Saturday, August 01, 2009

On the mend - 60F - heavy rain - awful

Firstly - I am much better today. I slept, a bit, more 0r less sitting up in bed with my hot pad in the small of my back. Food wise, I had food but have returned to Lactofree stuff and very little produce from the cow. This seems to have dealt with my upset stomach.

I seem to have what, when we were children, used to be called 'bilious bouts'. My recovery is such that I managed almost an hour in the garden first thing this morning, de-twitching a square metre or so just outside the big front window. I planted in the space a beautiful pink Phlox we got in Lidl. A fine well rooted plant and a delightful aroma. I haven't previously noted Phlox for scent.

My thanks to Y for occupying the RG editor's chair because I just didn't feel well enough. She has been very very busy clearing out the kitchen - cupboards, shelves, drawers and things. Vegetable storage, and she even found time to fit a new shower curtain. Not an easy job because she isn't very tall.

Picture 1 shows the result of my efforts to straighten an Orchid stem. I should have known better. Anyway, a good lesson learnt and I shan't try it again.

Picture 2 will be of interest to WoW-ers, particularly those who don't receive the Country Images, North Edition, August issue.

The article is about The Cliff Inn at Crich, a regular chip-cob place when we are in the area.

Whilst abed, apart from lots of kip, I've caught up on lots of radio. What a boon bbc iPlayer is. Together with their website I feel I get my licence fee's worth from those alone, not to mention the occasional hour of telly.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob .... Re ripening tomatoes. An old gardener's ruse used to be to hang a ripe tomato among the unripe trusses. Apparently it gives off some chemical which encourages ripening.

Sorry to hear about your Hospital appointment. The system is hopeless anyway and to be given a choice of time is, I agree, just window dressing. Anyway, all I can do is hope for the best for you.

Of course it isn't compulsory to open links. But, when the answer to your comment is contained in the link, it seems a bit discourteous not to have read it and then ask the question anyway. Perhaps the answer would be, if you don't want to read the links, to leave such paragraphs uncommented on .

Jill .... I certainly agree with your points about 'full disclosures'. I suppose we should count ourselves lucky that we have, more or less, a free press. But they run a story and then lose interest in it and we hear no more - certainly not a conclusion,

The M & S tomato plant does sound like an attractive bargain. But if neither of you like that type of tomato it would have been daft to buy it.

I love all sorts of jelly, but your black-currant with black pitted cherries sounds great. Our source of Mandarin Oranges is Lidl, of course, and I have spotted in their Greek section, sour black cherries. Not yet tried them but intend to.

Although it is now only 5.40pm, I aim to go back to bed - I don't want to 'push my luck'.


Quotation slot .....

"Most conversations are simply monologues delivered in the presence of witnesses."

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow - God willing"



bob said...

Welcome back (sitting up and taking notice?)
I recall other children talking of 'bilious bouts' but it was not a term to which I was accustomed.

An approximate banana also ripens other fruit.

Re my routine follow-up hospital appointment:
having been told I’ve a choice I’ll insist upon post 9.00am!
(arriving for designated 8.00am, Sandra had to wait an hour for doors to open).

Do we often see only what we want to see?
At height of Weiner Schnitzel popularity (1960s) a farmer friend told me that, because of veal’s scarcity and cost, most were made from turkey breast.

Nice quote.
Certainly if more than one other person present I find it difficult to be heard.
Perhaps no-one thinks I’ve anything to say that’s worth hearing?

Maybe we’ll discover how accurate Jimmy McGovern’s Hillsborough docudrama was?
I reckon he usually captures the essential essence.

I seldom eat tomatoes bigger than ping-pong balls (Red Alert my favourite).

Recently only reasonably priced tinned mandarins at Netto (silly price at Tesco).

Agree about Esther’s cupboard (and the allied racism point).

To Retford for birdfood and Wetherspoons. Forecast ‘occasional showers’ actually steady heavy drizzle.

Bobby Robson deservedly praised.

Jill said...

Good to see you back, G. I occasionally have what I call 'my dormouse days' - sometimes if I have been very busy/perhaps doing too much I have a day more or less in bed, I sleep/drift off a lot, and feel much better for it.

Straightening the orchid (or not) - do we have a control freak here? Probably not, with Y around....

Phlox, I have quite a few, all shades of pinks and mauves, some variegated, they all smell lovely.

I envy Y her energy to turn out cupboards, I have some here need doing (one under sink springs to mind) but can't reach it easily, shall have to bring in the garden kneeler thing.

Bob, my grandad used to put a ripe tomato in with the unripe ones....he also used to put picked green ones in a brown paper bag on window sill to ripen. I did know about bananas, wonder if it works the other way, if you put a green one with them does it stop them ripening?

M & S used to do a glass jar of very superior mandarins, but no longer. And Sainsburys used to do a tin of broken mandarin segments for about 20p, also depended if we had visitors or not! I have found some John West ones in corner shop, at a silly price.

We are intending to get to new Morrisons at Brentford next week, haven't been yet, will see what they can offer!

Yvonne said...

Jill: Turning out cupboards is a revelation to someone like me who 'travels light' (When I buy something new I throw away/charity shop a similar item ........). We have TWELVE assorted jugs!

Hope you like your new Morrisons - we much prefer it to Sainsbury.

Our local election was a bit of a disappointment - my lot didn't get in but, thankfully, neither did the BNP. A Tory won convincingly.

Steven and family back from Dorset - weather had been better there than here. And he found their (Xmas present) National Trust card invaluable for paying £8 a day car parking at many beauty spots including Brownsea Island.

What a marvellous man Bobby Robson was - not only in the field of football but as a fighter of cancer. And what an inspiration to fellow sufferers.