Saturday, November 29, 2008

Quiet - Y at Theatre with Sylvia - Idea 6,330


Pictures 1 and 2 are Collages of Roy and AnonymousJBW' work. When we WoW-ed at Dale Abbey on a dismal lightless day some week's ago, all the gravestones had been regimented, much as shown in the bottom left corner of JBW's picture. Roy said he had some earlier versions when they were higgledy-piggledy as is proper. He promised to find a picture and e-mail it to me.

And for good measure, he found the inset 1953 picture of Cologne Cathedral. He did some RAF time in Germany the same years as me, and not too far apart geographically. Perhaps he was in the next billet and we could have discussed German bier ! Or even photography !

AnonymousJBW was kind enough to provide me with a whole CD of Dale Abbey images - the Hermit's Cave, views from the Church, and it's interior. There is some very interesting Art in there. A wall painting which has all the indicators of being medieval. It couldn't possibly be - could it ? I wonder. I must go and have a look for myself.

Picture 3 is another spider's web photo. This morning the moisture was hanging delicately from the strands.

The only title I could think is "Nature's Jewellry" which I admit errs on the side of 'sugary and too sentimental'. So, any improvements will be gratefully received.

Y and Sylvia went to the Theatre Royal to see Alan Ayckbourn's "Absurd Person Singular" (considered a major play by some). Click the title to read some reviews. But it didn't click with Y and S who considered it "appalling" and they left after the first two scenes. This wasn't a spur-of-the-moment thing because they seriously considered leaving after Scene 1 but thought it might improve. It didn't. And they were not alone ! There wasn't exactly a rush for the exits, but it came close to that.

My quiet but busy day has involved sorting pictures out, moving stuff around and deleting much. Got to be done ! I haven't yet had time to try out the Photology programme I mentioned.

I delivered Y to Phoenix Park this morning and then around 4.30pm collected her from Moor Bridge. No problems with traffic I'm pleased to report.

We watched Strictly come Dancing which, now it's down to 5, is getting very exciting. Click the title if you want to read all about it and watch a clip ! In my opinion Vincent let his and Rachel's dance be too much about him, and Tom and Camilla seemed rather stiff. As Austin and Erin were in the middle of the leader board (a dangerous position) we voted for him because his Latin dance was amazingly powerful. And we certainly don't want him going out. Probably should be Christine or Lisa for the chop.


bungus ..... I willingly and hastily accept the correction about the "fused glass pendants". Please apologise to Alan Taylor if there is any chance of anyone reading the blog who might have been mis-led. The spelling 'misled' is avoided because I always think it feels like 'cheated out of, in a miserly fashion'. I've probably made that up so don't worry about it.

The mistake occured because, when I dived back into my filing system, I discovered the original glass pendants were by Emma (I didn't blog them because I thought they were too blurry). When this tack-sharp version arrived I assumed the author was the same. Sorry !

The fresh pineapple chunks as on ongoing sorbet is, as far as I know, one of my 'original' ideas. If my filing system can be trusted it is Idea 6,330.

Re AOL and Google. I sincerely don't think there's much danger of a 'major malfunction' with Larry and Sergey's computers - if Google were to fail 'all hell would break loose' all over the known world. AOL will probably be OK too, it is just that it has been 'mentioned' in WebUser circles.

Jill ....... I agree with you about the pendants. Each one of course is an individually crafted and unique work of art. But people are simply buying a beautiful object.

The 'poster' or wall-mural was around 5' by 5'. It was too high off the ground for the customary 50p piece, but of course, the surrounding brickwork gives scale. Maybe I cropped in too close and the bricks vanished. It could have been tiles I suppose but I think not, just straightforward acryllic on board.

You are quite 'in order' to be justifiably proud of Carrie's achievements. To be sharing exhibition space with Damien Hirst and Banksie is really something to have a good old 'crow' about.

I'm pleased to be able to publish it.

Your 'not liking greens' is also perfectly acceptable. I remember you telling us you like your meal floating in a lake of gravy. And that's A1 OK too. The Xmas pudding was completely voluntary as was the slightly burnt custard !

Talking of all those veg, and food, makes me think I ought to have a soup making session tomorrow - if I can fit it in......

Try not to worry about AOL - prolly a 'storm in a tea-cup'.

Much of Tom Lehrer would fail the essential PC tests these days I think. What rot !

Clive James has been very good last week in the Point of View BBC radio series.

Quotation time .........

"Speak the truth, but leave immediately after"

This is a Slovenian proverb - with much to commend it.

Particularly at Committee Meetings.

"Sleep tight - hope to catch you tomorrow"



David said...

As we know, Popeye was built on the mistaken belief that Spinach had 10 times more iron than other similar vegetables. Apparently, the person responsible for the original research put the decimal point in the wrong place. Spinach actually has a very similar amount of iron to the others!!!!

bungus said...

Nice collages.
I don’t think anyone ever deliberately erected rakish headstones (another friend of mine worked with someone actually called Ed Stone) and it is more ‘Elf ‘n’ Safety that demands they be uprighted or, which is worse in my view, either laid flat or re-erected against the cemetery walls, as at Sneinton where I led a small team which logged all the inscriptions. These were recorded on a State-of-the-Art Amstrad which was a step up from the WP but used an inferior thingy to LocoScript called WordWise or something. It had a spellchecker that could not be turned off and which stopped at every surname as one scrolled through.

