Thursday, November 13, 2008

BJ day for Y - 'Taking it easy' for me

Picture 1 is from my Nokia mobile phone and the amount of detail is surprising. The phone has a 'Flight' mode so you can use it without risk to the aircraft's electronics which, according to Reg, is a load of old ******** anyway. So, I leaned across Y, pointed the phone out of the window and was gratified with the amount of sharp detail in the result.

The Aircraft is an A319, please click here for pictures. Described as an airbus and, looking at the snap, I am struck by how old fashioned the wings look. Almost like an ancient aeromodel ? Perhaps Reg could make a contribution here.

I hope these pictures make sense because the light was poor. What I wanted to illustrate was the Rowan tree with its hanging feeders, and then the feeders from above, showing the contents. I could only do the 2nd bit by holding the Nokia at arms-length above my head and tilting it downwards. The camera that is, not my head - that was tilted upwards !

The feeders hadn't had a good 'fettling' since before our holiday and although the goldfinches remained staunch most of the others were turning their beaks up at the soggy mess-of-potage in the starling-proof feeders.

Y insisted (bless her !) on bussing it both ways to Burton Joyce so I could rest mi' legs and I've already let Reg know I'm giving EPS a miss again this evening. I need to be well punching my weight on Saturday. By tomorrow in fact, because we need to have a blitz on the shopping and do some preparations.

Looking forward to it though ! It should be a fun thing to do during such a wet and wintery period. My day has been mainly messing about with photographs and computer things but I have managed some reading, radio and Telegraph. Haven't got far with the Xword but mainly because I've only glanced at it. We are both looking forward to Strictly "It takes two". John Sergeant is due to make an appearance with Christina which should be fun. We can only hope he continues with his efficient hatchet job on Craig Revel Horwood.


reg ..... Thanks Reg for clearing up that dam uncertainty ! Howden it is then. All I need to do now is remember.

jill ...... Glad you enjoyed the photo, wherever it was. Your apology for confusing our beloved Peak District with the Lake District was disarming and you can now leave the naughty chair and rejoin the group.

The NT place you can't recall could be Hardwick Hall, Bess's place ? Probably our favourite of all and we went to The Hardwick Inn, see yesterday, for Y's birthday meal.

Re 'salmon on toast with cucumber'. Good old-fashioned tinned salmon, unheated, but on warm crisp buttered toast. The thinly sliced cucumber with the rind cut off, goes on top. 2 grains of salt and a dash of vinegar. Our tinned salmon comes from Lidl, in a traditional circular tin (which bears the legend Wild Salmon - Alaska). It really is very good.

Interesting aside. When we used to deal with incorrigible shop-lifters we often used to find, on searching their houses, loads of tins of salmon in the kitchen cupboards. I suppose it was because it was small, easy to hide, and comparatively high value in those days.

Thanks very much for the 'yarn harlot' quote. She is spot on ! Assuming it is a lady - you never know these days do you ?

bungus ...... So sorry to hear that you don't feel up to the Sausage Fest. People were so keen on the chance to meet you. But all that is less important than the sorrow and concern we feel that you have these ghastly symptoms of being unwell.

Sorry also that Sandra will be denied access to such an interesting, polymathic, well qualified and undeniably handsome group !

I regret not having watched the programme about light installations. As you know I share your enthusiasm for James Turrell's work. Please click here for his Wiki page.

The salmon & cucumber was fine for TJ, but I decided against following with tinned fruit salad and squirty cream. There are limits you know !

quotation time .......

"The world is not yet exhausted; let me see something tomorrow which I never saw before"

Please click here to read the BBC History page about him.

n.b. Interesting thing. Using the 'save as draft' facility gives the eventual time of publication as the time I began, not the time I finished.

Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow



Jill said...

Yes, it was Hardwick Hall I forgot. Are those NT properties in what you would define the Lake District?

