Friday, August 24, 2007

Edingley for Lunch - PCs - Lovely Day - 73F

Just for Bungus this is a little more contrasty but I didn't use it because my ropy photography seems to have erased the surfer. The result looks like the wind-surfing equivalent of the Marie Celeste.

But I couldn't refuse a request.

'Sherlock' AnonymousRob has done extremely well to solve yet another mystery. It is within my gift, as blogmeister', to award house-points and gold-stars and 'Flatbed Trailer' deserves both. It can be seen by clicking the link Rob provided in his comment. The piece is by Wim Delvoye who seems to be a very strange man indeed and his Wikipedia entry is a link behind his highlighted name. The 'tattoing of pigs' seems number under his more normal pursuits. Art never lets you be bored. For the benefit of new readers ArtDaily is a great source of info. as to what is currently happening in the Art world and excellent coverage of Exhibitions world-wide and some super little culture-based videos - none is more than a few minutes and our only regret is the inability to persuade them to play at full-screen size.

But to pick up on something in Rob's comment, I must prevent this blog from becoming too didactic. It is supposed to be light, airy, and fun.

Picture 2 is my effort to photograph a swift, house-martin, pied wagtail or perhaps even 'duck' - help Jill please !

Some of my readers will know that it isn't even near exhibition quality. But at least it was free to leave. And it left !

Flitting back to the 'shepherd's crook' piece in yesterday's blog post, I think I mentioned to Mike and Reg at the time that it seemed to have an Apollo type helmet at the base.

What this has to do with the piece I really don't know. But I thought I ought to include a real Apollo job for comparison.

OK. Lecture and slideshow over and now to what we have been doing. This morning we went to Peter and Joan for coffee and I was able to help with a couple of PC things. It is so much easier for someone to actually do whatever it is because then one doesn't forget it. At lunchtime we went to a pub in Edingley and I think it was this one. The Old Reindeer. We all had fresh Whitby Cod (small, not even medium and I blanch to think what large must be like) and chips, two with mushy peas and two with garden peas. Very nice meals, lovely chat, and then we returned to Mansfield in Peter's air-conditioned car which was good because it was so hot. There was a silver birch and the sun shimmered on the leaves. Welcome pot of tea in Peter and Joan's Summer House and then back home.

I spoke to David's Helen and they go to Carsington on Sunday afternoon. And, one day next week, Steven is having a 'day off' and they are going over, and we are invited to go the same day. It will be super to see all the children playing together in such a lovely setting.

My quote is from my igoogle page and is a Sam Johnson :-

"Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings"

My only criticism is that they never give their references. Chapter and Verse etc., - which makes me vaguely distrustful. To the extent that I shall probably delete the box and return to my old-fashioned hard copy reference books. I shall feel safer !

If tomorrow is like today, the open-air Colliery Choir concert at Colliers' Wood will be magic. We have to take our own chairs, and perhaps a sandwich and a drink. A report will follow. Sleep tight. Catch you tomorrow.!


bungus said...

I have just realised how unfair it is for me to comment on the blog photos with my monitor mistranslating colours so badly. I will try to limit any further remarks to emails!

I fully support the idea that the blog should essentially “be light, airy, and fun.” (I does me best, sir) given that this does not preclude expression of diverse opinions provided they meet Press Council rules (ie, are not overtly indecent, offensive or libellous).

Breaking my first rule of this page, I cannot make out what the bird is trying to do. Was it just showing off or impersonating some other creature? Very strange, as the steel helmeted character on ‘Rowan & Martin's Laugh In’ was wont to say (not that I ever saw the programme. Why? Surely it was much later than 1957/58 when I was on National Service? Perhaps it was in the 70s when I was busy playing ‘Mine Host’?)

Yes, I see the Apollo type helmet. Which seems to answer my query about the nature of the shepherd’s crook / dinosaur (ie, it IS a sculpture).

I too have eaten at The Old Reindeer, but was less impressed. That said, it was a couple of years ago. (again I will email about this because…)

Jill said...

I read the comments on yesterday's blog with interest.....

The bird - well, I'm pretty sure it isn't a pied wagtail or a duck. Swift (they have very scimitar shaped wings) is a distinct possibility, but I think they mainly live in towns? I see them around here a lot - they really screech - was this one doing anything voal as well as acrobatics? Swallow or house-martin would be my next guess.....

It's still grey.damp and cold down here, c.heating on at tea-time, but we are promised 26 degrees tomorrow - a likely story.....