Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday - Y's Birthday - Lovely Day - Sunny and dry

The picture is another from John's Derbyshire trek and is either Derwent Water, or Ladybower.

I also get confused as to which one the Dam-busters practised on. This link please click is to the Derwent Dams and it tells you all about it.

Good photo anyway - bungus will enjoy the subdued colours.

A quiet-ish day for Yvonne's birthday. We went to Mansfield to buy her present (a new MP3 player) and eventually we found just the thing. A Creative in Comet. David had spoken highly of their Creative and it seemed to answer Y's requirements. It is in fact an MP4 player so she can have lots of her favourite family snaps thereon, such is the advance of technology.

We also swapped my more-or-less moribund Logic DAB radio which had developed a loud and permanent hum, even when switched off.

So I now have a Pure Evoke which seems suitably straightforward. As we were in Mansfield we decided to nip into Derbshire and eat at The Hardwick Inn. A great meal it was too. We enjoyed the carvery (although more expensive, you could taste the difference between it and a £3.50p roadhouse). Lovely surroundings too. Please click here for details. As it turned out my legs would have been WoW-worthy but, having opted out I didn't feel like opting back in again. And anyway, it was more important to ensure that Y had a good birthday day. She had a super morning, grandchildren ringing and singing 'happy birthday', even Millicent managed the first two lines before shyness intervened. Handmade cards , the result of hours of attentive toil, and all the appropriate telephone calls.

p.s - an unforeseen problem with this 'save as draft' method of publication. Until I re-read this post following receipt of Jill's and Reg's comments I completely missed that I hadn't told you about Picture 2. It is another view of Jill's group's mystery blanket - seen this time as a 'throw'. Yesterday's version was to show you the woolly sheep in particular and today's is to give you a better overall idea of the blanket. better proof reading necessary - please - Editor

Everyone knows, I think, about Y's aversion to mice but one of her 'aged and forgetful' friends managed to send her a card with a portrait of a large vole on the front. The words inside were OK , so Y turned the card inside out before putting it up with the others.

Tracy came for tea and I made salmon and cucumber on crisp toast, followed by ice-cream wafers.


bungus ...... So pleased Sandra is OK.

Glad you enjoyed John's landscape - because you've got another today.

Pleased you approve of Penelope Wilton. She is a favourite with us to. Never seen her in anything that wasn't a success. We thought that, in The Calendar Girls, she almost stole the show.

The Common Blue thread is rather like the chip-shop proprietor in London who, upon being asked for mushy peas said "I keep telling folks - there's no demand for them".

Quotation time .........

"Be careful of reading health books. You may die of a misprint"

Mark Twain

The link (just click his name) takes you to a YouTube tribute page which I thought would be more interesting than his Wiki page which you can all access anyway.

Having used 'save to draft' earlier, this should be going out about 'normal' time.

Sleep tight - catch you tomorrow !



Reg said...

that is Howden Dam the top one. I've checked on the Dark peak O.S. map using my ex.RAF photo interpeter skills.

Jill said...

Sorry to hear your legs etc. were causing problems, but now you seem somewhat recovered....

Lovely photo of the Lake District, I love the colours.

Say Happy Birthday to Y for me, I'm so pleased it is a good one. A really good carvery is worth it - there are so many cheapie ones around where the meat is just a large cube, and the veg. are dire. Tell me, when you do your salmon & cucumber on crisp toast - what sort of salmon is that, smoked/tinned/fresh? As it is on toast I thought you might heat it through, but not if it's got cucumber..... We sometimes have tinned salmon on toast, and I just heat that through under the grill.

A quote for you - "intelligence and insight can occasionally be faked, provided you are willing to replace them with really hard work." - Yarn Harlot.

bungus said...

I think it’s the St Louis Blues which says “If ah’m feeling’ tomorrah / The way ah feels today…"
So, much as I hav ebeen looking forward to it, I shall not make the Sausage Feast on Saturday.
“But it started last night / That’s if it didn’t start befoah…”
Headache, neck ache, chest pains (at the back like wot I have always thought of as a symptom of pleurisy and at the front what I am sure was, at least primarily, indigestion but, whatever, it got me up at 3.30 this morning), dizziness, runny nose… I must be sickening for something. A disease of man, no doubt, and therefore nothing serious.
I cannot even rely upon Sandra to push me as, even though she too was anticipating with obvious unalloyed pleasure the prospect of meeting the like of fanatical bloggers, photographers, computer whizkids and aero modellers (my words, not hers! she enjoys the prospect of meeting strange new people) she does not feel able to attend, even were I in a fit state, what with her right hand permanently seeking permission to leave the room.
A sorry pair indeed.
But, in the event of miraculous recovery, I hope you will not object to the arrival on your doorstep, at 1.00, of one, or possibly even an odd pair, guessed or guests.

