Wednesday, August 05, 2009

WoW at Southwell Minster - 70F - No wind

"Is there anybody there, said the traveller, knocking at the moonlit door"

I managed WoW this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it as usual. The venue decided upon was Southwell Minster due to a first class Photography Exhibition therein. Entitled Masters of Vision there were top landscape photographers led by Charlie Waite and others, all of excellent calibre.

The link will take you to their website and enough pictures to give you a good flavour.

Of course, we all did some nit-picking, but we are entitled to do that. All in all though, an excellent exhibition and I'm pleased we went.

In Picture 1, Bill, Brian and Reg are trying to figure out how to leave.

A great pity Helen C wasn't with us. There were a couple of Iceland snaps she would have loved - much more so than having a tooth extracted, which is what ruled her out. I'm sure she and Julien will fit it in though - I think it is on throughout August.

After Southwell we adjourned to The Bird in Hand at Blidworth, one of our favourites. Lovely view, never too busy, excellent chip-butties and a nice round table which housed all seven of us while we talked our usual ..........

After that it was back to Reg's to drop people off but we interrupted our journey so that Reg could have a go at the 'blue' of the artichokes with his new Nikon D300.

He has already e-mailed me the result, and I think it is certainly an improvement. Not dramatic though. I suppose it must just be a difficult blue.

My responses to your previous comments

Pete B .... Bacon certainly seems to be the 'pulling' stuff for crabs. Y mentions it later.

jbw .... Thanks for the info about Solingen.

Re Kitchen knives. My favourites, and I have several, are Victorian non-stainless steel. They need careful looking after, but when sharpened on my 'steel' they take an edge like no other. I don't like modern stainless steel kitchen knives or bread knives which rely on a serrated edge and act like a fine-toothed saw rather than a knife.

Jill. .... Glad you enjoyed Pete B's daughter's crab picture.

Your daughter's Japenese knives sound too lethal for me. I bet they are sharp though.

I didn't take your WoW-ing advice I'm afraid. I decided on 'stick' rather than 'wheels' - but I walked too far. I shall recover.

Bob .... You make a fair point about this generation of students being to young to recognise Betjeman. But one of them was reading English. And, like you, I recognise very few of today's celebrities.

Yvonne ... I suppose once one crabber succeed with raw bacon, the rest would follow. But you are right - how did someone latch onto the idea in the first place ?

To ring the Hayley Leisure Centre before going is an excellent idea. I'm sure that, for whatever reason, August is proving busy and it will soon be back to how you like it i.e. nice and quiet.

I also agree about the proposed use of the old Woolworth's site. Hard to believe that one £1 shop will be able to fill it though. Perhaps there will be a sort of franchise system, with several different but similar businesses therein.


No quotation tonight - too tired to sort one out !

"Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow"



jbw said...

The common or garden stainless steel of 18/8 composition (18 chrome/8 nickel)is relatively soft and will not take or keep an edge. This is because the level of carbon is less than 0.1% and it is the carbon that provides the hardness and stiffness. There are some modified SS steels that are suitable for domestic use as knives and which will take and keep a edge good enough for domestic use. However where an exceedingly sharp, true edge is needed such as a surgical scalpel then a normal carbon steel is used which can be hardened and can take a very sharp edge and which is stiff enough to keep that edge during use. Here of course the life of the blade is such that the non-rusting properties are of no importance.
For butchery work for instance there is still nothing to match a carbon steel knife sharpened with a steel

Reg said...

Y What was Haley's answer? Reg

bob said...

I like the sepia ‘exiting Minster’ picture. It resembles a door...?
Why no sign saying ‘Way Out’ (Man)?
No doubt Helen would have known what to do.
It may just be me (perhaps it’s too early in the morning) but several of the photos in the link have an ‘artificial’ appearance (excess of artifice?).
The purple and yellow one is a stunner though.

I generally agree about knives except that I prefer a bread-SAW.

I cannot resist pointing out that READING English doesn’t necessarily mean pictures...!
(and, leaning over backwards, I think it was a photo of a YOUNGISH Betjeman).

Could crowded pool be partly due to school holidays?

Big discussion on RadioNottm today about Pound Shops (perhaps arising from Woolworths?).
I don’t like them much and can’t stand Primark or Matalan.
But I DO like the Sutton/Retford Bargain Shops (and charity shops for general browsing and something specific like a butter dish).

Sandra manning Workshop Stall at Sherwood Festival (Edwinstowe) today (and Sunday).

Jill said...

I had a Sabatier non-stainless steel knife that I used to sharpen on a steel, you could really get that razor sharp, had it for years, but the blade broke in hlf...when I tried to replace it they didn't make them any more.

I remember crabbing with bits of cut-up kipper (they were cheap then) how did anybody know that's what crabs like?

On the link, I love the Charlie Waite picture of the cottage on the lane - looks like a water-colour.

Just to keep you all in picture, we have tried for the third time to get Transport for London to accept this summons about when I fell last December. At the first two addresses they refused to accept it, it takes an age for them to tell court/tell me, I have to write out the three-page form in triplicate every time it goes to a different address. Court won't accept photo-copies or any alterations. This last one has gone to the GLC building, I don't understand how they can keep refusing to accept summons? At least I don't have to pay each time, paid £65 the first time which seems to cover it. If this comes back again I'm going to summons Boris.....I voted for him!

Helen C said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the WOW. Thanks for the link, this is clearly an exhibition I must see.

I didn't enjoy having the tooth out but I do feel curiously liberated now that it's gone (even though having a gap makes me look a bit scary!)

Yvonne said...

Reg: Haley were anxious to convey that it was very much a temporary glitch - the 'offer' was put into operation because August is normally 'dead'. But, quite honestly, I can't see any 'offer' people thinking it would be a good idea to join permanently - can't get into the pool is not a recommendation.

Thanks for sorting out the car rattle - truly it has driven me mad, especially when we are transporting friends. They never mention it - but I do!

Jill: impressed with your 'sharpening on a steel' .... what? You're a Londoner like me and I didn't know we did things like that!

Helen: you would never look scary. Honest.