Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday - Ann & Roy's Golden Wedding do - 70F Windy

A relaxing morning after our Haworth trip yesterday.

The collage on the left illustrates it. As usual with such places it was 'no photography' in the Bronte Parsonage Museum so the collage comprises The Church, Y at the top of the Hovis lad's delivery hill, some Church stained glass, and the cobbled path down from The Parsonage. I put the cobbled path in sepia because it suited the period and the subject.

Y and I both like 'stained glass' in all its forms, from ancient to modern and, when you get used to it, it isn't too difficult to get exposures right. Even with the Fuji compact which I used exclusively yesterday.

The coach trip, with Lavenders, worked fine. To begin with we were just two back from the driver but knee room was a major problem. We asked, and discovered that the back seat was free, so we moved to it. Brilliant ! In future we aim to book it in the first place. Plenty of room - I sat in the centre seat with my legs down the aisle and Y sat in the window with all the clutter in between us. We broke our journey outwards with an hour in Halifax. We found what looked to be (from the outside) an old pub. It was awful ! An example of the sort of pub where you wipe your feet on leaving, not when going in. The gents had the worst urine smell I've ever encountered and Y reported a similar story about the lady's. When she touched the toilet seat it fell to pieces.

Around 2pm this afternoon we went over to Ann & Roy's at Nuthall to help them celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Good luck to them. We had nice chats to lots of people and, although I was mostly in the one chair in the conservatory I 'circulated' as best I could.

Poor Maureen - she is in deep trouble with her hip. Particularly pain-wise. Nothing seems to give her lasting relief, not even a pain-killer injection directly into it. She is to see a consultant at Heanor tomorrow and all we can do is hope. You could see from her face how much she is suffering.

Y enjoyed her bit of 'social' as she always does. Great nibbles, great occasion, and most enjoyable.

When we arrived home it had been my intention to have a lie-down because I felt done-for. But, I found so many little jobs to do, I didn't manage it till gone 7pm. One job was tidying up this rose which lives in a tub. The plant has earlier produced a long-lasting first bloom of flowers and I thought that this 'second' deserved some judicious light pruning, snipping off of dead leaves and a general sort out round the base of the plant. Then I took it's photo and gave it a good water.

My responses to your previous comments

Peter B.... Thank you for your good wishes for the trip. As you will see above we had a first rate time. The coach driver dropped us at the top of the hill and I managed the remaining short cobbled rise slowly but OK. I was tired out when we finished though.

Bob .... I don't know what it is about Buddleias and Bees and Butterflies. Originally I thought it was something to do with that exotic purply/red of the common or garden variety. But this plant of Derek & Betty's is a 'not very striking yellow' - so it can't be that.

Re: Haworth. It was generally accepted that the 'waterfall' wasn't worth the walk.

Re: stocking up. It might be interesting to do a tour of kitchen shelves and cupboards, garage shelves, and freezer - to see how long (with a reasonable diet) one could withstand siege. Milk isn't essential anyway - is it?

Thanks for the pictures of Moon Pig. What a lovely name for a 'staffie'. Lucky Dan & Em ! I know how envious you must be.

Jill .... Yet another collage today. I made the bottom right corner picture sepia partly with you in mind. It suits the snap anyway.

I think the last reason you suggest about the vanishing caterpillars will be the correct one. They never just vanish but they will all reach the 'chrysalis' phase at the same time.

Of course 'eggs' are a must ! Silly of me to omit them.

Yvonne ...... I know your mother could only cook egg & chips, but it has given you a life time's appreciation of the dish. And I certainly don't mind because its one of my favourites too.

Re: Ann and Roy's 'do'. I think everyone who went will agree that it was an excellent occasion. Simple, straightforward, and nice !

I assume 'Ray' is a typo for 'Reg'. Anyway, I think you ought to resume your Hayley swimming. You don't want to leave it so long that you set up a mental barrier.

jbw .... Although not officially a 'comment' thank you for your e-mail sending me the 'orchid' pictures. The modern variety is mostly Phaleanopsis and, as the linked site will tell you, their care is relatively straightforward. To have one in continuous flower for over a year though must be something of a rarity.


Tomorrow is a Mansfield Centre for The National Trust coach trip to Sudbury Hall which should be good. Comparatively speaking it is quite close, which will take any pressure off the actual journey. Let us hope that we are lucky again with the weather. But Jean, the organiser, is usually so lucky and the sun invariably shines. We are picking her up at 8.30am and look forward to a day with all our chums. Unfortunately, Peter and Joan can't make it.

We are hoping to see them one day next week anyway - because Peter would like another hour 'hands on' learning on his PC. We would like that too because Joan and Y always find something to talk about !

Quotation time ....

"A good pun may be admitted among the smaller excellencies of lively conversation. "

In view of the Sudbury Hall trip, I don't intend to publish a blog-post tomorrow. So, see you all being well, on Monday. Sleep tight, take care etc...etc...



bob said...

Quite right that sepia suits cobbles (also wise not to use it for stained glass).

I am sure the coach’s back seat has more room but isn’t it the worst for travel sickness?

You seem to have a particular skill at finding dreadful pubs (was it Norwich?)

Re: stocking up:
Periodically I check food stocks.
Less than dozen tins beans, 6 each tomatoes/tuna, 3 each fruit/puddings/custard/mushy peas, 10 assorted chutneys/pickles, likewise marmalade/jam, 2 kg assorted fish, etc, etc, necessitates further puchases.
You’re right about milk – survived perfectly well on Carnation in Tripoli for 18 months.

Sandra, who feels unable to cope with another puppy, knew that
1) daughter-out-law Emma (Dan’s partner) was looking for another Staffie (they had a blue one, Piper - from our granddaughter Alex - which died suddenly, inexplicably, at only a couple of years old; and Dan was registered keeper of Ralph) and
2) if I saw it I’d want it.

Good away win for Stags but Arsenal stole the glory.

Jill said...

Loved the sepia photo, it made a good contrast with the stained glass ones too. So glad you had a good day.

And well done, G, for staying the course at the Golden Wedding - it sounded a jolly good do!

Double egg and chips - one of my all time favourites!

And you are off gallivanting again tomorrow - just watch it, or you will be joining me in having dormouse days too.....

Bob, you were very strong willed not to see the Staffie - I know I would not have been able to resist....but I can understand Sandra not wanting to cope with a puppy, and they are quite boisterous puppies too. If we ever have another dog, it will be an old, tired one, like us....

Is Maureen considering a hip op? The people I know who've had it are extremely pleased with results.

Reg said...

Hip Op not in the options, no appreciable wear in hip. Consultant is now recommending a new X-ray and an another MRI scan as both existing ones are at least six mounths old. He is going to look at nerve problems.

Y went swimming today and at one stage had pool to myself