Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday recovery day - Y in Galley

First things first. An editorial correction. In the 'collage' of our Haworth trip I wrote that the top right corner thereof was Y. It wasn't. It was some other lady with whom I have no connection.

The picture on the right is the picture I intended to use. This lady IS without any doubt Y. I hope she will accept the apologies of the editor.

Today we have enjoyed a completely quiet recovery day. Y walked round to the little shop for milk (so handy!) and bread (a Luke Evans 'Bobby's foot') which we used to eat all the time but then like so many people we were lured into Supermarket Bakeries. I must confess that I am still in my 'parjies' (is that appropriate dormouse apparel Jill ?). Y has masterminded meals, lots of tea and a good time has been had by all. I feel refreshed enough to tackle the North of Scotland should the need arise.

Our National Trust outing to Sudbury Hall was another triumph for Jean. Everything went according to plan and, as usual, the sun shone. We broke our outward journey with an hour's stay in Ahbourne and I was able to point out our ex- family businesses, then named Howell & Marsden. and the picture shows the two shops which were in use at the same time. Although blocked off now, there were steps and an alleyway in between the shops giving access to the Stable Yard and the Offices.

As you can see we were directly opposite the Green Man & Black's Head Royal Hotel. I guess the name has given some civil-libbers a twinge or two. The snap was taken from just outside a Costa Coffee shop which was handy. Y found it, bless her ! She knows I really like Costa Coffee. A good flavour and reliable.

A surprise for me was how many businesses are still trading under the names I remember. Hulmes the Fishmonger, Peach the Butcher, Spencer's the Café and so on.

After Ashbourne it took under half an hour to reach Sudbury Hall which I personally found a dour and forbidding place. Another odd thing was that the gardens were devoid of flowers. This added to the atmosphere of gloom.

The Museum of Childhood was more attractive but, as Y noted, it is difficult to work out the intended audience. Most of the children I saw were bored as their parents painstakingly tried to interest them in items. Going up the chimney and getting a blackened face seemed universally popular.

None of this however spoiled our overall enjoyment of the day. It was lovely being with our Nat.Trst chums and lots of laughs were enjoyed.

An interesting feature was James May's Plasticine Garden. James May is a Top Gear presenter and his 'garden' which had been at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show was of great interest.

It was a lively, creative idea and for me it was a welcome bit of colour and I liked it. Wendy for instance hated it and some were undecided.

Until I read the notice at the side I didn't realise that this bust, of William Harbutt. an Art Teacher who invented plasticine in 1887, was itself made out of plasticine. A brilliant piece of work and if James May sculpted this too he deserves more respect as an Artist, let alone as a Top Gear presenter.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob ..... You may be right that the rear seats of coaches cause travel sickness but neither of us suffered it. I think that the 'rear seats of cars' have been known to result in 'morning sickness' !

Jill ..... Thanks for your praise for 'staying the course'. Provided I am not alone my policy now is to try and get about using my shooting-stick. As they all do, it makes a seat if I am desperate to sit down.

I have reasoned that, from stick > to lightweight wheels > to heavyweight wheels with seat, was a downward curve which sooner or later would lead to a full-blown wheelchair. I wanted to break into and arrest this downward trend if at all possible. Being 'done-for' is a small price to pay.

No more gallivanting in the near future and I think today has been a dormouse day.

Reg .... Thanks for the update on Maureen's hip and the Consultant's views. I bet it is hard to know whether to be pleased or disappointed that an op isn't recommended. It seemed like a good solution I guess. But, if you have trust in the consultant you have to go along with what is recommended.

Y will be delighted to read about the pool and your solitary possession of it. I feel sure she will fit a session in this week.


Quotation time ......

"Why is this thus? What is the reason for this thusness ?"

Artemus Ward

Definitely an 'hour in the pub with' candidate.


bob said...

Pleased you’ve enjoyed your slob day.
I didn’t wake until 11.11 this morning, having retired some 12 hours earlier.
But I later went to Lidl at Sutton to buy Puppy (the presently favoured name) an extendable lead which, unusually, is suitable for dog up to 35 kilo (Ralph was less than half that weight although he felt more when hitting the midriff at full pelt).

Imposing Howell & Marsden premises, especially the Old Shop.
By what name is ‘The Green Man & Black's Head Royal Hotel’ known to locals?
T’Royal seems most obvious.

Gardens without flowers does seem an odd way to attract visitors.
Regarding Museum of Childhood, I think it is a general rule that nothing suggested by an adult will interest a child; I certainly remember how I felt about ‘country walks’.

I’m with Wendy on the plasticene garden.
Ha, butt, I agree the bust is very well done.

No way I can judge whether you are wise to give up your wheels but my instinct is to think you are probably right to rely on them less.
Good luck (and please don’t fall off your shooting stick as Sandra did).

Yvonne said...

Reg: thanks for the info about the swimming pool - I'm going to visit tomorrow and hope I'll be in solitary possession!

Didn't the ex-Mrs. John Cleese do well? From a council flat to a £12 million divorce deal in 16 years ......

Not sure I would have been as pleased as David Attenborough to have a carnivorous pitcher plant that eats rats, named after me!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

From Jill ....

G, what sort of business was Howell and Marsden - what did they sell?

When I looked at the first photo of not-Yvonne, I wondered about the much longer hair....

I've not been to Sudbury Hall, but from what you say I don't mind that much.....though I liked the plasticine garden when it was Chelsea - I watched a lot of tv about the show, some of the garden designers were so pretentious, the plasticine one was a good counter-point, and I was very glad when he was presented with a gold - in plasticine!

I know what you mean about the onward progression from stick - I use mine always ion public transport (which you don't seem to use?) and if I'm going to be somewhere with a lot of walking/standing or crowds of people.

Maureen's hip siounds most unpleasant, she must wish it was a nice simple hip replacement job. Hope something gets sorted, chronic pain is so wearying.

Y - yep, Mrs. Cleese certainly did heself very well....did you see who her Counsel was, same one as P.Diana......What else could D.Attenborough say? - I don't expect he minds, really, I think he has had less useful things names after him!