Monday, August 27, 2007

Rest Day - Y and TJ's Southwell visit OK

Picture 2 is from yesterday, and a few minutes earlier than the Crich Tower picture. This was still plenty of light to make the corn stubble look dramatic and in the enlargement you may be able to see the regrowth of green in the foreground. Ain't nature wonderful ?

In answer to Bungus's query about Sky's 'Mondrian' the picture is around A3 plus. And TJ's dessert was not creme caramel but creme brulee - if you open the link her's were one row down, second from the left. Sorry 'bout the lack of proper French accents ! I knew how to type them once but the only one I can remember is é .

Y and TJ had a smashing day in Southwell. The Workhouse first was good except that the projection screen which Mansfield Centre, National Trust provided, was not in use and they were still projecting onto the bare wall. Hope nobody has pinched it ! They lunched in The Saracens Head where the food was excellent but their 'seating' was odd. When they entered, the restaurant was empty and they were taken to a pleasant table in a corner. But when the next group arrived the maitre d' seated them at the very next table to the right of Y and TJ, even though the restaurant was still empty. TJ queried it and was given some convoluted explanation about the lady's poor eyesight and she needed the light blah blah yadda yadda.......... But TJ and Y decided not to let it spoil their meal.

When I arrived home last night the moon was just rising and I nipped out with mi' tripod and long lens.

I thought, surely this must be the Harvest Moon although it isn't quite full yet. But, as you will see if you open the link, the Harvest Moon is closest to the 'autumnul equinox' and therefore not due to 23rd September. So I guess it will be the next full moon !

The picture must come in useful for something however; maybe I can photoshop it into some unsuspecting photograph.

As planned I had a quiet, inactive day. Cooked nothing, did nothing, and only ventured out to open the front gates for TJ's arrival. Nice kip this afto. Nearly done the crossword and caught up on some reading. But I didn't catch up on my forums. No matter.

My quote (in my ancient hard copy thank you) is one of my favouritest ever Horace (65-8 B.C)

"Difficilis, querulus, laudator temporis acti / Se puero"

"Testy, querulous and given to praising the way things were when he was a boy"

So, old men have been at the wingeing-game at least for 2 millenia.

My beard-trimmer has given up on me, after 20 yrs trusty service, and guess where I found the best bargain ? Amazon ! Is there anything they don't sell these days? The model I've ordered collects the 'trimmings' in a container which one then empties. No more "all over the bathroom floor" or much worse, inside my vest ! Trouble is it won't be dispatched till Aug 30th and by the first week in September I shall have a definitely 'sleazy' look. Or so Y tells me.

....,..I know Madeline has been suffering from forum-fatigue so I might have just a touch of it. If I'm up in the middle of the night though, I might go and lurk abit in WUforums. I always like it there ! Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow.

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bungus said...

Yes, even on my discoloured screen I can detect the aftermath on photo 1.

And of course it is ‘brulee!
PS to Sunday
I feel called upon to describe in full the eclectic nature of my day’s diet.
Breakfast was croissantes, both chocolate and almond, dunked in a white bowl of strong sweet black coffee (instant) consumed at an outside table whilst humming, between bites, ‘Sur les ponts de Paris’ and ‘Monsieur’ (Fah-fa fah fah fah-fa’).
Pudding to follow the previously described antipodean fish was two Eccles cakes.
After a couple of glasses of Tesco’s cheapest Merlot, supper was an old favourite; peanut butter on toast with vinegared beetroot.

Could photo 2 be of the Hunter’s Moon? I always forget whether that precedes or follows the Harvest Moon.
Nice pic anyway; although, mindful of your own reservations, I am uncertain whether it should be ‘photoshopped’.

I shouldn’t worry too much about the temporary absence of a beard trimmer.
It is unlikely that anyone will notice much of a change, and, even if they do, they will, unlike Yvonne, probably be too polite to make any derogatory comment.

PS to Saturday:
The Community Workshop Auction.
Thanks to the generous assistance of an experienced professional auctioneer, about half the 150 bundles of hardwood (and half the surplus tools and equipment) were sold, albeit, in spite of a modest reserve, for a virtually giveaway price of around £500. There were perhaps a couple of dozen people there but just three or four of them made successful bids. The remaining lots are to go to an auction room in Newark.
But I like auctions anyway, so it was an enjoyable day. Sandra likes auctions too but, having spent the week bundling and tying up the lots, and being at the workshop from 7.00 in the morning, she was understandably ready for an early night!
At least there is no longer a need to worry about the lack of convenient and secure storage space and the charity can bank another week’s running costs!