Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lakeside Restaurant - Debra's visit

The picture-handling in Blogger Beta is much improved. Thank goodness, because the old version seemed designed to cause the more sensitive among us to have nervous-breakdowns.

Picture 1 is the side entrance to The Lakeside Restaurant from one of the car-parks. 'Lakeside' is perhaps a little ambitious; 'Poolside' would be more accurate. Nevertheless, a beautiful Grade 2 listed building, tastefully converted to its present use. I make no apology for leaving in the red life-belt at the bottom of the golden-section - or the 'rule of thirds' as it is called by those who don't really understand the principle and it's history. Constable, among others was keen to have a flash of red somewhere in each painting. And, as Bungus hinted in a 'comment', if it's good enough for the Constable, it's good enough for the Inspector.

Picture 2 (the original building) hangs inside the main downstairs restaurant and bar, which housed the main pump. Magnificent room - with high ceilings and super windows. As with many high-class eateries there is plenty of space between the tables and the chairs are comfortable. Several tables had been lined up together for our large party but it didn't interfere with other diners at all. Overlooking us was a gallery room which fascinated the children because they could rush up an attractive staircase to reach it and then look through the railings and wave. We were proud of them - they were lively but well-behaved. The food matched the surroundings. Great! I won't list what everyone had, suffice it to say that it was all excellent. The sweets menu contained cheese & biscuits - always a good sign these days. As most people know - I am often disappointed by the eating-out experience because the quality is so dodgy. But not here. Thoroughly recommended. We returned to TJ's but I bailed out at 5.30pm ish - tired out.

Just before I set off for Sherwood to collect Y, who had a sleep over, David rang to say they would like to come over to Brinsley to wish Y a happy birthday - because today is the actual day. I all worked out great because they decided to meet up at Tracy's so Brooke and Ruby and Elli had a good few games after Ruby and Elli and Grandma returned from the park. What a demanding weekend, in fact fortnight-plus. Y has had a super time and feels it has been a series of 'occasions to cherish' - which is exactly how I felt about my 70th.

When Debra & Andy and David & Helen left Tracy insisted on rustling up a delicious lunch - leek & potato soup, hot rolls and smoked salmon on tiny brown toasts to follow. The we decided to nip over to Clumber Park for the autumn tints and we walked from the car-park to the lake, and enjoyed the fresh air. Then, unbelievably for us, we managed to emerge from the park by the same entrance we went in at.

On unpacking at home Y found that she had 27 cards and a delightful suprise - David and Helen had burnt a CD of the 'rafting' pictures and it had music, and the swishest transitions from frame to frame. I've got to persuade Helen to show me how to do it. And they had printed some of the rafting pictures to fit the CD box. Great !

Stopping now because we want to watch our recording of last night's Strictly come Dancing and it's Planet Earth at 9pm.....................


Jill said...

That sounds a very good way to spend a birthday - forget the rafting, I'll settle for the restaurant. What was the building originally - (for those of us who are not local) - some sort of pumping station?

bungus said...

Pleased for Yvomnne that it all went down so well.
We also had a full Sunday travelling to Sandra's now senior sister's, near Warwick, for a family lunch. We went from W Bridgford with next-to-youngest sister and bro-in-law and didn't get lost until within a few miles of the destination. Other bro-in-law, a widower for several years now, also travelled from Bridgford with his lady friend. It all went as well as could be expected except that we arrived home too late for 'Emmerdale' and 'Corrie'.

bungus said...

Bestwood PS (is it the one at Red Hill?)is obviously a better looking relative of Boughton PS where Sandra worked until earlier this year and which I consider rather toadlike. Does yours still have machinery?

It is now more difficult to post comments on your blog - this being attempt 3.