Thursday, August 06, 2009

Y at BJ - Me busy - Nottingham trip - 75F at warmest

This morning I took Y to Angel Row for onward transmission to Burton Joyce. I wanted to visit Jacobs to sort out my faulty Fujiflm A100 ( the lens doesn't retract properly) but, as I hadn't a receipt to show that I bought it on 28th April 09 they proved unhelpful.

Y has now unearthed from her own laptop an e-mail from Fuji acknowledging the purchase and offering a warranty. Perhaps that will do.

Also, I wanted to visit Carphone Warehouse to buy a Blackberry/iPhone type mobile phone which is better for surfing the internet and sending pictures with e-mails. I eventually decided on the Renoir KC910 8GB which ticked all the boxes.

It was nice to be in Nottingham this morning. Part of The Square has been filled with sand and transformed into The Beach. There is of course the usual choir of 'nay-sayers' but Y and I think it great fun - if this morning is anything to go by.

It was busy, busy, with Mums and Dad's playing in the sand and building sand-castles and Grans and Grandads sitting in proper old-fashioned deck chairs. By the way, for photographers, if you like the barbeque flames (bottom right corner of the collage) I got them just right by spot-metering a flame.

Y also had a busy day over at Burton Joyce. She played all the games and even managed a chat with Steven - she always likes that. When she arrived home she was tired, but happy tired.

I had a call from the disability aids people and the bed-raising equipment will be delivered tomorrow, between 9am and 5pm. The person on the 'phone insisted on calling me Graham, without being invited to do so, and, as far as I remember we have never been introduced. So impertinent. But, more importantly, she refused to give me a more specific time. I suppose Y will have to stay in and I'll go and do the shopping.

My responses to your previous comments

jbw .... My knowledge-box about steel will soon be overflowing. Trouble is, in a month's time, I shall probably have forgotten half of it. Never mind, the remaining half will, I am sure, prove invaluable.

One day, in the near future, I shall photograph my collection of Victorian and early 20th Century carbon-steel knives which I feel sure will interest you.

Reg ..... Please see Yvonne's comment further down.

Bob .... I don't think the pictures reproduced in the link actually did them justice. They were mostly printed big and square (18" by 18" at least) and on a sort of watercolour matte paper. The look, in the flesh, was generally great, and very little jarred in the way you describe.

I do actually like pound shops. Never been in Primark. But I will spring to the defence of Matalan. My Zantos T shirts and shirts have proved attractive and hard-wearing. And one of my favourite of all saucepans (a big copper-bottomed job with a glass lid and short side handles) came from Matalan at least 10 years ago.

Jill ..... Sabatier is another excellent steel knife. French this time. And I'm sorry yours suffered a broken blade. I think you were probably misinformed about the current state of production though. I'm sure they are still made.

Glad you enjoyed the Masters of Vision pictures and the Charlie Waite cottage is indeed a beautiful thing.

You certainly deserve an A+ for 'Application' re the 'Transport for London' summons. They no doubt, as a matter of policy, make it as difficult as they dare. But please stick at it gal. We are behind you. Perhaps worth making enquiries but there used to be people called process-servers who were court-officers with just that precise job to do.

There is a whole legal history of acceptable methods of 'serving' - one I remember is nailing it to the outer door etc.

Helen C .... You don't sound too 'agonised' about your tooth extraction. Don't worry about the gap - it will probably give you a slightly dissolute look. You really need one of those long 1920s ebony cigarette holders, empty of course, to pop in the gap.

You will both enjoy the Southwell Exhibition when you finally get there.

Yvonne .... I'm sure in my own mind that Hayley will settle down. They are in a bit of a cleft stick I suppose. They need to attract more patrons but, if they succeed, the pool is overcrowded.

I agree with you that Reg did well to fix the car rattle. I was certainly an irritation. It seemed that, by a process of elimination he identified the central, high on the rear door rear light as the culprit and then, in true engineer fashion, he whacked it hard and, lo and behold, the rattle vanished. He suggests that an additional refinement would be to wedge some draught-proofing tape, or some strips of rubber, between the plastic and the glass.


Quotation time .....

"A bore is a man who deprives you of solitude without providing you with company."


"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"



Yvonne said...

Matalan: Graham didn't mention our best ever purchase which was a teapot with its own teacosy ........ Thank goodness, it got rid of the knitted one. (I bet Jill is the only blog reader who has a clue about knitting a teacosy!).

I've spent a long time this morning working out how to get from Nottingham to Broadstairs (Debra moves there in a few weeks time). National Express coach .... still don't know fares, timings, etc. But train (used to be British Rail) gave me every bit of information I needed - still working on what conclusion to draw.

Posh French lunch tomorrow with an old friend - we meet every few months and have a long discussion about lunch. We ALWAYS go to the same place but, because we've not booked, we end up in a corner or having to leave in an hour because someone else has booked the table. I BOOKED it on Monday so maybe it will be more relaxed!

bob said...

Re camera return:
You learn with whom to trade the hard way!
Stick to Netto, says I.

I was sceptical about ‘the beach’ but from your photos and what I’ve seen on RadioNottm it looks great.
Bring Goose Fair back to the Square?

Bed raisers:
You should have insisted upon being called ‘Sir’ and them doing the shopping!

I’m sure they sell some good stuff but I simply cannot bear to be in Matalan for more than 30sec. First time there I attempted a very small purchase (veg knife) to find I would have to queue behind 20 people at checkout!
I’m sure they sell some good stuff but I simply cannot bear to be in there for more than 30sec.

Lucky we don’t all think the same all the time.
The Charlie Waite was one I thought ‘artificial’ (ie, looks like a water-colour!).

Voted for Boris?
Only yourself to blame then!
Did ye nae Ken?

Sandra to King’s Mill.
X-Rays and blood tests indicate recent TB (presumably with pleurisy?).

No knives at Lidl.
So perhaps I won’t cut myself.

Collected Stags season ticket.

Steph and Jess back from caravanning on canal – thoroughly enjoyed.

Jill said...

The Beach looks like fun - I imagine it is all free?

Bob, sorry to hear about Sandra's recent tb/pleurisy - are they going to treat it? I had tb at 19 - in hosp. for nearly 4 months....

Love the painting at the end, the lovely cluttered room is just my cup of tea. Bet Y would have it cleared in no time! 'You want ANOTHER book? You've already got one'....... Oddly there is a picture of a painting in the Daily Tel. today, letters page, that looks similar, but it is a different artist.

Y - National Express coaches, I had a friend living in Bristol who used regularly to go to Cambridge, it always involved a two and a half hour wait at Victoria Coach Station inbetween coaches and I used to meet her for lunch....if yours is similar, let me know....

And what is wrong with a knitted tea-cosy and how did you come by such a thing?

We finally got to Morrisons - good for somethings, poor for others, but it was cheap. Did not think much of fresh meat and fish - but veg were good, also bread. And they had tinned mandarins at a good price - 3 tins for £1.20. Very slanted towards ready-meals and Asian foods. We shall go again, it is not on our regular route so it will be once a month sort of thing. I think.