Good old tinned salmon - we had a Waitrose one the other day. I miss out the cucumber and just put it under the grill to warm the salmon through. It was such a luxury item during/after the war, but there wasn't the fresh or the smoked sort available then, at least not at the price they are now. You should have followed it with tinned fruit and evaporated milk, to be exact!

My bird feeders could do with a good fettling too, I find the seeds etc. all go mushy and messy after prolonged rain, then they set hard and are the devil to dig out.

Go easy tomorrow, you must conserve your energy for Saturday's big event.

Bungus, do hope you are feeling better today, and can enjoy something tasty to eat. You can be an absent friend on Saturday, along with me!

bungus said...

Feeling much less sorry for myself and Sandra says I don’t get out enough. So, barring flood and/or pestilence, we shall be with you the morrow. Good.
Apologies for the vacillation; always has it been thus!

Very interesting photo of the plane’s wing (* see later; and yes, I am being sarky).
The wings do not, on your shot, look at all old-fashioned to me
I cannot reconcile it with the pictures (old-fashioned) in the link - they seem to be sans ‘pods’?

I must confess to being less than fascinated by the ‘bird feeders without birds’ pictures. But they are doing no harm to anyone.

And you must keep your head tilted upwards. Remember ‘…one saw mud, the other stars’!!

Interesting ‘police procedural’ prog on telly last night about the fellow who effectively got away with murdering his wife.
It was only after he had been arrested, charged and confined, without any evidence that would have come close to convicting him, that he decided to confess, presumably because otherwise no-one would have known how clever he had been.

I have never been over fond of Hardwick Hall since walking some ten miles to get there from Pleasley on a wartime day out!

I think you are right to take the skin off cucumber. Few people seem to do it these days nd it is little things like that which make such a difference. And, of course, salmon and (skin off) cucumber, lightly vinegared, is a classic sandwich.

* THAT’s what Sandra said! ‘Interesting, polymathic, well qualified and undeniably handsome group’. I got it slightly wrong.

Re the Sam Johnson quote: ‘…provided it isn’t the bright shining light at the end of the dark tunnel’.

Re ‘Using the 'save as draft' facility…’: The only answer, it seems to me, is to insert the time of completion by hand immediately before publication. Then all readers will know what time you started AND what time you finished. But it might be worth explaining that you have done other things between the two times.

Don’t doubt you at all. My confusion is the problem (becoming more and more the case!)
What I need to see are side-by-side photos of Howden and Lady Bower.
As I interpret it, RG’s ‘link’ says Howden was where the Dambuster practice runs took place and the photo of it looks like John’s and also like what I have always thought was Lady Bower (just before you turn right off the A57 to take the unclassified hairpin scenic route to Huddersfield – the route which I travelled every couple of weeks for several months in the mid 60s and which my road map now tells me goes over Howden Moors and past the Derwent and Howden dams!).

I too went on all sorts of boring college days out to sewage farms, power stations under construction (looking down through the gridded floors !!!), brickworks etc.
The most memorable was a trip (in 1948?) courtesy my first employer to the Building Exhibition. A couple of us gave it an hour and then went to Stamford Bridge to watch Chelsea play Everton – the most boring match I have ever attended, even though Elton John’s cousin Roy was on the wing.

I leave it to RG to sort out your geography.

Nowt wrong wi’ tinned salmon; a lot of people prefer it to the fresh.
I never tasted fresh salmon until my uncle’s wedding reception in the Station Hotel at Chesterfield. I was about 15 and it was also my first minor encounter with Burgundy.
Ever since, if salmon has been on a buffet, I am happy to eat nothing but that, with a touch of mayonnaise and a couple of small new potatoes.
You are absolutely right about the evaporated milk with tinned fruit. And, in ‘our’ house, a slice of thin white bread and butter.

Sorry to renege on you Jill. I now shall go to the ball.
I am sure that, as suggested, we shall drink to ‘absent friends’.