Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Karen Day - 66F - Full Moon - Aldi

At long last here is Pete B's daughters 'crabing' picture which is to do with when he took them crabbing on the River Dart. Or, I think, more accurately to watch people crabbing.

If I've got it wrong I'm sure he will pop in and put me right. And I only managed to 'open' the picture due to the good offices of JBW.

We made another early start, mainly to get out of Karen's way. She can play her music loud and zoom around with Henry the Hoover without having to bother about us old fogeys.

Aldi instead of Lidl was the big decision. We hadn't been for some time but, before Lidl, it was our favourite shop. Still much to commend it. I couldn't resist this set of three kitchen knives of Solingen Steel. Solingen has a worldwide reputation for the manufacture of fine steel.

On this occasion I followed Y's dictum and binned three kitchen knives when we returned home. Some time ago, I had only wanted one, a little paring knife, but Morrisons insisted on selling me a pack of three - made in China - all the same - all useless. They simply wouldn't keep a sharpened edge. These latest three are first class. I must devise a storage system so I don't take the end of a finger off.

In the £1 Shop next to Aldi it was interesting to see they are selling lots of ex Woolworth's items - seems a sensible solution to me because there must have been millions of £'s worth of stock floating around.

We seem to have returned to intermittent rain, a blustery wind, and not very warm. Unfortunate really, because Peter and Joan G start their holiday today. Mind - it might be different up in Northumberland - I've just googled it and although warm, 21°C there is a 9mph wind and mostly cloudy.

I've spoken to Reg and, all being well I shall join the WoW pack tomorrow. I won't be able to walk far but they will park me somewhere interesting - and I can certainly manage the pub at lunchtime.

My reponses to your previous comments

I must work out a different sentence to introduce this section. 'Responses' has overtones of High Anglican Choral Evensong I think.

jbw ..... Many thanks for your input re the 'crabing picture'. Today it the file opened without demur. Yesterday I was getting all sorts of error messages etc.

Your advice re 'gardening in small doses' is sound. But I disagree about 'can't have a day off when one is retired'. I seem to manage it regularly and as Jill (previous comment) says, she has her 'dormouse days' when she retires to her bed and only surfaces occasionally.

Bob .... The 'blue' of the artichokes is troublesome. I think I'll try to hold my old Casio together long enough for a snap, and see what that camera makes of it. I don't seem to remember it this innacurate in previous years.

Brian S .... Great to have a comment from you ! and you good wishes healthwise are much appreciated. With you 100% about The Street. Each episode deals with an important current issue. And, as you say, the acting is excellent.

All being well I shall be WoW-ing tomorrow.

Yvonne ...... As you know I share your concern about 'what shall we read when we've read all this?" I was very young and in the small Library in Ashbourne when the thought first struck me. But I soon realised that wasn't the entire world's supply of books.

Jill .... Great to hear that Ro came through with flying colours.

Re .. University Challenge. Like you I was suprised no-one recognised Betjeman sitting there with an old BBC microphone. Easpecially as one of the contestants is reading English !

Good for you with the birdsong recognition. I don't think we got any of them right. I was waiting for a wren because for a tiny bird they make such a loud noise. But they didn't have one.

A 73yr old chap found a talking frog in his garden so he picked it up. The frog said, "If you kiss me I will turn into a voluptuous 25yr old princess". The old boy put the frog in his top pocket. "Didn't you hear what I said?" said the frog "If you kiss me I shall turn into a voluptuous princess" "I heard you" said the old guy "but at my age I'd rather have a talking frog".


Quotation slot ......

"Popularity is neither fame nor greatness"



Pete said...

Graham, glad you got the photo sorted and thanks for posting it. The girls' did in fact do the crabbing walking along the dam and dropping a baited line. The best bait they found was raw slices of bacon.There were loads of children and adults doing it at the time and getting great enjoyment out of it. All in all hundreds of crabs were caught that day and all thrown back to be caught again no doubt. Such good fun.

jbw said...

Solingen is the German equivalent of Sheffield. The very best Sheffield firms producing high quality and specialized cutting edges are still in existence but a very large number of the smaller firms have disappeared because we preferred to buy cheap rubbish from China that was not sharp and, if sharpened, did not keep an edge. Although let's face it, a lot of people have these blocks full of expensive kitchen knives for show and they do not cook and don't know how to use them.

Jill said...

Lovely crab drawing! Glad you blogged it, made it much easier, and I bet Bob thinks so too!

Knives - I swear by Jon Lewis own make. I have an 'everything' knife, a carving knife and a bread knife, that seems to be all I need. Daughter-in-law (who does a lot of cooking)has a set of knives all metal, blade and handle all cast in one, no join, think they are Japanese? - absolutely lethal. Very expensive, not out of an ad in paper....

Go easy on the WOW-ing tomorrow, G.

Have given up on the PreRaphs. tonight, it has got too silly for words.....I did enjoy Kate Humble's 'Who do you think you are?' repeated tonight though.

bob said...

Pleased to see Pete’s lovely crab picture (I’d no doubt Jbw’s solution would work). .
I recall Dan catching 1” crab at Blakeney and insisting it be cooked for tea back at camp.

Knives look good – so if any left this Friday…

I think religious pontificating ‘responses’ rather suit.

Just like Nanny’s dressing-gown, it’s ‘a beautiful blue’.

University Challenge – I didn’t count, but THINK I did rather better than usual.

For me, 'Single-Handed' didn’t have the bite and verisimilitude of, eg, ‘The Street’ but I’ll certainly continue watching – just touch uneasy about the coincidental denouement…?

I still watch ‘The Wire’ late night but have absolutely NO clear idea who is who or what’s going on!

Pleased to hear R is serving education.

You don’t entirely trust Mr Hoover? Shame on you!

Students are too young to remember Betjeman.
I don’t recognise today’s celebrities!

Have I just invented a punchline that goes something like:
“Absolutely nothing wrong with him except that he’s dead.”?
(I was once one of 6 in an ambulance where the most contented and healthiest-looking was the only corpse).

Yvonne said...

Pete: I remember at Wells-next-the-Sea last May, the kids were using raw bacon for crabbing. How do people find these things out?

JBW: I'm with Jill - three kitchen knives would be ample for me but then I don't do the cooking here! (But a very encouraging sign, I thought, that Graham bought three knives and disposed of three. But I am not optimistic about the twelve jugs).

Rang the 'Club' today to see why the swimming pool has changed from a nice, classy, quiet, empty one to a free-for-all. I suspected the 'offer' (£27.50 for a month) but was partially persuaded that it was also to do with the awful weather: people can't face going out for the day so go swimming. Let's hope the sun comes out soon as I have been so disappointed on my last two visits.

Woolworth: our massive former Woolworth store in Victoria Centre is going to become a Pound Shop. Not keen on them myself (along with Primark) but they certainly do seem to attract the customers. A good use for a prime site.

Anonymous said...

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