Friday, November 14, 2008

Busy Friday - Preparations - Shopping

Yvonne's birthday cards and afternoon sun behind. Today we have done lots of preparations for tomorrow, shopping for sausages, cheese etc., and almost all done except bread (we want it to be really fresh, in the morning).

All Y's cards were nice, with the possible exception of the mouse, but this one ( individually hand-crafted by Hannah) looks great. She draw the 'dancing couple' herself and in fact created the whole card without assistance.

John called in this afternoon to deliver our birthday books. Apart from it being smashing to see him and looking forward to reading the books, he tried to send a picture from my phone and failed. I said 'Good' not because I was pleased he had failed but because it makes me feel less of a chump for not being able to do it myself.

He suggests a trip to the Orange shop as being more likely to be productive than Carphone Warehouse.

There's no prizes for guessing whose book is whose.

I'm really looking forward to my Elements 7 Manual, I have a list of questions lined up already, and Y can't wait to read the Kate Summerscale - a real-life non-fiction mystery apparently.

It has attracted some marvellous reviews ! One of my 'life-hacks' has been to read book reviews rather than the books - it is less time-consuming but still allows you to hold down a reasonable conversation about the book in question.

If you quote me, I shall deny it !

While I was waiting for Y in the Hairdressers I nipped into the cheap computer shop and bought a cheap keyboard (£3). My expensive Microsoft keyboard drives me mad. The keys are too small for my stubby fingers, there are too many functions on it and I couldn't work them all out. This one is an improvement. Scaled down like a laptop keyboard, but the keys are actually bigger and there are no unnecessary (to me) functions. 'Less is more' yet again.


Jill ...... None of the properties we've been talking about are in the Lake District which is a long way away. Please click here for a page which will show you where it is. Between us and the
please click here Peak District you have The Yorkshire Dales please click here for the last one.

Quite right about the tinned fruit and evap though. What a treat ! I used to actually enjoy Camp Coffee with evaporated milk and two sugars in it !

And great news - Bungus feels up to coming over tomorrow ! Only wish you could be here too.

bungus ....... So please you now feel well enough to come over here tomorrow. I promise you you will be cossetted. Y was worried that everyone would talk photography all the time - and now she has you to talk to. I think the WoW people's ladies are not similarly obsessed - so it should be OK anyway.

I looked at the A319 pictures which I linked you to and I think the confusion arises, not because they don't show the 'pods' - they do. But my picture doesn't show an engine whereas their's do.

I will consider your helpful suggestion about manually inserting times in blog-drafts. But I wonder, does it really matter ? Yet another thing to need to remember, when does it for me - even if faultily.

John explained a possible reason for that dam confusion ! He says that in all the years he has been going to the area for walk and things, he has never before seen the water coming over the top. It is what is designed to happen, but most years there isn't this much water around.

Quotation time ......

"To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost "

His name is the live-link to his Wiki page.

Lets hope nothing goes terribly wrong tomorrow ! And a blog-post will be subject to all sorts of considerations.



4 TICKS said...

Apologies to Y. No-one told me that you were having a birthday and I've been too busy to blog lately.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Gotta go and see to the desserts now. Hope you've got some evap' in I've decided on fresh fruit salad for the supplementary one. Tiramisu, here I come.

Helen C. said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better Graham. Reassure Yvonne that there will be topics other than photography to chat about - Julian is already halfway through 'The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher'!

Jill said...

Thank you for the geography lesson - I am much better on Australia and the US than I am on 'up North'. Although when I wrote about those NT properties being in the Lake District, that was a slip of the keyboard, I did know they were in the Peak District (but don't recall seeing any lake around).

Talking of keyboards, is it easy to change them? I hate mine, it is too big and all the right-hand side I never use at all. And the top row. The keys are the right size though. And I don't like black keyboards, mine is very light grey. So I could buy a smaller one with more or less the same functions (that I actually use)and change them over?

Y's birthday book - lucky lady, that has been on my list too. I read an extract in the D.,Tel, and as you say, it had rave reviews. You could always add 'reading extracts' to 'reading reveiws'..... for a more rounded approach!

So glad Bungus might turn up tomorrow, have one for me, Bungus. I shall raise my glass to you at lunch-time tomorrow, am sure all will be well and a good time had by all. Was it Lily Savage who referred to somebody as 'she was the original good time had by all'? Or was it Larry Grayson and Apricot Lil? No doubt Bungus knows.

QI closed with a George Burns quote tonight 'Happiness is having a warm, close, caring family - in the next state'

bungus said...

Hooray for Hannah. Although I do not send or give any birthday cards, I am all in favour of personal (handmade or personalised) cards from both children and adults.
I once worked with a chap, a former Desert Rat, whose Xmas cards were squares of wallpaper.

I must have read reviws of Mr Wycher but cannot recall what it is about.
I am currently reading, and finding amusing, ‘A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian’ by Marina Lewycka.

Strange, ain’t it; the thing I dislike most about laptops is the keyboard!
But I have taken a closer look.
I think the only top row keys I use are Esc and F1. I don’t use the block of numbers on the right.
I use all the rest, ie, Insert, Home, Page Up, the arrows, etc apart from the Euro sign and the two with symbols on just below it.

You have cottoned on to what I was trying to say about the blog times; ie, ‘does it really matter ?’
But it’s at least as useful as the stopped clock which is right twice a day.

Looking forward to the tiramisu (as well as other things, of course). Hope there will be enough to go round!

At risk of causing confusion there is also the North Yorkshire Moors National Park (near the top on the right) which is the one I like best (without knowing any of them well).

Many keyboards simply plug into a USB port (others into the actual computer).

I cannot recall who invented the ‘good time had by all girl’ although I do remember having known OF several versions. But I suppose that is what having a past is partly about (and, of course, the past is now the biggest bit!).

I picked up on the George Burns quote from QI too, but thought some may not appreciate it.
I am an only child with a dozen cousins of whom about half are in the States and just one lives within twenty miles. Those of us in England greatly enjoy each other’s (where should that apostrophe go? I think I've got it right, ie 'the ----- of each other') company at funerals.
Some of Sandra’s lot are rather more of a nuisance than that but we cope.