Thursday, November 20, 2008

Y at BJ - Me messing about at home

Picture 1 is from Heidelburg and, as you can see, is a statue to the chap who invented the handgrenade.

Y bussed it back from Burton Joyce and we watched The Book Quiz on BBC iPlayer while we finished off yesterday's Spagbol. As always, by today, the spices etc., had matured and blended. Certainly if making a bolognese sauce to invite people to, I would make it the day before.

The Book Quiz final was good and Daisy Goodwin and David Aaronovitch were worthy winners. My problem these days is not not knowing the answer but being too slow to shout it out. Must be the ageing process I guess, like so much else. Y was very good particularly on the novels of Thomas Hardy. I was only quicker than them with Tom Stoppard - Kirsty got just as far as "Rosen..... ....." and I was there.

Mostly today I've been trying to reach the correct part of Orange to enable my phone to send pictures. I suppose I should say the correct segment of Orange. When I finally got there having waded through a morass of 'options' and 'press this' and 'press that' it was relatively painless. Another minus point for Carphone warehouse when I discovered my new phone had never been registered let alone 'enabled'.

This 'enablement' is the crux point apparently although I've no idea what it entails. Because, apart from the pictures, my phone seemed to be working quite normally 'unenabled'.

Far be it from me to put Bungus right in the body of the blog but Rob's description of the 'shirt' picture (not yet published) as sans pantalons is completely correct. The sans-culottes wore long trousers as a defiant protest against the knee-breeches (culottes) worn by the aristocracy.

The gloriously kitsch rendition on the right, in the style of the day, shows a proud flag-waving sans-culottes of the Revolutionary Army in the early days defiantly wearing his pantalons.

Comments proper

bungus ...... glad you enjoyed Reg's pictures and it was a pleasure to publish them.

There is indeed a v.good reason for storing your pictures on DVDs because they hold so much more than CDs. If you go down the Picasa path, when you start, having held the pictures in your picture tray (bottom left) and press the 'create a CD' button, it will tell you how many CDs or DVDs you will need to store them on.

In the thread about "trees same shape as their leaf" you make a killer point by mentioning the Horse Chestnut.

Even with my febrile imagination I find it impossible to succeed in connecting the leaf with the tree-shape.

So I am prepared to consider it yet another theory shot up the a***

Ah well !

Your amiable Shirebrook stories don't surprise me. I have very fond memories of their 'writers club'. And I would be very keen to join you and Rob there, some morning or lunchtime, but I don't actually know anything about it, do I? (That isn't being sarky by the way - because maybe either you or Rob have mentioned it and I've forgotten). I know I'm being cheeky but I see next Tuesday being mentioned. Can I invite myself ? It would suit me very well because Y is meeting June for lunch in The Bell. And, as you know, for me "Lunch times is Good" from then on I tail off, sometimes dramatically.

You are quite right that many police officers are very right-wing but, in my day at least, there were a good smattering that were'nt. As you say, in teachers, it is more worrying.

Jill .... So glad you enjoyed Reg's bridge picture. I shall try to prise a few more out of him because he is such a good photographer. As are all the WoW group. I shall work on it.

Your friends will enjoy Newark. It is a friendly place, and better in that respect than Southwell.

As you know I am of the same opinion as you re Strictly. Although Y's approach is more reasoned, I am very cross indeed. With the possible exception of Bruno the whole judging panel is far too high on the 'jumped up and self-important' scale for my liking.

I agree with you too about M&S and while we are so lucky to have Lidl, Aldi and Netto so close who needs a 20% discount? Did you see by the way the results of the blind-tasting of mince -pies in The Telegraph this morning ? Fancy Aldi and Netto beating Waitrose and Harrods by such a comfortable margin.

Quotation time ..... trying to be relevant again.....

"As I grow older , I regret to say that a detestable habit of thinking seems to be getting a hold of me"

I well remember reading King Solomon's Mines in bed, under the sheets with a torch, my Mum having insisted on 'lights out'.

"Sleep tight - Catch you tomorrow"



bungus said...

Last week I reminded Sandra that it was time to think about our car's MOT Test and we agreed the date in December should be checked out and an appointment made.
So 2 days ago I looked out the documents (eventually managing to confirm that we ARE insured) only to discover that the MOT Certificate expired on 18th OCTOBER.
The reason for the error is that we changed the car in Feb; the old one, to which we had become accustomed, had the December MOT date…
Luckily, our excellent car mechanic, who works alone, was able to take the car in yesterday and get it tested today. It passed the test with just a couple of recommendations (a headlight and a front wheel bearing) which he attended to. As had been requested, he also changed the oil, replaced oil and air filters and plugs and had the car back to us this afternoon, all at a total cost of just over £160, including a modest £60 labour charge.
That’ll do for us!

