Friday, November 17, 2006

Lovely dawn - followed by wet and windy day

As promised. Picture 1 is of my favourite bridge. At Basford Crossing, and I've snuck in a tram-shot. I was just sorry that 'a train at the same time' eluded me. The lemony green of a Midland Mainline bone-shaker travelling in the opposite direction, would have been too much. The bridge has always looked to me like a toy which would grace a train set.

Although we both slept well, we were up before dawn and watched a super sunrise. It bore out my theory that it seldom rains at the precise moment of dawn, because 10 minutes after the sun rose, the skies opened and it started chucking it down, which is how it has remained for the rest of the day. My theory was based on observation from early days on the beat. Probably some meteorologist could prove me wrong!

That 'a part can speak for the whole' is often true, and I have included Picture 2 in line with that assumption. It allows the intricacy of the bridge to be seen in better detail and saves Bungus from being hit between the eyes with too much red. As always, the diagonals appeal. There must be a art-term for that; like the golden-section. A subject for me to research in a spare moment (when ?) -but if a reader knows the answer, please share it.

The Camera club yesterday evening was fine. The theme was to present one's pictures which had been taken within 3 miles of Eastwood. Either prints, or on CD, and I chose the latter, showing 10 and I'm pleased to report they were well received. The 'reflections in the car-roof' elicited special praise. A member, Jason, who works in Photography and Digital Imaging, is going to begin tutorials on PhotoShop in the new year. I am certainly going to enrol because I have such a lot to learn.

A busy day today. We went to M & S around 11.45am and my previous observation that, at that time there were disabled spaces on St. Peter's Gate, proved sound. We managed to park very near and had great fun catering for tomorrow. There is no doubt that, of one is willing to throw money at it. it is easy to do a party these days. Nothing needs anything more demanding than 10 minutes in the oven . The stuff looks so delightful we are both really looking forward.

Then we went up to the 'cheese-cake shop' on Mapperley top and did well there. We know from Tracy's how delicious the cheese-cakes are and we bought a whole fruity one (for the price of a half) because the girl didn't want to cut it. And half a Jamaican chocolate job. With both it's difficult to restrain oneself to a single slice. Well perhaps a slice of each 'eh ?

Going to finish there. 'Cos it's Strictly Come Dancing soon...............

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bungus said...

The Basford bridge is a lovely scarlet – somewhere between the Pope’s pallium and the cardinals’ cassocks, may I suggest?

Sorry, but however much you enthuse, nothing will make me like cheesecake, especially a chocolate one. I would only accept a small slice were I either close to starvation or if my blood sugar had hit a desperate low. Give me a buttered rock bun any day.

Does your telly show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ every night or do you have it on tape? Do you watch it alone? I could become quite worried about you.