Saturday, August 08, 2009

Quiet day - Y to Nottingham for lunch - 71F - No Wind

Sorry to open with yet another artichoke picture but there were lots of hoverflies and I wanted to capture one hovering.

These all seem to be settled and feeding.

The weather has been first class and Y enjoyed her trip to Nottingham to meet Sylvia for lunch. It worked out well and, although Y had booked a particular favourite table, there proved to have been no real need. When they arrived the place was empty. Their meals were good and Sylvia was in good form. She also thinks the Market Square is great, with The Beach, so I think the 'for' votes outnumber the 'against' votes. At least in our small circle.

I've done a few small jobs but mainly 'messed about', did the Crossword, listened to some radio, read the Telegraph and caught up with magazines.

In the garden the Asters are just coming out. We both like them. The colours and double-daisy type flowers are so cheerful.

My responses to your previous comments

jbw .... Re the knives.....As you say - "Well used" not sure about the vicious.

Bob .... Of course you must point out that the ham knife is fourth from the right.

I'm surprised that you are still buying tomatoes - even from Lidl.

Jill ..... I think I'm going to stop messing about with artichoke pictures and admit defeat over the 'blue'.

I'm quite keen on my kitchen knives and can usually find just the right one for whatever job. You are right about the handle of the big carving knife - I guess it is deer horn or very similar.

Morrisons do vary from store to store. Our nearest, in Eastwood is quite good but our favourite is a few miles away in Bulwell - their stuff just seems to have the edge and, being a bigger shop, there is more choice.


No quotation tonight.

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"



jbw said...

Have you tried the Morrisons at Derby? We find it better than Sutton, Eastwood or Bulwell.

bob said...

No apologies required for hoverflies on artichoke.

I’ll be surprised if our tomatoes will be ripe enough for ME to pick for another fortnight and Sandra thinks Lidl’s large ones best ever (she eats at least 3 a day).

We agree on the artichoke blue then.

Perhaps your Morrisons is a ‘small’ one? Our nearest two have extensive and attractive fish counters.
After ‘the match’ *, I went to Mansfield SAINSBURYS yesterday for first time. Very impressed by wide aisles and general brightness (reminded me of Waitrose). Couldn’t bring myself to pay for ‘Epoisse’ cheese (if it had been smaller... but I’m the only one who would eat it, perhaps once a week) so bought a smaller, cheaper Coeur-de-Lion ‘Pie d’Angloys’ – nice)

First use of Stags season ticket *. Great win, thoroughly enjoyed, although couldn’t get up till 11.00this morning (horse and headache).
The half-price season ticket offer worked (over 3,000 gate) but I shan’t often pay £3 for a programme (I got the last one!).
I went by bus to Mansfield then 2 stops on the Chesterfield/Mansfield/Nottingham bus; ‘PRONTO’ – like a coach, so comfortable.

Yvonne said...

Graham: the colour of the artichoke is the extreme right of the aster pictures ...... Honestly. So SOMEONE could capture it.

Woken up this morning by our next-door neighbour 'cutting back' .... I can tackle anyone .... but when his wife rang us to say 'would we like them to cut back our overhanging-footpath-shrubs' what could we say?

Bought a wonderful book on Amazon - half price - D-Day by Anthony Beever. Only read 10 pages and found out three things I didn't know about D-Day - one can learn something new every day if you stay ALERT.