Thursday, November 16, 2006

Amazing Pictures - Not mine

Both of these incredible pictures were sent me by Brian. In Picture 1 the black 'camels' are in fact the shadows. The actual camels are the white bits. You certainly have to look twice.

In enlargement the attribution to the author, and the explanation, are clear to read - so I won't repeat them here.

I wonder if he knew what he had got till he looked at a screen?

Picture 2 is even more amazing. It was taken from Columbia and shows Britain, some Europe and some West Africa still in the sunshine, while dusk and night have fallen to the east. Greenland is totally frozen.

Bet tens the camera was a Hasselblad ! There are two unclaimed ones on the moon, if anyone fancies the trip.

I realise it is a costly business but this sort of thing goes along way to convince me that space-exploration is the right thing. Mankind (and that includes both men and women) has got to keep endlessly pushing at the boundaries. Otherwise, as has been said many times before. we would still be living in caves.

Successful day so far. Done lots of little jobs. Potted on my Basil seedlings, got rid of some carpet stains prior to the neighbours on Saturday. Went to Basford and got some railway-bridge shots. Prolly publish the best tomorrow. Had my 'roes on toast' - best eaten when Y is out because the smell 'turns her stomach'. Not bad now though, with the Lakeland fish-smell candle.

Going along with 'what is the world coming to?' The current 'elf & safety' regs are apparently completely OTT. A friend of Bungus's brought him a brace of pheasants. According to Defra he should have delivered them in a refrigerated van ! And anyone who read yesterday's press would be amazed to learn that a young couple were rejected as foster parents because the bloke referred to East European Immigrants as 'white foreigners'.

A while back, following Jill having a woodpecker on her lawn and a visit from a goldcrest, I joked that, if she left the remains of a roast out she would probably attract a vulture. Today's Telegraph carries a picture of one in Richmond Park ! So, hang on Jill - he will be with you shortly.

You may notice some slight changes to the Blog today because I have tweaked my Template. The font is now Verdana and slightly larger (mainly so I can read it easier). I've tried to put a double space between the day's title and the top line, because it has annoyed me by being all scrunched up. The left hand column should be easier to navigate. And the current month's blogs are now listed there by title.

Tell you about the camera-club tomorrow.......................


bungus said...

Pedantry demands I point out that it is the shadows which are black (not reflections).

Norway and Iceland look frozen too – and the sand of the Sahara also appears white..

Jill said...

What fantastic pictures - especially the camels.... And I thought the transition from day to night would have been more gradual, somehow, on the other one.

I was going to mention the Richmond Vulture, but you beat me to it. It wasn't anything I put out on the bird table that attracted him, honest!

bungus said...

Correction acknowledged!

I can never quite persuade myself thatI like roe very much, although i used to enjoy it when it occurred in a plaice. I have certainly given up buying it. Do you have the tins or fresh or what?
We thought the lkeland candle worth atry but prettu ineffective - certainly no better than Netto's 69p scented candle in a glass.

The font and layout appear unchanged. Date/Topline are no different Wed/Thu. If you wish to pursue the matter could you please say what the font was on Wednesday and point out the extremely subtle differences on Thursday?

Let's see if Word Verification works first time today.
No, it didn't, so try again. I appreciate that there is nothing you can do about this irritation.