Wednesday, August 12, 2009

David & family visit - 69F and 9mph NW wind

I thought you might like to see an uptodate picture of our outdoor tomatoes. They are against the south-facing side wall of the garage. I think this absorbs heat during the day and realeases it steadily during the night. Whatever, they are doing well and taste delicious.

David and Helen and Sky and Brooke visited us this morning (instead of tomorrow when they are doing something with John). We had a great time. David helped me a lot with my new gadget, and I think now it is just a matter of practice and getting used to it. He showed me how to surf the internet, and also how to access my blog, and my gmail inbox.

Helen was pleased to see how well our tomatoes are doing (she grew the plants for me) and apparently the variety, Gardeners Delight, is Brooke's favourite. At home she had 6 yesterday ! The variety is renowned for producing big trusses, quite early, with excellently flavoured fruit.

Both Y and I read both school reports and both girls are doing very well indeed !

Talking of school matters I am delighted to able to report that Debra's appeal was successful and both Ruby and Elli will now go the the same school. Great result because going to a new town, and a new school it is nice to have your sister there too. So Debra, that completely unstaged bursting into tears didn't do any harm at all !

As I have previously discussed it I thought you might like to see a picture of our 'magic' Matalan teapot.

You probably don't need me to talk you through the 'collage' but I will. The top picture shows the cosy and the teapot side by side. The bottom picture shows the teapot with the cosy in situ.

I'm not exagerating if I tell you that tea an hour old is perfectly acceptable AND HOT ! Obviously it is better if you top the pot up having once poured a couple of mugs.

I have discovered a site for a good read. It is called Arts and Letters Daily and the front page is a series of introductory paragraphs to some serious reading. Ok - it caters for the 'egghead' and 'poetry lover'. Anybody who has sometimes enjoyed Granta will be at home here.

My responses to your previous comments

Bob .... Warfarin is indeed an ugly beast but without it my blood would revert to a normal persons 'thickness' and I would have either a stroke or a heart attack.

Then, if it gets too thin, I suffer internal bleeding. The latter of course is why they use it to kill rats.

Hence their scrupulous control of my dosage; sometimes changing it by as little as a ½ tablet a week. Followed of course by the frequent blood-tests until the level becomes stable again.

I sympathise with your wild fluctuations in BP ! I suppose I've got to have something that is OK - and my BP is it. Y is the BP sufferer.

Thanks for updating the Sports Desk. This please click is a link to a report of the Stags v Luton match to which you refer

The 'Ollerton of Yesteryear' also sounds good. These local history items are so important. The link is to their web-site.

Jill ..... How interesting that African Violets don't necessarily run true to colour, in leaf cuttings ! Seeds of some plants are notorious for producing siblings of a different type altogther. But I had always assumed that a cutting from a parent plant would come true to type i.e. dahlias, and chrysanths etc.of specific named varieties. There is another hour or two's research during a sleepless night !

As you know I don't watch that much television. But both of us are completely taken with the quality of Jimmy McGovern's writing. I agree that it can be downright depressing but, in a way, I am pleased he doesn't opt for a populist and artificially cheerful ending. Makes it more believable I think.

I can only sympathise with you being letterless and busless. An enforced walk of a mile is something you certainly didn't need. Wouldn't a taxi have been the answer? ..... Have a doormouse day, until the aches and pains recede.


Quotation time .....

"History, real solemn history, I cannot be interested in.... I read it a little as a duty; but it tells me nothing that does not either vex or weary me. The quarrels of popes and kings, with wars and pestilences in every page; the men all so good for nothing, and hardly any women at all - it is very tiresome."

Jane Austen - bless her !



bob said...

No, we have no tomatoes ripe yet in spite of similar perfect aspect – although we’ve at least 4 times as many fruit per plant on ripening Red Alert as on green Gardeners’ Delight.
A friend brought us a couple of ‘Esther Rantzens’ from his greenhouse (see email pic) plus an extra kilo.

Good that Ruby and Elli will be at same school – better from every point of view.

Thanks for the link (of which I was unaware) to the Ollerton of YesterYear website.
I have added a comment thereon.

My favourite Shakespeare is Macbeth.
So ‘The Street’ seems rather like light relief (and several episodes HAVE had moderately not altogether unhappy endings).

Sandra had the Francis Lester climbing rose reduced to a foot off the ground today. It will grow again of course.
Unfortunately, we inadvertently lost the top third of the apple tree as well (not the Bramley). But that will no doubt invigorate it – teach it a lesson.

Jill said...

Very pleased that Debra got a result.....

The teapot looks good, nearly as good as mine with its Sheila the sheep knitted cosy (made with Australian merino - what else do you call a sheep?).

Loved the Jane Austen quote.....

We are still busless, and now breadless, local shop sold out before I got there (no bus means no link to High Road) but we have post!

Enjoyed 'Who do you think you are' last night, though I didn't expect to when it started.....

Pete said...

Like Jill I loved the Jane Austen quote so much in fact I've pinched it for my site.