Omitted from Yesterday.
Tonight (Tue) I watched (on BBC2) yet another really lively and entertaining Jules Holland ‘Later Live’. I think that apart from the Welsh Group ‘Stereophonocs’ it was all American performers. Soul, RockaBilly and Gospel (I think) and more with Eli Paperboy Reed & The True Loves, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, Dengue Fever, Solange? Louise Marshall? Ruby Turner?. Good stuff. Well worth watching the full length recorded version on Friday.
That was followed (on 1) by an ‘Imagine’ programme about light installations, featuring, along with other items, the masterwork of James Turrell. Fascinating.

What a dam fine photo of John's. Having driven past every week or so for several months in the 1960s, I would have said the picture was Lady Bower. But perhaps all dams tend to look much the same. And I have always thought of it being Lady Bower where the Dambusters practised. And yes, the colours are lovely.
Having clicked on the link, I find that the practice runs took place over the pictured Derwent Dam in 1943 and the Ladybower reservoir was not built until 1945.
Oh how we deceive ourselves.

I was unaware of it being Yvonne's birthday (as I was of yours last week). Please pass on my belated best wishes.
Like phone and car numbers, I remember only a half dozen or so birthdays incuding my dad's (Armistice Day), Trev’s 13 April, Sandra’s and Simon’s 13 March, cousin Nigel's (Bastille Day) and my mother's (2 days after Xmas Day plus one). And, of course, my own which coincides with Count Basie’s, Princess Margaret Rose’s, Chag Shaw’s and Dorothy Parker’s (no, not that one).

I still have my quite early DAB radio but unfortunately have lost the instruction so can only get Radio 2. As I only play it once every two or three months it is no great problem.

The Hardwick Inn must be better than it was or you were lucky.
We vowed never to return after I wrote to complain about an appallingly bad meal served to Sandra (no complaint at the time because it would have spoiled a family party - and the carvery was OK) and received no acknowledgement.
I have heard several recommendations for the carvery at The Seven Mile House (we always called it the Halfway House) which stands 7 miles from both Mansfield and Nottingham on the A60, just across from Sherwood Lodge (one of the earliest surveys I went on when it was acquired by the newly formed NCB).

Jill’s blanket looks very appealing as a throw.

Salmon & cucumber on toast, hey?
You certainly know how to treat a girl!

Yes, Sandra is OK, apart from the essential Nazi salute and having to go back on antibiotics again today for another month or two of the pleurisy. Yesterday’s op was not too bad although she didn’t much enjoy the foot long needle used to pump anaesthetic into her forearm.

Very reliable and sometimes much better than that, is Penelope Wilton.

Our Tesco is like the chip shop owner. At one time they always ran out of wholemeal bread in the mid afternoon. When I queried this I got that same reply ‘… there's no demand. "

Well done, that airman.
I looked on the link.

Jill: Your quote reminds me of
“Sincerity is everything. If you can fake that, you've got it made.” (George Burns)

Reg said...

Jill- ALL Notts and Derbyshire readers are mortally offended Its not the Lake District, its THE PEAK DISTRICT.The first and I believe the biggest of our National Parks
Its definatly Howden, Bungas as Lady Bower is an earth dam and the face of it is grassed. Derwent does not have that mass of water at the bottom of it just a catchment area. I have been under Lady Bower Dam on a trip from the tech.(now Trent Uni.)in the late fifties If I remember correctly intrue form, more time was spent in the Robin Hood in Hathersage than under Lady Bower.
Got to go the voice from the kitchen says dinner is ready

Jill said...

Apologies to all readers, I've only ever been to the Lake District once and don't know the Peak District at all - I'm a city girl. I have been to Chatsworth and Matlock and Haddon Hall and the other NT one around there whose name I can't recall - does that count as the Peak District? I didn't know the Peak District had lakes in it - sorry!