Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WoW at Newark - I was absent

I am indebted to Reg for both of the lead pictures because I wasn't able to WoW today. Breakfast at Ikea and 'lamp' buying took priority plus some legs-therapy lying down.

The chaps went to Newark on a lovely sunny morning and enjoyed a walk round the river. By lunch-time the weather deteriorated and they had what sounds like a mediocre chip baguette at The Bridge at Oxton. Apparently the baguette was great but the chips were not.

The bridge shown however is the one at Newark, adjacent to the castle, and please click here for some local history. An important snippet of which is that, in 1216 at Newark Castle, Friar Tuck poisoned King John in revenge for his murder of Maid Marion.

And, as if by magic, Reg's picture 2, is of a moored boat, the Friar Tuck.!

Y and I breakfasted at IKEA, for £1.90 for the two of us including our free coffee. After that we bought a new halogen lamp for my room and thence to Lidl for a more general re-provisioning. Then home, lay down, and this afternoon we managed to put some of Y's pictures on her MP4 player, a lengthy job because I couldn't find a more nimble method than to drag/drop each file individually.

STOP PRESS - John Sergeant has withdrawn from Strictly come Dancing. Clicky here for details. He gave a very dignified press conference. And although the judges were unanimous in claiming he should have stayed, I feel their relentless sniping must have finally reached him. I can't say that I personally am very interested in even watching it on Saturday.


bungus ...... I feel you are a little confused about blog-transmission times. The time shown at the foot of the blog-post is the time I began the blog, not the time I finally published it.

I haven't made up the "trees the same shape as their leaves" bit, but I can't remember its source.

I'm afraid your assumption that only pictures you have saved to Web Albums would survive a PC crash is correct. Picasa is very helpful though in that burning your pics onto CDs/DVDs is very straightforward. With Picasa open, if you look at a folder you will see, just under its title a row of icons. The fourth one along is to create a CD/DVD, if you hover your cursor over it, you will see the text.

Things are recoverable from google by opening your google account, for which, unfortunately, you will need your password. Perhaps Danny could help.

Thanks for carrying on with the Haikus.

Jill ...... Thanks for not being really anonymous. I get so confused. Not kidding about 'neat', nor about tree-shapes.

American humourists, from Twain onwards can be very amusing. The proud tradition is carried forward by P. J. O'Rourke.

I'm with you in suspecting that John was 'persuaded'. But Y feels that, being such a strong character, it must have been his own decision, un-pressurised. She also had a good read in the web-site.

kevin ..... thanks for your advice but I am reasonably abreast of things like disc-maintenance. For some time I've used 10bit SmartDefrag, an excellent little programme which runs in the background defragging your disc/discs on a 24/7 basis.

anonymousrob ...... As above to Kevin. You are right. There is a 'school of thought' that is anti-defragging. I generally have a good clear out each week with CCleaner which is preferred to Windows own Disk Cleaner. It's a freebie and the title is a link to a download page should you fancy it.

A meeting in a suitable Codgers Cafe sounds a great idea! You can put me down for a place and I'm sure Bungus will feel likewise.

You must ask Bungus to e-mail you the sans pantalons picture. I would not be so bold as to blog it.

I actually hope that you are right and that John Sergeant does indeed take a few with him !

Re broadband/ modems/ analogue systems/cookies/startup menus/registries et al. Having opened a can of digital worms I intend to firmly close it again. We try to keep this journal fairly free of technical discussions. It was all Jill's fault for asking in the first place,

You are doing fine on the Fashion Desk but, if you can return to the Sports Desk for a moment, Y tells me that the German match was a very good game to watch and Fabio Capella was well pleased.


Quotation time ............... The unanimity of the Strictly judges in belated support for John Sergeant makes this paricularly relevant.....

"So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause"

"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"



bungus said...

Great detail in the recesses of the Newark Bridge picture.
And nice river water carrying the Friar Tuck.

I wish there was an Ikea next door to us for breakfast. Do you think they would like to buy a floristry business?

It’s all about Sergeant, isn’t it? What a Carry On.
I think he probably just got fed up with the constant sniping. And his point, that for him to win would have been ridiculous, is a good one.

You are right, I am confused... about most things. I am sure you had explained about the post times.

I must look into saving pictures on CDs. Would there be an advantage to doing it on DVDs?
If I really find that I do need help retrieving stuff from Google, I am sure Dan will ride to the rescue!

”Thanks for carrying
on with the Haikus.” No prob...
They are quite easy.

