Wednesday, November 05, 2008

WoW at Locko Park and Darley Abbey

We had a good WoW day, first at Locko Park and later at Dale Abbey and finishing with a fine chip-cob at The Carpenters Arms' My pictures though are still connected with The Rhine. I can't quite decide whether or not to resume using current photographs and nip back occasionally for a holiday snap, or show you those I want to share before venturing into new stuff.

Picture 1 was at the beginning of our voyage and shows us leaving Amsterdam to travel down the canal to join the Rhine. I don't understand Bungus's comment, that it doesn't look like a ship - because it certainly did to us. The QE 2 would look pretty daft on a river, especially in view of locks and things. I liked his witty observation that the boat's reflection in the water makes it look as if 2 storeys are beneath the water line !

Something he may be able to help us with is a roofing matter and a practice which seemed to entail tiling round corners and curves.

Picture 2 illustrates my query. Unless the roof timbers are 'rendered' in some way and the tiles are laid thereon, it is hard to understand how and why it was done.

n.b. for new blog readers - If you left-click in a picture a full screen enlargement will appear. You can get back to the text by clicking the page-back button. Also, the underlined orange words like Lorelei for instance, are live-links and if you left click on them you are taken to an appropriate web-page.

Picture 3, on the right, is the Lorelei but, try as I might, I couldn't see any blonde-haired Rhine Maidens sitting there seductively, nor even hear their alluring song. Perhaps the ships engines were too loud.

I think that in Europe in general, autumn colour has disappointed us. Mike explained to me while we were WoWing, that after the sort of wet weather we have had all the foliage goes soggy yellowy brown at different times. Glorious vivid displays only follow hot, dry summers.

Our yesterday evening National Trust lecture at Mansfield was excellent. Margaret Harrison in full flow, despite a bad cough and sore throat. Margaret is a Blue Badge Guide for Nottingham and, if you click here Margaret is the diminutive figure on the right. Her talk was about Guy Fawkes and The Gun Powder Plot. If you ever have chance to see here in action, please take it. Her last talk to us was Bess of Hardwick and she has a satchel full of excellent subjects.


bungus not bunus ....... Are you related to our Scottish reader 'angus not anus' any chance ?

bungus ..... I quite like the 'come the revolution' stuff and the streets running with the blood of financial experts. Anonymousrob and I could drive tumbrils and perhaps Jill could be persuaded to knit, while sitting on a specially provided chair at the base of Madame Guillotine.

You are quite right that yesterday's modern building in Cologne appeared as if it was slowly subsiding into the river. It was directly opposite our cabin window though, and it didn't ! At least, not before we left in the evening. Whilst accepting that the design would offend Prince Charles, we both thought it fairly impressive.

jill ...... Re River/Sea cruising. Some of our fellow passengers made the point that with a smaller number on a river boat, 111 in our case, you get to know people better and keep bumping into them socially.

You would be quite right to fear Y's 'persistence'. Grown men reduced to tears, house-bricks split in half, that sort of thing....

We were like you with 'gremlins' and high-spirits. Still don't get it, either. I understand Bungus's semi-explanation with the 'known to inhabit aircraft' bit but .......

Also with you about dolls, ventriloquists dummies, puppets etc., - why they are so unnerving is a mystery, but they are. Can't agree with your daughter about pansies though. Their little faces are invariably cheery and lovely bright colours mostly. This does not of course include Craig Revel Horwood.

mannanan ...... Thanks for dropping in Pete. I shall drop in on you, when I've sorted myself out.

anonymousJBW ..... Thanks for all the Titan info. They maybe seem a little expensive but you get value for money I think. Our neighbours recommended them and we were more than satisfied.

Shan't see you Thursday evening because I'm still a little tired and however good the lecturer is 'Black and White Derbyshire' doesn't really appeal. They used to be The Rams colours - are they still please 'Sports Desk' ?


Quotation time ..................

"I think age is a very high price to pay for maturity"

The link is to a live interview with him conducted by Clive James.

Catch you tomorrow - all being well



bungus said...

May I suggest a mixture of holiday snaps and current (although current seems to suggest the Rhine anyway).
Some of us may get confused but what’s new?

There you go again, changing my words!
I said the cruise hotel didn’t look like a BOAT (not a ship). By which I meant that, in the first published photo, it looked more as though it remained stuck in one place.

What an interesting roof! I have never seen this before.
At first I thought the tiles to be 3 dimensionally moulded but enlargement shows this is not so.
In fact, they are slates, cut to different shapes (eg, with rounded lower edge). The battens to which they are nailed must be fixed on a timber framework to create the required curves.
It seems a good, but labour-intensive, idea to me, as it avoids the need for lead gutters in the valleys and flashings at the dormers. Most ingenious (and 'Ferry in-ter-esting').

Lorelei and her sisters appear to be not blonde but ginger.

You may be thinking of the 18C Scottish cattle rustler, Angus Horribilis.

Before asking Jill to knit at the guillotine, I think you should make it clear to her that ‘sans-culottes’ is ‘de rigeur’.

You are obviously looking too deep.
Gremlins are ‘spirits’ and when flying in an aircraft they are 'high'.
Seems a perfectly good clue to me (not that I would necessarily have solved it!) .
The only alternative that I can see (with too few words) would be ‘Ariel’ (who occasionally, as in the RSC touring company’s production at the Dukeries theatre, may be played as a multiple character). But now I’m just showing off.

It is strange that not only vents’ dummies and marionettes, but even shop window models appear as if they may have a scary zombie-like life of their own – but statues don’t.

Ah yes, the black-and-white Rams!
Woodley, Nicholson, Howe, Bullions, Leuty, Musson, Harrison, Carter, Stamps, Doherty, Duncan.
The ball burst during the Final as it also did at the Baseball Ground league match between the same sides on the following Saturday (I was at that).

Stoppard is right. “If I’d only known then what I know now.”
I have never seen a performance of a play of his but I once tried to read ‘Rosenstern and Guildencrantz are Boring’ and found it impossible – tedious and meaningless.
But who am I?

Anonymous said...

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