Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pleasant day - 73F (hottest) - Y down Nottingham

My day started with a blood-test at 9.05am. p.s. the Clinic has just rung and my warfarin level is all over the place again. Adjustments to dosage and further tests in quick succession unfortunately.

And starting with David and family coming over on Thursday, we have a busy weekend ahead.

Nevertheless - A lovely day. According to the Weather Centre we have a 10mph NW wind. But we haven't; it is quite still. And the weather centre is at Watnall a mere few miles away.

I took Y down to Nottingham because she was meeting Joan and they went to The Castle for The Paul Sandby Exhibition. They both enthused about it. As I needed to go to Carphone Warehouse (lets hope for the final time) with a few remaining questions about my LG Renoir KC910 which incidentally is a mobile phone like a Blackberry enabling me to surf the internet on it and send e-mails.

When I got home Karen was still here and, as the weather was so nice, she decided that, after cleaning she would mow the lawns. She did, and they look great - see Picture 1. I wish I had a quarter of her energy.

Joan sent me some more scented leaf Geraniums cuttings to try to root. I've put them in sherry glasses in the tray on the kitchen window sill where our African Violets live.

They obviously like it there because they are doing so well at the moment. Although African Violets only need v.sparse watering they seem to enjoy the moist atmosphere close to the taps and the sink. The flowers you see are a third flowering. Occasionally, with a scalpel, I prune the plants of leaves when they become overcrowded. I know it is possible to produce new plants from leaf-cuttings and I feel I want to have a go.

My responses to your previous comments

Jill... These modern orchids really are a joy. Their flowering period is so lengthy. I put the stem (that I accidentally snapped off) in a small glass of water. Only today did it wilt and have to be binned.

Anenome japonica seems to have a will of its own when it comes to flower colour. You are right that they almost seem capable of changing pink/white/back again. Tracy has a pink and doesn't seem able to get a white to prosper. Ours are mostly white, although this year we have a pink near the rear garden trellis.

With regard to a collective name for a 'flock' of Painted Lady butterflies. Could I suggest a 'Bootsmakeupcounter' of ..... ?

Y has enjoyed the Irish Police ..programme. I was at a conference some years ago in Dublin with The Garda and their General Secretary took a real shine to Y.

Bob.... See above re Japanese Anenome. Sandra could be right. But from our experience I would say that the 'reversion' was from pink to white rather than vice versa.

'The Street' was good again. He seems to be deal with disturbing subjects in a sensitive way.


Quotation time .................

"To die for an idea is unquestionably noble. But how much nobler it would be if men died for ideas that were true !"

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"



bob said...

The other person I know on Warfarin has similar problems of fluctuation; requiring frequent dosage adjustment. Is it just the nature of the beast?
Less seriously, my BP varies wildly, without apparent reason, from 190/70 to 130/80 (ish).
As Sandra says:
'We’re all dropping to bits.’

Karen’s mowlawning looks good - and BIG - probably because you have a (p)lot of width (50’+?) and the photo gives no hint of ‘outside’.

In our case we’d nought but white Japanese anemones until a friend donated a few pink.
Since then, pink has almost taken over the back garden.
So I don’t know...

Master dramatist Jimmy McGovern certainly has the knack of getting to the heart of things – and then exploring.

Stags hammered.
But, as someone has pointed out, if Luton hadn’t been docked 20 points last season they’d be in Division 2 (possibly 1?).

Visited exhibition by ‘Ollerton of Yester Year’ – an enthusiastic small group who’ve put together an interesting and extensive collection of photographs/clippings of the area.
It includes a short amateur film (obtained from Imperial War Museum) by a sergeant who served as guard at German POW Camp that is now Boughton Industrial Estate.

Jill said...

G, I hope you can sort out your Warfarin problems without too much hassle.

The lawns look great - I find when Martin does all the edges it always makes such a difference.

My mother was a great fan of African Violets, often did cuttings from leaves, but they didn't always produce the same colour/type of flower as the plant it was taken from.

'The Street' - sometimes I long for something a bit more cheerful even if unrealistic. I don't really like seeing people being hit/kicked/beaten up. And often on tv there is very little evidence of this the next day. I particularly thought of the first episode, where Bob Hoskins was carried off in an ambulance, to be home a few hours later with just a few bruises.....

Not only do we have a postal strike, they have now diverted our bus because of re-surfacing the road, and we have to walk about half a mile to pick it up again and get to High Road. For a week.... R took me to nursing home to see friend (a different way to bus) and instead of getting bus home I had to walk the mile plus, was not pleased, could not get hold of R or a son or daughter....my feet and back are still complaining several hours later.

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