I appreciate
that the quality varies
and that Rob has a…

As I saw it, England reserves gave a good performance to annhialate the Germans 2-1 in Berlin.
I thought our boys played well as a team without any absolutely stunning individual performance such as Rooney (or even Gerrard, Lampard or Owen) might provide. But I was impressed by Carrick, mostly playing just in front of the back four.
I thought the German Jones had a good game before being subbed at half time.

At first I put ‘neatsfoot oil’ then changed it to ‘jelly’ which I should not have done. Neatsfoot oil is used for dressing leather and it is a bit older than calvesfoot oil, or should that be jelly?.

If Graham isn’t making up the 'tree looking like its leaf' rule, I will. Not that I am sure it is very true. Horse chestnut?

We had a joint of beef recently (rump) from a usually reliable source. It looked really good raw – a decent dark red with an adequate marbling of fat.
I thought it had little flavour and Dan’s verdict, justified, was ‘tough as old boots’. It ended up being casseroled the following day.

I admire your somewhat anonymous lifestyle. I cannot find sufficient time to watch all the television that I want to watch or read all the newspapers and books that I would like to read. Things which some people regard as doing nothing.

I ama t one with your admirable 'shirt' haiku and 'Yes', I fancy a meeting. Shirt-Out in Shirebrook. Not a bit like Leaving las Vegas.
The market place always reminds me of Red Square and I agree that the shops around it look ‘right’ (and last time I went they all seemd still to be open). There is a smashing cobbler who would rather advise you to buy a new pair than have the old ones repaired because he could not guarantee success. There is also an end-of-line freezer shop that sells, eg, M&S and Gary Rhodes stuff at knockdown prices. And an Aldi.
Sandra was treated wonderfully well at the van on the market where a young man, also waiting to be served, said “See to this lady first,” and, “You go and sit down me duck; I’ll bring y'coffee over to you.”
I don’t KNOW of a cafĂ© but there is always The Drum, where I also left Sandra with her friend Hilary one night and where they were immediately surrounded by the local lads who were similarly attentive and chivalrous – “You don’t want to be getting your fags out of there (the vending machine) me duck. They’re too expensive. Give us your money and I’ll go and fetch ‘em from the shop for you.”
See you next Tuseday then, and hope G can join us. Let me know what time.
Incidentaklly, I recall a similar space but without shops at Huthwaite (Hucknall-under- Huthwaite) and ther is a fine example at Wainfleet All Saints just south of Skeggy (and home of Batemans).

As G suggests, the ‘sans culottes’ photo will be emailed pronto.

I am not surprised to hear that a police officer is a member of BNP. I don’t like it but I’d bet on there being others. The teacher worries me more.

Re the modem haiku:
I thought you knew all this technical stuff and am therefore disappointed that you regard yourself as being ‘in the cart’.

Sorry I cannot go with the jeans because I find them so uncomfortable.
But absolutely no sandals with socks. And, as a temporary soldier in the near-east, I was pleased that, being in the ranks I wore hose-tops and boots with my KD shorts, rather than the officers’ long socks and shoes.

Jill said...

That is a great photo of the bridge. Friends of mine have just moved into a bungalow in Newark, after selling (eventually) a 4-bedroomed cottage in Southwell, where they lived for many years. But at various times they both worked in Newark, and know it well, so not like moving to a strange place.

I am going to watch Strictly this week, to see what the judges etc say, and see J & K do the last waltz. But I won't be voting for anyone, and may not watch subsequent shows. Heard Len Goodman on radio say that it was 'a serious dancing competition' - so why was John invited to participate? They knew in advance he was unlikely to be a proficient dancer.

Last nignt I watched 'The Devil's Whore' on C4 - I nearly didn't, as the title put me off. But am so glad I did, I thought it very good, enjoyed it far more than Little Dorrit. Well acted, good story - and I must admit ignorance to the beginning/causes of Civil War - and lots of expensive outdoor scenes, battles, etc, obviously lots of money spent, no low budget drama this one. Read in the paper it was filmed in S.Africa, would never have guessed. John Simm is having the time of his life, swashbuckling all over the place in high leather boots as a mercenary. I remember one years ago on BBC, By the Sword Divided, a very low budget effort with two trees and 6 extras fighting all the battles, I remember Terry Wogan called it 'By the Knickers Twisted'.

I went to our local retail park today, where there is a large M & S, really to get food, it was packed because of this 20% off day, even the food bit was very busy, as the discount applied to alcohol etc. I had to drive round the large car park twice to find a space. There were no trolleys as people had taken them into the non-food bit to stock up with crackers, toys, clothes, etc. Queues at the till snaked back all round the place. I am in the fortunate position of not thinking 20% off is worth all the hassle....