full of anti-biotics, three nights in hospital, will tell you the full story when I see you. Things reasonably satisfactory but this morning they had to have breakfast toast in owls, as the ward did not have any plates! Seems to me the Chief Exec. could come down a model of car and buy some, they are cheap enough at Ikea without using his massive purchasing powers.
Time does not exist in the NHS (except in an emergency) or if its a shift change. Your going home to day means later up to 23.59 hrs. Mo was told at 8 a.m.she was to have an X-ray before going home she went for the x-ray at approx 14:oohrs we got home at 17:00hrs. Pic attached all may be blogged. Reg.

It was remiss of me 2 days back not to mention Sandra's further trip to Buckingham Palace, this time with colleagues. I can only plead post-entertaining blues and inattention ! Again, I think it best to paste the appropriate bit from Bungus's 'comment' -

After several weeks of secrecy I can now let people know that The Dukeries Community Workshop have had a Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service bestowed upon them for 2008 (I of 4 in the East Midlands, 1 of 79 nationally).
This means that Sandra will again be going to Buckingham Palace, this time accompanied by the three other longest serving volunteers, for a garden party in July.
On this occasion, presumably, she will get refreshments!

A high honour indeed and congratulations to Sandra. If she keeps going at this rate we shall eventually be addressing Dame Sandra !

Comments.....Bungus ..... I never liked Mansfield's keg orientated Director's Special Brew. The straightforward bitter was an excellent pint, in my recollection.

Yes. We licked all the envelopes.

I liked your little conceit of the 'white arrow pointing to the right'. At which point I couldn't resist using Matt's Telegraph cartoon this morning. It is ages since I borrowed one and I'm always meticulous about attribution. I had to issue a mild 'b***ocking' the other day to someone who uses them freely without even mentioning the author's name.

Madeline .... Great to have your comment. I'll tell you all about Southsea early next week.

It's all about personal choice I suppose. Jill says later that Waddesdon is her least favourite NT place while Joan and Chris wax poetic over it. We shall see, and your roving reporter will report back.

I'm absolutely sure you are right - 'Mati Hari' was Bungus-created.

Jill ..... The Cuba pics are smashing and I'm so glad, and I'm sure Rob must be, that you are all enjoying them so much.

If at Petworth it's a choice between interior/exterior I think Y and I will settle for the interior. Fot no other reason than J.M.W. Turner whose work we both love. We just hope the paintings that should be there, are there. You can never tell, with stuff being loaned to exhibitions etc. And also that the place has returned to normality after Anthony Blunt boggerred about with it. And I use the expletive advisedly !

Re your vari-focals. I have them at the moment and have never been entirely satisifed. My eyes need testing again and I intend to go back to bi-focals. Or even a set for driving and a set for reading.

I think the line-drawings man was Escher, without the 'L' but we take your point. Here is a link to Escher for everyone's benefit. You will recognise the pictures when you see them. My personal favourite has always been Drawing Hands. The concept of objects breaking the frame of a drawing was quite revolutionary.

Quotation time ...... I've drawn from Thomas Fuller before, and I happy to do so again -

"Some have been thought brave because they were afraid to run away"

Thomas Fuller

Our National Trust weekend-away starts early tomorrow morning and we are really looking forward to the break. We enjoy the company of our Mansfield Centre chums and we are going to be doing lots of interesting things. Please don't expect a blog before Tuesday at the earliest.

But please, as before when the blogmeister is away, feel free to chat amongst yourselves !

Sleep tight. And catch you sometime ...... ..

End quote ...... From Reg's fund of Tommy Cooper jokes -

'So I rang up my local swimming baths.
I said 'Is that the local swimming baths?'

He said 'It depends where you're calling from.'

Although a joke, it has a hidden ' depth' I feel.





Reg said...

Should be "toast in bowls" not owls the mind boggles.

anonymousrob said...

Personally I love the idea of the NHS serving toast in owls. They could also serve mashed potato in kestrels and apple pie in sparrows. I was trying to think of some food/bird connection but couldn't.

I did post a comment last night but it obviously disappeared into the ether never to be seen again. The following is mostly it.

The spiral staircase photo and the exterior of Gilberto's 'palatial' apartment building are both taken by Elaine. If you are ever lucky enough to visit Gilberto's apartment, all you need to do is stand outside the 'door' (I'm not sure it actually has one) and look up to your left. You will see the spiral staircase in all its glory. To me it seems the back half of his building, and the one next door, are missing. The exterior shot shows some indication of its former grandeur; it must have been an amazing sight in its heyday. To get to Gilberto's apartment you enter to the left of the 'Bilbioteca' and ascend a staircase in the dark; no natural lighting and no electric lights either.