Nice web photo too but I agree about the title being too soft (and having either an ‘l’ too many or an ’e’ short).
‘Tangled weave’? ‘Captain’s delight’? ‘Web feat’? ‘Net profit’? ‘Lacy Tracery’? 'Tracey Lacery'?

Is "Absurd Person Singular" the one where there are three different points of view shown, a bit like ‘The 3 Faces of Eve’ or ‘Rashoman’? I think probably not.

I was going to enquire about Photology. I shall now curb my enthusiasm. I was tempted to say ‘kerb’ but a dictionary check indicates that although the spelling is optional for the noun, ‘curb’ is the only verb form.

As you do not mention it, I take it the fog presented no driving problems, We had a very thick mist here all day but it did not prevent me driving to the old pit tip to release a mouse from my humane trap.

I simply could not bear listening to (never mind looking at) Strictly come Dancing.
I went upstairs and watched the first episode of ‘Porridge’ instead - “I read a book once. Green it was.”
X-Factor is reaching the final stages and it now seems to be unfair at some level for anyone to be voted off.

I shall not worry about your spelling of misled which has a logic about it.
And I cannot think anyone would be upset at all by your understandable error. I am certinly not upset because I could have made it clearer in the first place – ‘not so much fused glass as con-fused glass?’

I think your ‘Good Ideas’ filing system is more trustworthy than your choice of sauce for Xmas pud.

I hope you are right that both AOL and Google are probably safe.
But I am considering buying a new fridge-freezer from Currys. Should I ask for a price reduction in place of a guarantee?

If the tautological ‘wall-mural’ IS acrylic on board, how about the 6” x 6” grid?
I do not think I have any right to expect you to know the answer; I am just curious (as a lot of people have noticed, not least in Shirebrook).

Jessica takes the opposite view of gravy to Jill, insisting upon helping herself to a tiny pool on the side of her plate, much like, say, apple sauce or mustard, into which she dips her Yorkshire pud, piece by piece. I think there are strong grounds for allowing diners to pour on their own gravy and custard/rum sauce/cream/milk (and to add their own milk to tea).

The quotation has something in common with Teddy Roosevelt’s (?) ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick’.

You and your daughter must both be delighted. Is this her breakthrough moment? I would love to see photos of some of her work.

Until I saw G’s blog today I though you must be almost certainly correct. I had not thought of the Bakewell pub picture being tiled. What a pudding.

Kale and chard are my least favourite greens, followed quite closely by most forms of cabbage.
Most of all veg I like roast parsnips. I could eat a bagful. A roast parsnip cob sounds better than good.

I’m with you on G's menu. It was the Xmas pud that seemed incongruous - and with CUSTARD! I don’t wish to go on about it but that is one of the unforgiveable gastronomic sins in my book.

The Tom Lehrer song that I remember best starts:
‘Dear mudda, dear fada /
Here I am, at Camp Granada /
It is very, entertaining /
Or it would be if it ever did stop raining…’.
But the overall standard of his lyice (and delivery) was exceptionally high in my view.

In case anyone is interested:
A Beer Festival is to be held at Newark Town Hall on Jan 30 / 31.
The floor will be covered with straw.
11.00 to 4.30 / 5.30 to 11.00 ech day.
Just 240 tickets per session, £4.50 in advance, £5 on the door.

Watching a TV advert this evening, both Sandra and I were reminded of a brief episode in a Mansfield supermarket, lateish one afternoon.
Two women were looking in the frozen food chests and one said,
“Now I KNOW why mum went to Iceland. It’s ‘cos there was bugger all left in Tesco’s.”

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I should be surprised But spotted a kingfisher saturday close to the small waterfall by Brinsley Headstocks.
I find it hard to believe there are fish in the stream as its very small as a rule althrough levels are high atm.I think the mist seems to bring the wildlife out, the fields above greasley church was full of rabbits and phesents in the mist.


Jill said...

I've always wanted to see a real live kingfisher in the wild....lucky Kevin.

Pleased to know I am not missing much nutrients never eating spinach....

The spider's web - 'fragile beauty' is all I can come up with.

Alan Ayckbourn - I think nowadays he seems incredibly dated - I went to see a play - can't remember which one - I thought was brilliant 20 years ago, useless nowadays. 'The Norman Conquests' which is in West End, I went to no end of trouble to get to see it originally, and loved it (it was Felicty Kendal, Tom Conti, Richard Briars and ?Margo from The Good Life)am deliberately not seeing that again, want to keep my memories and enjoyment intact.

For years I pronounced 'mis-led' as 'mizzled'.....

I'm not voting in Strictly, but if I had been it would be the same as you. I think Christine is for the chop!

Bungus, are you sure that song you quote is Tom Lehrer? I thought that one was somebody else.....

Very cold here I am wrapped in shawls and mitts around the house with the c.heating on....damp outside, so not freezing. Am contemplating putting my woolly hat on.....