Saturday, November 11, 2006

Y's Birthday Lunch - Blogger beta

Picture 1 is the Liquidamber again, at night and including the moon. It looked so much bigger than that - but that's cameras innit?

This is my first day on the new Blogger beta. And everything seems OK so far. Being awake quite early, I decided to tackle the migration and here's hoping that things go smoothly. The finished result, for you 'dear readers', shouldn't change, at least I hope not.

There are substantial differences at this end, which I won't bore you with a full list of. But the pictures download quicker which is good. Apparently one can tag and label 'posts' to make things easier to find retrospectively, but I haven't investigated that facility yet

Picture 2 is the Railway Bridge at Basford which I mentioned. The light was in the wrong place for a proper 'study' so this snap is through the tram window. I promise a better picture in due course.

For years it had looked increasingly distressed and I was so relieved when a decision was made to 'renovate rather than demolish'. My knowledge of railway architecture is zilch but I've always thought it attractive and have looked forward to seeing it each time my journey has taken me past it, under it, or over it.

Y's birthday lunch at The Lakeside Restaurant (nee Bestwood Pumping Station) was excellent. The menu was good, the food was good, the waiters were good, and the children were good. No tears. Not even any pouting. Pictures will follow tomorrow. After the meal we adjourned to TJ's for a typical family thrash. Lots of running around, cake candles re-lit 3 times so pictures could captured, with lusty renditions of 'happy birthday' each time. Tracy had arranaged for the cake to be iced with one of the rafting pictures. She thinks of everything !

Andy had drawn an incredibly good picture of Yvonne with Ruby and Elli, and included her multifarious interests, from Egypt to Sudoku. David and John's present was an electronic sudoku which, it says on the box, will produce a million unique puzzles. That should keep her occupied on a few railway journeys! My present, until we get to the Rhine Cruise next year, was a pink sapphire ring which she really wanted. We picked it together. And it blends in beautifully with her new nails. A picture will follow.

Ta Ta for today because I fancy watching The Culture Show...............



bungus said...

This new blog thingy has altered the posiyion of 'Word Verification'. I wonder why?

I too have found that the moon photographs very small. How odd it is.

I can understand why the railway bridge gives you pleasure. The colour is quite startling but appropriate and entertaining. Can I be the only person who finds the blue of Tower Bridge in London absolutely awful? Was it just Victoria who lacked taste or could it be a German trait? (joke [in case any German or American readers don't iunderstand])

My 3 pints of Sloe Gin are coming along a treat (pic sent separately). Another couple of months of shaking up two or three times a week and they can be decanted to mature until 2016 (or 2017 to be on the safe side).

As this is such a short blog at present, I am sure there will be further comment.

bungus said...

Pleased you enjoyed the party and not surprised that you had to bow out somewhat early, especially unfortified by booze! One man's meat is another man's fish, as the French say.
I am just pleased that Yvonne's presents did not get confused with yours, what with your birthdays being so close together. I cannot think what words you would have found to say thankyou for an electronic sudoku machine!