Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blood Test - Lawns mowed - Carol Ann Duffy

The day started with my INR blood-test (the level is 5.1 - it should be 3) and then we went shopping. In Lidl, Y had a severe twinge of sciatica. Although it has happened elsewhere, it often seems to strike in Lidl. Poor girl - she had to hold onto the freezer cabinets for support.

Then we did Morrisons and then home. Although Y was still suffering she felt her planned swim at the Hayley Centre would do more good than harm, and so it proved. I insisted on offering transport both ways.

This dramatic fungi on a tree-stump near the barriers looked worth a photograph. We don't intend to try it ourselves but if edible, one could offer a meal to a large number of people.

Perhaps Bob could help us with identity and also culinary value.

Whilst at Ann and Roy's on Saturday Roy lent us this book of Carol Ann Duffy. Although described as children's poetry there is plenty in there to delight adults too. I'm on my second read through and Y is also enjoying it. She says that although not a poetry fan she loves this. Particularly the two poems about Elvis. I am glad Carol Ann is now the Poet Laureate. She is a premier league poet and fully deserves the honour.

Her thoughts flow with a beautiful lyrical rhythm. And what a well-stocked mind !

I don't know how our WoW people fared today. The weather has been good if they did eventually decide on Calver. A lovely spot with several excellent possible walks. No doubt I shall hear in due course and receive some pictures.

Appropriately, following our Haworth Trip to the Bronte Parsonage, Radio 7 are serialising Wuthering Heights and Heathcliffe is equipped with a delightful Yorkshire accent. Well he would be wouldn't he? Incidentally some of the costumes to be used in the new TV production were on display at the Museum.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob .... Someone told me that Nyger seed and Thistle seed were in fact the same thing.

All these grocery connections.

jbw .... Wowee ! Clever Grandma.

Yvonne ..... You were very brave today to go swimming ! I'm so glad it worked out.

Jill ..... I was glad that, in the end, we rendered your comment 'compliant with the rules'. I didn't want to miss out on an interesting comment but on the other hand ......

Buses are becoming more user friendly, albeit slowly. You would love our trams.


Quotation time .......

"An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it."

Jef Mallett

"Sleep tight - Hope to catch you tomorrow"



Anonymous said...

Peter G.
Trying to make contact before Friday. Looking forward to our get-together and will find out what happened to my comments re Ollerton

bob said...

Fungus almost certainly the inedible 'Many-zoned Polypore' (coriolus versicolor).

I whole-heartedly support your opinion of Carol Ann Duffy.
Good stuff – I love ‘Mrs Aesop’.

Thanks for saving me expense on Thistle seed!

I think I benefited from watching 'Single-handed' in 2 parts.
The scenery, which so appealed in episode 1, eventually seemed to slow the narrative. Certainly too ponderous and in need of editing.
But interesting plots and characters.
I am sure it will return.
I certainly liked it more than ‘The Bill’ or ‘Heartbeat’!

Although dark, I thought most episodes of ‘The Street’ ended with hope if not optimism?

Out with 2 former colleagues today for lunch at The Skylark, Lambley.
Excellent food and service, very reasonably priced.
Limited blackboard menus (c8 mains, 6 puds).
We each had a drink, 2 delicious courses, coffee for £33 total.
Highly recommended.

Afternoon visit from Dan, Em and Pepper (latest probable name).

Steph, Jess and Robin have been surfing at Newquay since Friday.

Concrete base for conservatory scheduled to go down tomorrow.

Jill said...

I wonder what it is in Lidl which triggers off Y's sciatica? Is there a sudden drop in temperature - R found that sometimes caused him problems - or is she lifting stuff around....

Interesting pictures of fungi - about which I know very little.

The caterpillars are back! At least not the same ones, these are little ones but the same type, counted 14 today. Pity, the stocks were just beginning to recover, there were new flower buds in the side shoots - not any more though.....

And we have bought a trolley - a good plain wood tea-trolley type trolley - from Amazon, they have lots of trolleys, I would never have thought of looking there for one. Ordered on Wednesday, arrived on Friday.

I think I may try 'The Tudors' tonight - I have started both the other series, but gave up when I got so cross with all the anachronisms.