Saturday, November 08, 2008

Late evening 'quickie' - post 'Strictly'

Not been particularly busy but, after Strictly come Dancing, I was overtaken by a quick nap. 'Strictly' was good, but I am coming round to the widespread belief that Brucie is almost past it and should be replaced before the next series.

Of the dancers I feel, along with the judges, that it is well time for John Sergeant to go. He has entertained us but his performance this evening was lamentable. I voted for Jodie and Ian. For a tall girl she has such elegance.

Tomorrow I must try to do my blog during the day then, hopefully, I won't feel so exhausted.

Picture 1 is the 'mini-salad' - grown back yet again, and ready to be harvested. Probably it should be chucked but I so admire resilience I am reluctant to administer the coup de grĂ¢ce . It is capable of one more plate-garnish - at least !

Picture 2 is my birthday camera-bag plus my birthday gorilla-pod threaded down a side-strap. It is good to have my WoW camera equipment all together.

The bag plus gorilla-pod makes me think of a set of bagpipes. Dunno why !

This morning I made some ginger tea, as recommended on Womans Hour by Lulu (I know I should be watching Football matches and things, but I can't help it) and, as predicted, google found me a suitable recipe. Please click here if you would like to try it. Although I don't like sugar in normal tea I felt, on tasting, that ginger tea needs a spoonful. Honey is recommended but we don't have it. Very pleasant I thought.


bungus ......... Such good news about your 'clinics' and not to have to return for a year is splendid. I would guess the blood-pressure problem is medication based. They will probably prescribe tablets to combat the tablets they prescribed to deal with the tablets ...... This is rather like mirror's repeating to infinity.

You are right of course to point out that sporting success by the likes of Jesse Owens did little to lower racial tension. And more recently of course Muhammad Ali. If anything, among certain groups, discrimination worsened I think and Barack Obama may well experience a redneck backlash. My hopes for the future of the world were strengthened however when I read in The Telegraph today that he s a poetry lover (Derek Walcott no less) and that Picasso is his favourite artist. Walcott is 'as sound-as-a-pound' and as most of you know I'm right along there with his Picasso rating.
(unfortunately 'as-sound-as-a-pound' isn't the ringing endorsement it once was)

Your mention of a 'slumping kiln' was fascinating. As somewhat of an adept at 'slumping' I had no idea a specially designed kiln was necessary.

jill ...... I don't think there is a chip-cob gene - just a strong local tradition. Y would eat one if she had to but she's not that keen on bread anyway, so she would probably decline.

I love the olde English 'chyps' - I think it is v.14 of Chaucer's prologue to The Canterbury Tales.

"Ful wel she ate the verray parfit gentil chyps"

....... No doubt one of our in-house poets will correct me if I'm wrong....

I'm with you about all the underwater faffing about on Autumn Watch. Simon King is OK coated with guano on a remote island but, for me, he is a little intense otherwise.

Quotation time ....... Having spent a fair portion of the day in bed, I had a re-read of Wilde's Ballad of Reading Gaol and looked .....

"Upon that little tent of blue/
Which prisoners call the sky"

Oscar Wilde

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Catch you tomorrow - all being well !


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bungus said...

Yes, I think Bruce is like so many boxers who take just a few fights too many (see Calghaze comment below). Sandra had SCD on last week and I saw him struggling to deliver a ‘joke’ and getting only a hint of sympathetic applause from the audience. His jokes and catch-phrases have always been like that (always been the same) but he seems to have lost the panache that carried them through for so many people.

I showed Sandra your amazingly prolific mini-salad and she repeated her comment; ‘Very nice for one person who doesn’t like salad’.

Perhaps someone will buy you a set of bagpipes for your next birthday. And a ‘slumping kiln’.

Ginger tea? Does that mean you’ll be cross-dressing next?
But thew beverage sounds worth a try.

A good West Indian name ‘Walcott’.
Remember the deadly trio of Worrall, Walcott and Weekes?
Which leads nicely to the sport.
Eastwood did well and it will be interesting to see what sort of a draw they get for the next round. County managed the one necessary goal too. Mansfield didn’t have enough though – and it looked to me on the telly like goalkeeping errors again.
What a brilliant Arsenal/Man U match. And Steve Bruce was very honest about the dire Wigan/Stoke encounter (Titus Bramble, Man of the Match!).
And congratulations to Calghaze. What a record. I hope he retires before the inevitable defeat.

Nowt wrong wi’ a chip cob (or a chyp cob) but I still think a roast veg one is tastier (and certainly healthier).
If I had written "Ful wel she ate the verray parfit gentil chyps" I would KNOW it was a ‘come-on’.
So I googled it. And where did it take me?
To Radiogandy of course!

I'm not an aficionado of Autumn Watch but I caught a bit of Bill Oddie living up to his surname somewhere and he has become quite unbearably cantankerous. A veritable ‘much less than Goody’.
No one has mentioned Russell Brand or Jonathan Ross by the way…
I think they were inexcusably offensive but isn’t it remarkable that only 2 listeners complained in the first place but once it had been publicised thousands chipped in (or chypped in).

I have always thought that
“Stone walls do not a prison make nor iron bars a cage…” and
“Two men gazed through prison bars / one saw mud the other stars…”
should be part of Wilde's Ballad of Reading Gaol yet I believe that neither one is (the first is Lovelace but the second…?)

Like the sound of the dragons. If you have any photos of Carrie’s glass that you can email I am sure Sandra would like to see them. I’ll send you some illustrating Community Workshop items.