Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Off - Beef Casserole - Strictly results !

The picture is to show you my new desk-lamp. Exactly like the old angle-poise but only £9.99p from Lidl.

If the original picture on the monitor had been the lamp, I could have produced a technological equivalent of the old never ending mirrors visual-joke.

A real, live, Sunday Off !

Notwithstanding, as I wasn't sleeping well, I decided to get up at 4.30am and prepare a beef casserole. Or 'beef-stew' as we used to say when English was English. Basically, some very nice shin (from the Butchers on the far end of Shirebrook Market Place) plus onions and swede (or turnip as we used etc., ........). a hefty clove of garlic, 2 bay leaves, some herbs de provence. And it was delicious, proving that Shirebrook is not all bad. It was a 'use your dessert spoon for the gravy' dish.

It had been put into the oven at 5.30am and cooked for 7 hours at 110C. Heston Blumenthal would be proud of me!

For pudding we had some delightful orange jelly containing Mandarin orange segments, topped off with a pleasant chunk of ice-cream. This jelly is one of Y's signature dishes. When she goes to Palmers Green she is always quizzed by Ruby and Elli "Have you made Grandad Graham a jelly?" They have my welfare at heart. On the phone today we heard Ruby playing the piano and Elli playing the violin. And very good too ! Elli is much better than that awful screechy noise that most kids produce out of violins.

The picture on the left is yet some more old German architecture, from our holiday.

This was Rudersheim. Yet more cobbles. We should certainly have retained more of our old cobbled streets in Nottingham.

They are a definitely touristy pull and seem to be fairly low maintenance.

Had a nice chat to David and learnt the news from Long Eaton. Poor Sky is still suffering with her flu-ey type cold and her ear is painful.

and Y sorted out some details for Xmas Eve and we are now looking forward to it very much. It is such a joy to have them all together.


David ........ Thanks for the low down on Popeye and the Spinach.

bungus ........ I guess you must be right about the symmetry of graveyards.

However, talking about Amstrad, I thought LocoScript was an excellent word-processing programme. There were features which I wish were available in Word.

Thanks for the title suggestions. Nothing has quite hit the spot yet. But the photo has done very well for me on Ephotozine (the online camera mag). I was going to say "Which I subscribe to" but am not sure if you can subscribe to something which is free ?
Re Absurd Person Singular. Y says that each act was in a different person's kitchen but thinks you may have the wrong play. By the way, I should have said '2 acts' not '2 scenes' when I was describing their exit.

Re your fridge/freezer purchase from Currys. I think the economic climate at the moment is certainly haggle-worthy. And I've never seen the point of these 'gaurantees' anyway. The sale-of-goods acts cover most eventualities if things don't work properly.

kevin ...... Lucky you - seeing a kingfisher. I certainly intend to hang about for a while where you describe, the little waterfall near the headstocks. I'd love to get a snap.

Jill ..... Thanks for 'fragile beauty'. That sounds nice. On my online freebie photo mag, desribed above, the picture has earned me 16 ticks ! I usually hover around the 7 mark.

I do agree about keeping one's artistic memories pristine. So many 'performing' people lack the knack of retiring before their work starts to tail off badly.

I think I had 'mizzled' in mind. Considering it a verb meaning to 'cheat out of'. In anycase it is a very nice word and we shall feel free to use it. Somewhere between misappropriated and embezzled.

Our votes for Austin did the trick and, as you will now know, Christine went out. Shame because she had a lovely smile but it was a fair result.

Nostalgia time. .......... Please click here to see Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in action.

Quotation time .......... This seems relevant somehow .....

" The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place; from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web "

Pablo Picasso


"Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow"

We have a National Trust Committee Meeting starting at 10am - so I may be fraught !



bungus said...

A few years ago I bought an imitation ‘anglepoise’ with a magnifying lamp from Netto for a tenner.
It illuminates my keyboard now, as I type.

Pleased your beefing about Shirebrook has taken a turn for the better.
On the subject, I failed to tell of the most shocking development there, namely that the legendary Market Place pub The Drum has closed down. First The Plough in Ollerton, now The Drum… We’re all doomed.

I would not have recognised the picture as German but agree more cobbles should have ben retained here. They look good but are unpopular with highway engineers. They draw complaints in Newark Market Place and they are uncomfortable to walk on as well as being dangerous when wet. Horses and iron wheels must have had a tottering time in Carlton.

I fail to understand your enthusiasm for Xmas. Did Scrooge die in vain?