The Heidelburger does have the apprehensive attitude of someone who does not wish to have his pin pulled.

I agree about stews being better the next day.
I made Colombian Chicken on Tuesday and, as Sandra finished it off on Wednesday, she remarked that being reheated had improved it.

You complain about Orange. Is it possible that someone has been taking the pith?.

All right. Publish and be damned!
Sans pantalons et culottes.
As someone nearly said (a Roosevelt?) “I have nothing to fear but fear of ridicule.”

Thanks for explaining the advantage of DVD storage.

Look on the bright side (I’d say ‘take a leaf out of my book’ were I not a pessimist).
Better ‘Shot up the a***’ than ‘Bombed in the ********’ like the poor Heidelburger.

Rob, the poor working man, in his comment yesterday, suggested meeting at Shirebrook next Tuesday. I have been happy to agree (see later). And as we both indicate, your presence (even with your shirt tucked in) would delight us.

On ‘Question Time’ tonight, two police officers insisted that they are forbidden membership of ANY political party although a panel member asserted that only BNP was barred. Are you up-to-date on this? I would like to know.

The Newark Advertiser suggests that many readers and other residents are less than happy with what is happening in and to Newark (more so than Mansfield residents it seems – who probably should be the more concerned about what is becoming of their town).
It appears that the problem is to no small extent political.
Newark, with a Conservative Town Council and District Council, is frequently at odds with the Labour controlled County Council.
Mansfield is in much the same position (Independent majority on the Town Council) but does not seem to perceive the same sort of problems.

I am eating Netto mince pies while Stephanie and Jessica have Mr Kipling.
I could be wrong but, unless memory serves me falsely, Steph’s husband David allowed the purchase of cornflakes from Netto provided they were transferred to a Kellog’s packet!

Quite right.
Of course ‘Strictly’ is not a serious dance competition. It is contrived entertainment which gives pleasure to a lot of people. Quite understandably, some of the audience decided not to take it seriously and put up two well deserved ironic fingers to the judges. Long may such anarchy prevail.

Because of the match, I did not see 'The Devil's Whore' but I noted that it is to be repeated on Friday so I intend to catch it then.

I was unaware of the M&S 'discount day' but agree with you that if it means fighting or long queues it ain’t worth it.
I’ll have some of Tesco’s '20% off any 6 bottles of wine' though.
I had hoped to watch the TV programme tonight about people trading down from Waitrose to Aldi etc, but Sandra wanted another channel and I couldn’t bother to go to the bedroom to watch. But I visited Tesco and Netto this afternoon and found the latter's perfectly sound grapes at £2 kg rather than the former’s £3.

Revisiting yesterday’s blog pictures and the ensuing talk of Newark, I am reminded of the competition held over 40 years ago, for a poster in praise of Hole’s Newark Ales.
There were several meritorious entries but one beautifully painted picture of the ‘Chocolate Box’ variety particularly appealed to the judges. There was, however, something about it which they could not understand. So they called in the artist.
“This is a beautiful picture,” said the chairman, “and, for the record, I shall describe it. It is a lovely view of the castle, looking across the Trent.
But what puzzles my committee is the most obvious element, namely the foreground depiction of a naked man and woman engaged in sexual activity on the grassy bank of the river. Would you care to explain what possible revelance that can have to the product being advertised, namely, our ale?”
“That’s easily done,” said the artist, “it’s ******* near water.”

Jill said...

G,I used to read Rider Haggard under the bedclothes too - one of my favourite authors! I don't suppose any children read him nowadays? I was also a great Biggles fan too, taught me a lot of geography, I used to look up where the places were. And Bulldog Drummond - they were rather anti-semitic, apparently (though that passed me by then) and I suppose they have disappeared too.

Perhaps the tree/leaf shapes just works with some trees.....

I was out last night and missed the Quiz. Back for Question Time, though, but I didn't think it was very good this week, had a bath, came down and watched 'This Week' with Andrew Neal, Diane Abbot and Michael Portillo, doing a John Sergeant sort of dance...I wish it wasn't on so late, their guest was Ken Livingstone and it was interesting and funny, I think they think no-one is watching....

Yes, read the mince=pie blind-tasting, it did say in the article that M & S ones beat them all, but they were over the price limit for what they were doing. I like mincemeat, not so keen on pastry. I used to make an open tart with mincemeat and stewed apple in. Come to that, I used to make the mincemeat!