Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nottingham Trip - Warm again - Lawns

There are still pictures from Wednesday to share so here goes.

Picture 1 is one of Reg's. He noticed this London Bus travelling along Parliament Street, Nottingham. A fairly serious SatNav problem do you think?

Whatever the explanation, it was well spotted and he had to be quick. I'd prolly have been messing about with my lens cap or something and missed it.

Not that my reaction time has always been slow. Once in my prime, while asleep, I knocked my watch off the bedside table and woke up quickly enough to catch it before it hit the floor. Nowadays the OldAgeGremlins would ensure only that I wouldn't be able to find it in the morning. And when found, I wouldn't be able to bend down to pick it up !

After dropping Y off, on Angel Row for a change, so that she could catch the bus for Burton Joyce, I returned to the pub in Basford and collected my black&red notebook which was safely there, as promised, behind the bar. It's safe return was such a relief I left a 'drink' for the finder with the licensee , who assured me it would reach the right person. There was so much valuable stuff in it. Not actually financial info, but password reminders, things to be done lists, computer programme shortcuts, web-addresses and log-in names, HTML codes I use regularly but can never remember etc..etc. Black n' Red is a trade mark and W. H. Smiths etc., sell them. They don't disintegrate under robust use and when I get a new one I'll share a photo as I did with the Chef's candle and the Bic conference pen several moons ago.

Thanks Jill for the reference to the Ajuga page. As a garden plant it is called Bugle in these parts which I guess is a corruption of Bugloss.

OK so 'reflection shots' are clichés. But this one of the side of The Royal Concert Hall appealed to me.

You will see, particularly in enlargment (remember - left click on the picture. They are all resized to 1024pixels wide so should just fill your screen width and no more) you can actually see one of the cranes at work down where the Mechanics used to be.

What also appealed was that instead of lots of wobbly distortion which seems almost mandatory, these reflections are nearly completely still. They must have used high-quality glass at the time of construction. I hope our architectural correspondent will 'comment' .

Just a couple of quotations which seem to me to be linked concepts.

"Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads/
and popular opinion "
Jack Kerouac

"Devotees of grammatical studies have not been distinguished for any very remarkable felicities of expression.
Amos Bronson Alcott

Y had a good day at BJ but poor little Millicent has a bad cold. In fact the GP says it is a touch of tonsilitis so he prescribed penicillin. But she is a game little mite and wanted to do lots with grandma. The A610 was bad again but it all worked out in the end. When we reached home Karen had mowed both lawns so the gaden looked even better than when we left it. Rest Day tomorrow except for shopping but I quite like Supermarkets. I fear that "I am not as other men". Don't like clothes shops or jewellers though so I guess that is fairly typical..

, Now I've got mi' little book back I could put that in via the correct bit of HTML code. It's 10.10pm and I thought Venus had vanished. My worries on behalf of humanity were however misplaced. She was hiding behind a bit of strag cloud. ......Sleep tight all.


bungus said...

What a hot day. Both Ralph and I happily gave up after walking 50 yards (or 45 metres) at 10.00 hrs and returned to the car where he enjoyed a drink from his splendid Lidl flask.

Nurture ot Nature?
I suppose it must be is something to do with the habits of your working life that you are so organised about keeping notes and so on. I am envious. I have never managed to keep a diary for more than a few months (in 1945, which tells me that I was taking a Geography exam on the day that Sandra was born) and at best I now make notes on used envelopes, the TV supplement, or any handy scrap of paper - which then becomes part of the information pile. If I hadn’t stopped smoking it would still be the traditional back of a fag packet.

I thought my Wild Flower book had disappeared into the above mentioned pile but eventually found it in my scanner and can now confirm that the Ajuga or Bugle (which does flower from May) is not related to Vipers Bugloss. I was right to be concerned about the leaves, which are very different, although the flowers are not altogether dissimilar. But, I repeat, Bugle is not Bugloss.

I am not sure that ‘reflective shots’ are any more of a cliché than ‘non-reflectoive shots’? But the Concert Hall (which, when enlarged,, is bigger than the available space on my screen) looks good.
I do not think the purity of the reflection is entirely down to the quality of the glass but must also owe a lot to the accuracy of the frames and their fitting.
I am sorry the reflection shows the awful ‘Round House’. That is just a personal opinion. It is a building which does not tempt me to enter.

I am not sure that I entirely agree with the Kerouac quote (he was probably high at he time anyway and I’ve only had a couple of glasses of red) and do not have a wide enough knowledge to judge the accuracy of Amos Alcott’s statement (any relation of Louisa M?).

Fear not for your sexuality. You are not alone. I too get some pleasure from supermarkets unless I am expected to accompany a woman (I prefer not to be specific). It is all right if they go off with their list and leave me to sort out mine.
Tesco (esp for their bread) and Netto (for their prices) are my specialities, although Aldi runs them close. I admire Lidl, and both Morrisons and Waitrose have their occasional uses.
I also find shoe shops a touch compulsive – perhaps that’s just me getting in touch with my feminine side (I am otherwise short of evidence and content to remain so).

bungus said...

MAYDAY, MAYDAY (25th that is)

Der Blogmeister has asked me to inform both his readers that owing to matters beyond his control (and, although it may come as a surpise, there are a few) the blog will not be appearing for a couple of days.
So why not have a weekend away?

bungus said...

RadioG has asked that I further assure his reader that his temporary absence is a technical not a health matter.
No doubt all wil be revealed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 - That's a relief, I was wondering. Went to Bath yesterday to visit my younger daughter who's at Uni there and to start bringing her 'stuff' home as she finishes her first year in a couple of weeks, so couldn't visit the blog. Came on today to find it still at Thursday and was surprised, thought is he ill, maybe he's away or perhaps there's another reason...

Madeline said...

Thank you, Bungus. I'm glad and relieved to learn that RG's absence is due to technical, rather than health, problems. I hope that he'll be back soon.