Sunday, August 09, 2009

Super Sunday - Canal Walk - Visitors - 75F


We got off to a good start - it was such a lovely morning and we decided on a walk along the Cromford/Nottingham Canal from just before the Langley Mill basin and towards Nottingham. The walk is only a couple of miles away and always pleasant. I took my wheels and although I didn't think I'd make our full circular walk, I did - thanks to frequent 'sits-down'. Took some snaps and the bottom right of the collage is my best effort to capture an example of the large brown dragonflies which were zooming about. Top right of the collage must be a primitive water-lily. I don't think I've seen one in bloom before.

We like to walk down the canal bank and then return via a path through the fields which brings you back to your starting point. Perhaps I shouldn't have tackled the whole walk because I'm suffering a bit now - but it was worth it. I hope the collage shows what a brilliant morning it was. Everyone we met wanted to exchange nice things about the morning. Youths on motorbikes were a bit of a spoiler. They congregate in a farmers field about 100 yards away which would be fine if they stayed there. But, being youths, they have to emerge onto the towpath and the bridges - disrupting people's walks and irritating the anglers.

Difficult to say much because I was a teenager with a motorbike who had great difficulty waiting for the legal age to ride it. My parents didn't know because we kept them behind a shed at a pals house and took every chance we could to fire them up and belt round an adjoining field. In any case it was an AJS 350cc and, as a learner, one was only allowed up to 250cc.

And I always think, these are lads with a bit of spirit who would join the Forces and fight for us, should the occasion arise.

When we returned we decided on the Birds Eye 'fish in a bag' which one oven-bakes from frozen for 25 minutes. Jill has recommended them, and the lady in Morrisons who we like, said "They fly off the shelves - as soon as they come in they've gone". Anyway, the cooking method works - beautifully cooked, full of flavour, and no lingering fish smell in the kitchen.

We were pleased about the latter point because just after lunch Tracy who was in Hucknall she would like to call in. Always nice to see Tracy. And then Peter Green arrived for half an hour. Peter and Joan have returned from holiday (good weather, no transport problems, nice things to do). He had just been to a local Baptist Church where today was the last service due to closure. Then he was going on to another Baptist Church where he was to take the Service. Peter, among his many other roles, is an Ordained Lay Minister. Tracy couldn't believe he is eighty and said all the right things. He looked so smart and is an example to us slobs.

Y has just done my tea - an open smoked German ham sandwich, with three of our own tomatoes. Delicious !

Had a nice chat with David this morning. They have moved to the White Beach Caravan Club Site near Southwold to be handy for Walberswick where the British Open Crabbing Championships take place today. They needed to register at 2pm and the rules are simple. Who lands the single heaviest crab, on a single line, in a 9o minutes period ? David has printed them all T shirts with an appropriate wording and has promised a photo of them all four, wearing same. Knowing Sky's competitive propensities, and with family support, who knows ?

After that they are driving back to Long Eaton and I shall look forward to hearing from them. We have still got those excellent School Reports to enjoy.

My responses to your previous comments

jbw ..... Derby Morrisons seems abit far for us, for a bottle of milk !

Bob .... We also like Mansfield Sainsburys and often pop in, if we are in Mansfield for some other reason. This happens quite often.

Thanks for the pictures and it gives me pleasure to publish this Sports Desk snap of Field Mill. For the benefit of non-local people Field Mill is the historic home ground of Mansfield Town FC, who have always been known as The Stags.

When you say you awoke with 'horse and headache' I can only assume you mean 'hoarse' otherwise I'm reminded of a scene from The GodFather.

Yvonne .... You are right about the 'blue' in the Aster. It should be possible to get the artichoke correct - but I've more or less finished messing-about with it. Like 'the press, I've lost interest' and moved on.

It was a little thoughtless of Vic to begin in the footpath with a hedge-trimmer at 8.10am. Only partly redeemed by his offer to do ours too. If you go and look its hard to see what he has actually cut. I think it may eventually be a job for Alex. It isn't the cutting, its the taking away the cut-off bits, of which there would be many.

Amazon take some beating. Apart from the rock-bottom price the whole operation is so slick. E-mails confirming each stage and a very quick delivery time.


Quotati0n time ...............

"Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps."


Its quite a while since I ended with one of Y's favourites - the train



Jill said...

I thought yesterday's asters looked good, I like them but have never had nuch success growing them - were yours from seed or plants?

Canal walk looks wonderful, can't identify the butterfly or the water-lily though. I thought it was a Kingcup at first, but now I don't.

Not been able to get any more of the Birds Eye Fish since I bought the first two - salmon and cod - it has disappeared from everywhere.
But pleased you liked it!

Hve discovered a lot of caterpillars on the stocks, counted 18 today. After discussion with Martin )gardener) I decided to let them stay - we need more butterflies, think these will be Small Tortoiseshells. So in the interests of maintaining butterflies,. I will sacrifice my stocks....but you don't see many of these in people's gardens, I wonder if that is the only plant they eat? We talked about moving them.....

I'm another happy Amazon customer.....

bob said...

I think you’ve done it again!
Your ‘top right’ is my ‘top left’.
Are you ‘just testing’?

Re ‘lads who would fight for us’.
A sound point but wasn’t it Wellington who said, “I don’t know what they do to the enemy but...’?

I’m astounded that your tomatoes are ripe enough to eat.

Your mention of crabbing (hope one of the family wins) reminds me that when considering my possible eventual interment at a ‘natural’ burial place, I suggested 2 trees for my ‘marker’;
a wild apple and a blackthorn –ie,‘crabby and sloe.’

Thanks for Stags publicity.
Good ‘gate’ to see convincing opening victory.

You’re right.
Wouldn’t want to find any old horse head on my pillow.
D’you remember the ads:
‘Hoarse? Go suck a Zube’?

I too am impressed with Amazon.

Nice to be reminded of Emo’s ‘off the wall’ views.

Glad you are conserving butterfly stocks.
Don’t know about tortoiseshells, but only host plant for cinnabar moth is ragwort which makes it worth keeping (except where horses graze).