Going back to the talent contest, one of Gilberto's friends who entered was Leonardo del Rey, or "The Lion" as he was fond of telling us. Leonardo, who was about 8 stone wet through, was dressed as a Mexican as he was going to sing a Mexican song. He was very proud of his sombrero as it was a gift from his mother and she got it from Mexico. It was about a foot wider than his shoulders.

Sadly, Leonardo hasn't got talent even though he thought he was in with a good chance of winning. The acts were judged by the audience in a very democratic fashion, one person one vote, but entrants were not allowed to vote. There was 6 people in our group, 3 of whom entered the competition, so the rest of us, in true socialist style, cast one vote for each of the other 3.

Leonardo did not win, or even come close but he soon cheered up. At the end of the evening we all exchanged addresses and Leonardo insisted in having our e-mail address even though there is virtually no chance of him ever being able to e-mail us.

The last we saw of Gilberto was as he left us on a street corner, still clutching a Cuba Libre and staggering off into the distance.

Glad that Madeline and Mo are recovering despite/because of* the NHS.
(*delete as appropriate)

Bungus - RG turning to the right? Surely not.

A haiku:
No NHS time
To heal, recover or reset
And eat toast in owls

Another haiku:
Leonardo del Rey
Mexican sombrero, but
Sadly no talent

Yet another:
See spiral staircase
Soaring skywards, searching sun
Seems safety skipped


Jill said...

I think Tommy Cooper's joke often did have 'hidden depths'.....

Thank you for the crow photo - last year there were three babies around here, although I never found out where the nest was.

'Scaffolding' is about the right word - it must be extremely awkward, would 'catch' on everything, like trying to get a sleeve over it.

I didn't mean that Waddesdon was my least favourite NT place, but my least favourite of the ones you are visiting.... Not my style of architecture.

Leonardo sounds to be a real character, is there a photo of him in his over-sized sombrero?

Toast in owls really got me going. We stayed in a hotel once that only seemed to have 6 teaspoons for its hundred or so guests. We used soup spoons, of which there were thousands....

Anybody else watching 'Springwatch'? I like it better this year, Kate at last seems be shutting up Bill when he needs it, and there is more emphasis on birds, my preferred interest.

Have a lovely break, look forward to hearing all about it next week.

bungus said...

Good crow picture but sort of pales at the side of Rob’s photos of Gilberto’s apartment. What splendour. What a magnificent building, somewhat enhanced by neglect and decline. It made me think of New Orleans.

The Che peso is interesting too. ‘My country or death’, I think it may be.

Like Reg, I marvel a t the idea of toast in owls. Perhaps they couldn’t find any mice for breakfast.
Chicken served in a dog?
(I know we all make typos but I proof read my comments at least twice before pasting them. And then again after pasting. I am not suggesting this as a model.).

Of course, The Dukeries Community Workshop will mean nothing to most people. Even a lot of people in Ollerton don’t know it exists!
After the closure of the pits, the workshop was formed, with college assistance in the provision of accommodation, on The Dukeries Community College premises, to provide somewhere for people, essentially the unemployed, to get busy and meet people. A number of members have found it a valuable lifeline.
It grew, eventually acquiring charity status, and for some years has rented the accommodation from the college and, with essential hard sought funding, is autonomous.
There used to be another similar facility, somewhere, attached to a college of further education. But that folded and now, so far as is known, DCW is nationally unique.
It is open to all members of the community (some 200 members, fluctuating, almost equally divided gender wise, mostly over 50) who attend as and when they wish, at no cost other than for some materials, to carry out their own projects in woodworking, metal working, upholstery, glass crafts, wood carving, etc. Short courses (one day to one day a week for several weeks) in these and allied matters are held several times a year.
Two employees; a full time supervisor responsible for Health & Safety and a part time office assistant. Everything else is done by volunteer members, with Sandra at the centre of the web as co-ordinator.

When Mansfield Director's Special Brew was released, everyone (except RG) thought it the best thing since sliced bread.
It suited landlords too, as it took less looking after. It took many years for CAMRA to get things back to an appreciation of cask conditioned beers.

I still think someone else first mentioned Madeline/Mata Hari but readily admit that I liked the idea and took it up.

I think Escher was very clever and witty. One I particularly like has birds gradually turning into frogs.

I am sure Fuller has a point.

Welcome back. I’ll bet Mata Hari had a flick knife.
Is a "brain bleed" something like a stroke? Whatever, I am pleased that it has not affected your blog commenting skills and I hope things continue to go well.

