Friday, August 07, 2009

Everything occured in order, and to time - 72F - Little wind

I dashed out early to do the shopping, leaving Y to see to the bed-man (if he arrived) and I was back home around 9.30am. He arrived around 11.30am and in spite of my yesterday's grumpiness he proved most affable, polite and helpful. My bed is now 4½ inches higher and much easier to get up from. I no longer need to hook a walking stick round the loo door-handle to pull myself up.

Picture 1 is a collage of the artichokes - the first on my D80, under-exposed by 3 stops and then brightened and the second on Reg's D300 as a Raw file. There is, in reality, a hint of magenta in the blue. (Brian S dislikes magenta almost as much as I dislike blurred water). Reg's version of the artichoke is certainly the more realistic. As we discussed at WoW on Wednesday Adobe's 'shadows/highlights control' produces a most unrealistic looking snap.

Picture 2 is my collection of old carbon-steel knives, all of which when sharpened in the traditional manner with a 'steel', take a very sharp edge.

Perhaps the sharpest of all is the white-handled ham knife third from the right. I can produce a slice about playing card thickness.

As a general purpose kitchen knife though, my vote goes to third in from the left. You can see that, over the years, the act of sharpening has produced this crescent shape from what no doubt started life as a straight-edge. William Morris said you should only have things in your house which are both beautiful as well as useful.

I put my knives in that category because I use them all.

My new mobile phone is still beating me though. I am supposed to dial 333 and then key in my new mobile number. When I get to stage 2, the phone 'ends' the call. Back to Carphone Warehouse I'm afraid. Never mind - it will get done - eventually !

The weather seems likely to improve. A pleasant evening now - warm and no wind. Hope it is like it for Peter & Joan in Northumberland. Debra rang to tell us about her appeal yesterday to get Ruby into the same Broadstairs School as Elli. Both are good schools but it would be best for them to be together when you consider their age and that it will be strange environment and new people. The interview seemed to go well Debra said, but it will be a relief if the outcome is satisfactory.

I'm glad you all enjoyed yesterday's Nottingham snaps. There was a great atmosphere in The Beach and if I've managed to get that across I'm more than happy.

My responses to your previous comments

Yvonne .... Thanks for mentioning the Aldi teapot with its 'built-in' cosy. The 'cosy' is a solid plastic hat, lined with thermal insulating material. The pot is amazingly efficient and an hour-old mug of tea is more than acceptable. Still hot and, as if by magic, not stewed. We have occasionally seen them in Lakeland at about 3 times the price.

Congratulations on your 'googling' away at the Nottingham to Broadstairs journey. Six months ago you would have been grumpy had it even been suggested !

Enjoy Petit Paris tomorrow and I hope you have a good chin-wag with Sylvia. It will be interesting to know what she has made of the Desperate Romantics - if she's watched it at all that is. Also, remember to ask if she watched the Open University 40th Birthday programme ? She was after all, an A student.

Bob .... Matalan check-outs. The queue of 20 would probably be serving perhaps 6 check-outs. That's the way they do it and we never have to wait long. Can't think what it is about the interior which puts you in a tizz. It's never claustrophobic or noisy, and the aisles are wide.

Jill .... You are right in thinking The Beach is free. One has to pay to go on the rides though.

The painting of the old man with the magnifying glass is older than me. I grew up with it and still love it.

Glad your first experience with Morrisons was at least tolerable.


Quotation time .....

"No man is exempt from saying silly things; the mischief is to say them deliberately."

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow - all being well"



jbw said...

Wow. Those knives look a vicious and well used bunch!!

bob said...

Pleased the bed is better.
We had one from my mother’s (presently replaced by Stephanie’s) that is almost waist high. You have to climb in; but once there...

Abstractedly, I preferred the original artichoke colour.

I must point out that the ham knife is FOURTH from the right. Good collection though.

Re new mobile:
I am regularly amazed at the pleasure you take from buying aggravation!

After yesterday’s unbelievably awful start (A614 flooded), the weather turned beautiful! I walked right round the pit-tip lake after releasing 2 mice.

The Matalan checkout queue didn’t move when I was there.
The place simply overwhelms.
I don’t suffer claustro?/agro?phobic panic as Sandra used to in any supermarket (once passed out in enormous W Bridgford Asda) but I just feel I can’t find anything.

Lidl’s large ‘vine’ tomatoes are superb (c34p lb).

I’ll be in trouble if Sandra discovers I publicised her diagnosis!
I’ll email *

We use 2 knitted tea-cosies (different sized pots).

I’ve always thought Morrison’s fish-counter looks good and they pride themselves on their British meat.
I prefer Tesco’s bread.
Both have pathetic ‘Consumer Disservice Counters’ (letter of complaint required *).

Jill said...

I think you artichoke photo has thr prettier blue, even if less true to life....

I hope the high bed helps, ours is already higher than usual, we have a very thick mattress!

I do envy you those knives, one in the centre seems to have a very interesting handle, is it ?deer horn? Sabatier knives are still made, but only in stainless steel.

Going back to Morrisons, the fresh meat counter was very small, as was the selection of packed meats. Same with the fish - we did buy some salmon fillets (two for £2.90) but they had thick skin on, and a great many bones in - don't know how M&S do it, but theirs don't have bones in....and the tins of mandarins, when I opened one to make orange jelly, there was a high proportion of juice to fruit, I had to use 2 tins. I'm not complaining because they were very cheap, but again it seems you get what you pay for. But the veg and fruit and esp. the bread have been very good, and if they were in Chiswick High Road I would go there regularly for those things.