Monday, November 17, 2008

Short Blog only - MP4 Player excuse !

Only a short blog this evening because apart from a lengthy nap, I have been preoccupied with Y's birthday present, a Creative Zen MP4 player. (see left - described as credit-card sized in the absence of 50p piece).

It needed to be charged, during which time we transferred selected tracks from Y's CD music collection onto her laptop, for onward transmission to the device.

Windows Vista dealt with the task quite well but, having done it, I read a disturbing sentence that Windows Media Player produces 'wma' tracks which aren't compatible with most MP3/MP4 players.

Oh dear ! I'm sure there's a way of converting them but it will have to wait till tomorrow because my eyes have glazed over.


4 ticks ........ Thanks for your thanks !

I hope your doctor's appointment at Mansfield was successful. Perhaps let us know in due course.

jill ...... Obviously our votes swung it for John and Kristina. He was on the Claudia show about half an hour ago and was very gracious and intelligent. Perhaps now we have made the point, I might let things take their course - and return to my usual practice of voting for the best dancers on the night.

Likewise with HRH. I do support the idea of the Princes Trust and am pleased to hear that your silk/cashmere dying acquaintance obtained a grant. And a very reasonable proviso that she passed on her skills to someone else.

I can't go along with you and Bungus saying what a good sport etc., he is. I'm afraid that to me he remains a chump, albeit a gold-plated chump. As a future head of state he should never have become embroiled in public controversies, and should have kept his personal views strictly to himself. Much the same as his mother always has.

Bungus is right about the computer bit that the keyboard plugs into. It is called the tower. But now you have decided to keep the one you've got, the 'naming of parts' is irrelevant.

bungus ......... I do get out and I see lots of trees. But this brings me no closer to understanding the phenomena I described. These branches are not 'persuaded' as in a cordon, they are doing it of their own volition. Why ???

Re shirts inside/outside the trousers. Y always tries to persuade me to wear them outside, while I prefer them inside.

"Quotation tomorrow - kip calls"



bungus said...

this morning (Mon)I made a phone call to my internet provider (Supanet) which was incredibly stress free. I spoke to a delightful young lady with a traditional English accent (not too far from here). I find the Scots and Indians I usually talk to are invariably charming and helpful but impossible to comprehend (I accept that my hearing ain’t that good).
Having recently switched to a cheaper and more comprehensive package (all UK phone calls free except special numbers) I had been surprised to find my bills more expensive. This was because of a £3.39 + VAT charge for anti-virus which I had specifically said that I did not want but which, following this morning’s call, is gladly being refunded.
What a refreshing change!

Hey-ho for technology!

I know you never did like him, whereas |I think, on balance, that HRH is on the side of the angels if occasionally away with the fairies.
I’d say he has inherited some of the virtues and apparently not all the vices of his great-uncle.

When did Jill decide to keep her old keyboard? I missed that bit!

I think it is because that is what most trees do in the same way that most dogs lick parts that some other mammals cannot reach. But there is a possibility that some trees behave slightly differently as I intend to demonstrate, if it is so.
I have heard a member of the medical profession opine that people only get bad backs because one of them decided to walk on two legs rather than four and all the others (except, I believe, one family in Spain, none of whom do suffer from back problems) foolishly copied him or her.

There you go then.
Sandra says she only felt my shirt should have been tucked in because it is too long.
I say she knows nothing about fashion and obviously doesn’t watch style guru Wan Kok who wants everybody to wear their shirts outside except when they can be persuaded to go naked.

Jill said...

R also also wants to tuck shirts in - only time he doesn't is when he wears shorts, abroad, or on the odd warm/hot day we get here. I don't get the reasons....

And talking of reasons, yesterday's crossword (which I finished) one clue whch I did but do not understand was 'Neat present for daughter' - answer is 'Hereford' - I can see that says Here-for-d - but why neat?

Did you see that Peter Mandelson was almost offering himself up for next year's 'Strictly'? - but he is not nearly so lovable as John S.!

Bungus, when I talk about 'computer' I mean the whole shebang, monitor, keyboard, the lot. If the tower bit is called a computer, what is a modem?

We watch X Factor on Sunday afternoons - originally R watched it on Saturdays, but then he got drawn into Strictly, it's quite interesting seeing the difference. I wonder if the BBC will change the voting rulles next year? Or change the judges?

I've never wanted to carry music around with me, I don't like background music of any sort, even my choosing. Radio is always on 'talk' progs, not music. I think you cou;d say I am not a music lover.......

Jill said...

I like that, Bungus, you have a very good was of expressing yourself, about HRH being 'on the side of the angels, but occasionally away with the fairies...'

I'm with you, I didn't know I had decided not to change my keyboard either! But now I have G's splendid illustrated instructions I do know what to do, and I shall keep my eyes open for one I like the look of.

anonymousrob said...

Wear your shirt outside
Why bother tucking it in?
It's cool and trendy

I only 'tuck in' when I'm wearing a suit, ie at work, or if the shirt is on the large side. I've seen some people not tucking in when wearing a suit and I think it looks silly, but:
In olden days a glimpse of stocking
Was looked on as something shocking
Now, heaven knows, Anything goes

Life's too short, and too interesting, to worry about how shirts are worn.