I think LocoScript was terrific. I even tried to stay with it when I went PC (with the assistance of that splendid little 'one-man-and-his-gal firm that was always so helpful). But it was kicking against pricks, as someone said. The one I didn’t like was the Amstrad system which superseded it for their PCs.

I agree that the right web title has not yet emerged. But there is fun to be had.
'Spider, spider, glowing bright / On your fibres stretched so tight'.

I’ve done a dictionary check and can assure you that your usage of ‘subscribe’ is quite legitimate; it has several meanings.

I assumed you meant 2 Acts and I was mistaken (see response to Jill below).

My point about guarantees was that even ‘sale-of-goods acts’ are little use when the firm no longer exists!
Wasn't it Sam Goldwyn? 'A verbal agreement is not worth the paper it's written on.'
I shall get at least a fiver off anyway, with the reduction in VAT. Big deal!

You are right that ‘…people lack the knack of retiring before their work starts to tail off…’
I think Bruce has reached that stage and should kindly leave it.

’Missled’ or ‘mizzled’?
My mother used to tell of her Grandfather Strutt’s one tedious joke which consisted of a father asking his child to see what the weather was doing.
Child returned to say it was ‘drizzling’ and was sent out to look again.
Now it was ‘hizzling’. Next ‘dizzling’ and so one through all the consonants.
The only relief from the boredom for his very young captive audience was when it came to ‘bizzling’ and ‘pizzling’,
He was a Methodist lay preacher, obviously with sense of humour to match.
Thank God his son married a Baggaley or I wouldn't know how to laugh.

Talking of gloves…
I have no wish to try and prove you wrong, simply to show that I may also be right or, if I am not, that I am not altogether alone in my belief.
In ‘Wallender’ on BBC1 tonight (Sun), the detective’s daughter says 'I've got grandad some mittens’and she produces them what you would call ‘fingerless gloves’.
I have checked my dictionary, which describes ‘mittens’ as you do but describes ‘mitts’ as ‘fingerless gloves’.
Also, on Friday afternoon in The Royal Oak at Radcliffe, the subject was being discussed (at my instigation) and one member of the company, a man of the country who obviously knew a lot about shooting, said that he once had a pair of ‘gloves’ which were like what you regard as the only ‘mittens’, but with the section covering the fingers foldable back to expose the trigger finger. He did not know what they were properly called but he regarded them as mittens.

But no Gorillas in the Mist?

‘The Norman Conquests’, indeed, of which I have read recent favourable reviews; that is the Ayckbourne I was thinking of.

I always pronounced ‘maybe’ as a single syllable ‘mayb’ until I was laughed at in class at the age of about 14 (until then I think I only said it in my head, not out loud).

And you are absolutely right yet again, about CAMP GRANADA. It was Allan Sherman; who was from the same era.
Tom Lehrer was just as amusing but ‘nastier’ and more political. It may not be correct that he stopped writing when Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. But he did say that the awarding of the prize to Kissinger made political satire obsolete.

Your complaining about the cold makes you what would be described in this part of the world as ‘nesh’.
Jessica actually put a coat on the other day.

anonymousrob said...

Just a quick comment before the new blog appears - spider's web picture title "A String of Pearls". This comes from many years ago when I was Programme Secretary, or maybe Competition Secretary, at EPS and I set a monthly theme of "A String of Pearls". The judge was surprised to find there were no pictures of spider's webs with morning dew/mist on them. Barry Marlow won the slide section with an excellent picture of the shape of a butterfly set out with pearl barley.


Jill said...

Gosh, fancy me beng right twice! Chalk that up.

I wondered if you were watching 'Wallander' when the daughter produced the fingerless what-have-yous for grandfather to use while painting. Obviously the 'in' thing in Sweden! And in the fashion page of the D.Tel today they are treasures!

I have a pair of what look like ordinary mittens, but the top comes off and folds back on the back of the hand (there's a bit of Velcro to secure it)so that they are then fingerless. I bought those in Canada, haven't seen them to buy here.

What did you think of our Norse Morse? I thought scenery etc. was beautiful, and it was very well done, but not a laugh in it, some humour might have cheered them all up.....very Swedish.

That beef sounded good G, I also do the fruit jelly as you describe, plus one with pineapple pieces (when I can find them). I did lamb shanks for hours on Saturday, we have just finished them today.

G, if you read the Junior Dr. column in today's D.Tel - Max Pemberton? - my friend who broke her hip would absolutely agree with that experience.

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