Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A holding blog-post - still catching up !

Just a very brief blog-post because I seem to be suffering from task-lag.

Yesterday evening was our National Trust monthly lecture and when we returned home I was so tired I opted out and went to bed. If it wasn't that our responsibilities required our attendance we wouldn't have gone. After March 2009 though, we won't have them any longer.

There's such a lot I want to tell you about and I need the time to sort myself out.

So - catch you later as they say.

Thank you all for your 'comments' and I shall have the pleasure of responding to them soon !

I e-mailed the web-album link to our new friends and Mary Ann has already replied. Fortunately - she liked the snaps and promptly forwarded them to Carol who has also replied. There's American efficiency for you !

The picture is a modern building the other side of the river, in Cologne.

Byeeee for the moment.

1 comment:

bungus said...

Take your time.
Despite my visit to the undertaker I am not thinking of going yet.

Is the ‘modern building the other side of the river, in Cologne’ really collapsing gradually into the water or does it just look as though it is?.

I suppose it was Yorks turn to beat Stags.

Well done Obama (although I think McCain was gracious in defeat and comes over as a good and honourable man I think to BECOME president at his age would be risky).
My instincts are Democratic anyway and I think Obama might show more of the right sort of interest in countries other than his own.

I hope I won’t offend anyone by saying that I can recall being wary of pansies if not exactly frightened. But I am more PC now and would not use such a title.

According to my dictionary gremlins are particularly known to inhabit aircraft.