I think your idea for getting dental treatment might take even longer!
I would be surprised anyway if my dentist would write a letter without seeing me, which he has indicated that he is not prepared to do while I am on chemo. It’s all a bit like my very favourite book, ‘Catch 22’.
One problem is that the City hospital, where I am having chemo, does not have a dentist. And it is King’s Mill, where I had the op, that does. But they told me to see my own dentist.
I am now reminded of a favourite film, ‘La Ronde’.
The oncologist today (Fri) was much more understanding of the difficulties and will take it up with the surgeon’s team at Kings Mill.
I think the ‘two appointments at GP if you have two things wrong’ came from the blogmeister. I do not have that problem.
Hope you soon become accustomed to your new glasses. I am surprised you haven’t taken them back (sitting on the floor could be dodgy if you are not sure where it is!
I had my first pair of varifocals when it was decreed that I needed long distance for driving. That was about 5 years ago and my prescription has changed so little that they have never needed replacement (apart from the first pair which fell off the roof of the car, a couple of weeks from purchase, and under an artic’s wheels). I had no problem becoming accustomed (they are very weak anyway).

The Culture Show is repeated, in extended 45 minute format, on Friday night.
Lynn Barber in the Observer last Sunday said:
“The great strength of the show… is the Laverne/Kermode double act – she so perky and pretty , he so grumpy and sour. …They are both brilliant interviewers as well as presenters.”
So someone is on my side!

Tommy Cooper quote:
“>>> You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today.
>>> They left a little note on the windscreen; it said 'Parking Fine.'

bingus said...


Leonardo sounds great, Gilberto superb.

I always thought Cuba Libre was an American usage, to celebtrate the forthcoming release of Cuba from communism. If I am right Gilberto must have been using the term ironivcally (something Americans would not understand).

Nice haikus

bungus said...

It seems I was wrong

Cuba Libre:
From Wikipedia,

This drink is designated as an IBA Official Cocktail

IBA specified ingredients†: ·
5 cl (one part) rum · 10 cl (two parts) Cola · Dash of lime juice
Preparation: Combine ingredients in glass and stir. Squeeze the lime slice into the drink and garnish with the pith.

Accounts of the invention of the Cuba Libre vary. One account claims that the drink (Spanish for Free Cuba) was invented in Havana, Cuba around 1900. Patriots aiding Cuba during the Spanish-American War[citation needed] — and, later, expatriates avoiding Prohibition regularly mixed rum and Cola as a highball and a toast to this West Indies island.
According to Bacardi:
"The world's most popular drink was born in a collision between the United States and Spain. It happened during the Spanish-American War at the turn of the century when Teddy Roosevelt, the Rough Riders, and Americans in large numbers arrived in Cuba. One afternoon, a group of off-duty soldiers from the U.S. Signal Corps were gathered in a bar in Old Havana. Fausto Rodriguez, a young messenger, later recalled that a captain came in and ordered Bacardi (Gold) rum and Coca-Cola on ice with a wedge of lime. The captain drank the concoction with such pleasure that it sparked the interest of the soldiers around him. They had the bartender prepare a round of the captain's drink for them. The Bacardi rum and Coke was an instant hit. As it does to this day, the drink united the crowd in a spirit of fun and good fellowship. When they ordered another round, one soldier suggested that they toast ¡Por Cuba Libre! in celebration of the newly freed Cuba. The captain raised his glass and sang out the battle cry that had inspired Cuba's victorious soldiers in the War of Independence."
However, there are some problems with Bacardi's account, as the Spanish-American war was fought in 1898, Cuba's liberation was in 1898, and the Rough Riders left Cuba in September 1898.
But Coca-Cola was not available in Cuba until 1900.

According to a 1965 deposition by Fausto Rodriguez, the Cuba Libre was first mixed at a Cuban bar in August of 1900 by a member of the U.S. Signal Corps, referred to as "John Doe".

Tommy Cooper quote:
>>> A man walked into the doctors,
>>> The doctor said "I haven't seen you in a long time"
>>> The man replied, "I know I've been ill"

bungus said...

Re Tommy Cooper jokes -

'So I rang up my local swimming baths.
I said 'Is that the local swimming baths?'
He said 'It depends where you're calling from.'
My uncle, going on holiday in 1930s, was uncertain where they were. He stopped the car in a village and asked a local "Are we about halfway?"
"Depends where you've come from and where you're going".

anonymousrob said...

This is going to be a short comment as it's half-time in an intriguing Holland v Italy game in Euro 2008. So far, Italy have been very disappointing.

Jill - I do indeed have a photo of Leonardo but, sadly, not in the sombrero. He is in a cowboy outfit with a smaller hat but I feel it still conveys what the sombrero was like. I shall e-mail it to RG this week.

Your query about a photo prompted me to look out the notebook I usually take on holiday. I like to keep a diary-type record of what we have done, seen etc. This has given me more Cuba related blog material as it contains information I'd forgotten. I will post this, now and again, over the course of the next week or so. There's more to say about Leonardo in particular!

Hope RG and Y had an enjoyable and not too exhausting weekend.


bungus said...

Holland performed very well. Best match so far.

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