Thursday, May 03, 2007

Back better - 59F - NE Wind again

My back/leg is considerably better due to much lying flat (no choice 'cos I can only stand up for about 10 minutes) and loads of DHC. It's morphine based which is a worry but 'needs must when the devil drives' - don't know who wrote that and I'm not in a mood to research it. But it says the necessary.

Fortunately I had these flower pictures from a couple of days ago and decided to 'collage' them. Really easy in Picasa 2 and the result is fun.

The enormous pale leaf at the rear of the single pink tulip is the artichoke which is strong again.

We've decided that, even though we are leaving, we might as well enjoy the garden. We did the work (well Y mostly) so we might as well reap the benefit.

My 'lappy' is playing up. I won't go through the boring details but, together with the computer shop, I have decided that it came without the necessary DVD software installed. And, unless they can fix it, they will have to replace it as it is 'not fit for purpose'. I've never before tried to play a DVD on it and when I tried, due to being in bed, I couldn't do it. On the phone Megatech (who are very good) talked me through possible solutions and eventually decided the machine was defective when it arrived. The explanation possibly explains its habit of 'issing etters n th eyboard' too. I'm taking it in next Thursday, on my way to meet Bungus. Assuming that I am mobile by then.

Picture 2 is published solely because the arrival of the 'lilies of the valley' reminds me of School. A watercolour of the depicted one's ancestor was the only occasion when I scaled the dizzy heights of 8/10 for my art homework. I've never been able to draw or paint, unlike Bungus who is remarkably good. Alan Hardy, a classmate, often received 10/10 and I can see now quite clearly his homework painting of Brailsford Co-op which was brilliant. That would be circa 1948. I wonder what he became?

I've still got the Telegraph Crossword to finish and magazines to read. My Collected Wordsworth to dib into. Plus of course my DAB radio and my, albeit defective, laptop. Then I can have a snooze before Y returns from Burton Joyce. It isn't all bad being confined to one's pit is it? I know Debra would love it. When she was young and had worked, partied, and returned home for a rest she once stuck it out for 3 days.

I might try and make it to the camera club Ive decided. Somethings are writ in stone aren't they? As H.L.Mencken said about the ten commandments "say what you will about them, you always come back to the pleasant fact that there are only ten ". Anyway it's presentation night and I've paid £3 for the buffet. And, peasant that I am.........................

Evenin' all. Catch you tomorrow. Eat well, have a bit of chocolate, and sleep tight.


Jill said...

Back problems are a bugger aren't they - hope the - can you take alcohol with them? I like the collage photos, your garden must look lovely.

Off topic, tell Y I was taken out to lunch at the Tate as a belated birthday treat, and had three things I'd not had before - a duck egg (poached on top of a 'castle' made of salmon and smoked haddock, whole thing covered in hollandaise) a Cornish megrim sole (just looked that up) and lavender sorbet (this one I wouldn't have again, it tasted OK, but smelt strongly of lavender, not a smell I associate with food - the elderflower sorbet with it was much better).

I saw the original cast in 'Acorn Antiques' - Julie Walters, Celia Imrie, Duncan Preston etc. - and loved it - what a shame the touring company are not up to scratch.

bungus said...

Having looked in my Concise Oxford Quotations, I’m inclined to think 'needs must when the devil drives' is a proverb (anon).

Nice collage … but, I think ‘2 left’ second row down swapped with '2 left' bottom row might balance better. But who am I?

Don’t know who Megatech are but if you get a deal you will have done well.

Despite your praise;
I always thought I could draw a bit (always in the top half dozen of the class at school but only managed a Pass in School Cert when confidently expecting a Credit/Distinction – Brian Hayes had same result the year before and both of us drew prison scenes!) but discovered as a part-time student at Mansfield School of Art that there were plenty better. School of Architecture and Nottingham College of Arts & Crafts confirmed this.
I’ve concluded that I’m a sort of tenth rate Leonardo (a bit good at quite a lot of things but not quite good enough at any).
I would really have liked to be a renowned jazz pianist writer who played inside forward for England (a sort of Alan Plater/Wilf Mannion hybrid).

I hope you managed to struggle to the Camera Club and get your money’s worth. Otherwise your thrift cred could be ruined.

Looking at today’s Lidl Newsletter I could find no excuse to buy a Men’s Neoprene Multi Shorty for £19.99 so I decided to settle instead for a High Quality Polyester Sheet (£5.99), a Karabiner or Shackle Set ($6.99), a Boat Rope (£7.99) and a bottle of Firming Sun Lotion (£3.29).
I know it’s an extra £4.27 but what the hell! It’s only money. Mind you, I cannot for the life of me understand why a Boat Rope should be so comparatively expensive.

Just heard on the radio:
If you have food in the house you are better off than three quarters of people in the world.
And if you have money in the bank (even a piggy bank) you are among the world’s wealthiest 8%. ي