Monday, February 04, 2008

Zoom to Carlton - Nice lunch at Mapperley

Although mechanical devices on The Air Ministry roof show the temperature at 45F , it feels much colder, at least to old bones. There is a 15mph S.Wind which doubtless is a contributory factor. It could also be due to my double morphine patches but I would have expected to feel less sensation rather than more. Dr Latimer decided I should wear two, i.e. one on each arm ! So I now have my (CD) in stereo ! I think I explained my mystification about the logo on the packet - it stands for 'controlled drug' and I was hoping for music, or better still some poetry readings. Whatever, I shouldn't knock them. This is my second full day and they seem to work. Good nighty's sleep last night for a start.

Off to Carlton for Y's 'nails service' and Picture 1 is a further experiment with AnonymousRob's Sigma 12-24mm. Due to messing-about with my camera I only managed two charity shops but came away with a 100piece jigsaw and 3 grandchildren type books. Total price £1.50. I had only selected 2 books and the lady kindly pointed out that they were 3
for a £1, so I went and picked another. Authors for toddlers reach some strange decisions. I bought a book about shapes and it covered an OVAL, a SQUARE, a TRIANGLE, and a RECTANGLE. No CIRCLE, and I think that, for a 3yr old, 'rectangle' is a difficult concept. We shall see.

Picture 2 is not on the wide-angle but the 50mm prime, wide open, hence the restricted depth of field. Joan brought these tulips on Saturday and, if you look at them upside down they look like frilly knickers. Lovely colour clash though, the deep maroon against the green and white. I used to know what were 'complementary colours' in the technical sense, but I have forgotten. It all depends on different modes' I think.

The stamens look like some other-worldy growth at the bottom of a well don't they?

Apologies if the RG imagination seems to have lurched into overdrive this evening !

With so many pubs closing it is strange to find one which has recently opened but The Bread and Beer opposite the war-memorial at the top of Woodthorpe Drive is just such a one. A roomy and unexpectedly comfy place and the food was fine. They serve a zero-alcohol beer 'Bitburger' which is first rate. If the non, non-alcohol version is as good it should be worthwhile. One big big problem - there isn't any parking. It looks as if there is, but it is all reserved for the neighbouring Abbey Offices.

Comments....I promise not to say 'rugger' ever again; or 'footie'. I had no idea that my views over the 'footie' field were so offensive. The 'builders tea' Bungus will have to be rated against the Tesco 'Captain Scott's Strong Blend' which also looks good. I feel the urge to put the kettle on right now. I misled you about the baguette. It is actually a 'french stick' I need for my tableaux.

Jill.... Your 'potage garbure' is a real life Basque dish. But, if you open the link, it doesn't arf look complicated, and 'posh' as well.. Did you used to do all that ? Or did you simplify? Like you all, I shudder about what they add to bread to cause the 'mouldy' before 'stale' syndrome. It's a nuisance if you need bread crumbs. It just goes nto a claggy ball. The speciality breads are better.

Rob..... As you can see I'm still experimenting. But I promise I won't lose sight of who owns it. The two websites you gave me I have filed in my Google Notebooks for a more leisurely brows in the future. And if there isn't a proper name for the 'snatching defeat..... etc...' type of phrase, there ought to be. I can sense Bungus or Jill flying to the rescue.

Reg..... Thank you for the brilliant exposition on 'lenses' That too has been filed in my Google Notebooks system for future reference. I have never understood any of that. I knew that, in digital photography, a 50mm lens effectively becomes a 75mm but I knew nothing of the background. Ta ! I have reproduced your Tony Worobiec flier on my retired-coppers forum because there are several keen snappers amngst their number. I have told Roy, so if he receives any worrying calls from 'the police' he won't be unnecessarily worried. They will just be after tickets.

...... Coffee, read, radio and kip - in that order. Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow. National Trust, first Tuesday in the month evening lecture at Mansfield tomorrow. But the programme is in my wallet and I don't want to fetch it. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.....



bungus said...

It certainly feels cold to my old bones too – but I have never been a Geordie.
The wind completely changed direction a couple of days ago. Whem I went down to the newsagent on one day I had to fight my way back home against a wind from the West. The next day a wind from the East blew me home! Now you tell me it is from the South!

We used to call 'rectangles' 'oblongs', didn't we? Is that an easier concept?

You are right about pubs closing at a rate of knots. But they have also built a new one at Mansfield Woodhouse, opposite Asda, big and obviously gastro.
The concept of non, non-alcohol beer is a convoluted one. What next? Non, non-fattening cake perhaps?

Surely a baguette IS a 'french stick'? or have I got it wrong? That said, what are now sold here as baguettes or French sticks are nothing like the French sticks or baguettes I remember buying on a school trip to Paris in 1946. That went stale within hours (but not mouldy). I brought one home with me and by the time it reached Mansfield it could have stood in for a truncheon!

I suppose that 'snatching defeat..... etc...' is a sort of oxymoronic phrase.

Jill said...

The real Potage Garbure sounds rather good - mine was much more like the recipe for Bungus all-purpose veg. soup. I think it might have had a bit of ham or chopped streaky bacon in it? But forget the duck wings etc.

I have given up trying to make bread-crumbs, I now buy them in a packet from Waitrose.

'Snatching defeat - from the jaws of victory'? Like Tim Henman used to do.

I think those morphone patches are having a bit of a funny effect on you - frilly knickers indeed.....

bungus said...

I have to say that I have never had trouble making breadcrumbs in the food processor. Certainly Tesco's organic stone baked white bread is good and I suspect Waitrose top-of-the-range bread, and others, are too.

RadioG no doubt remembers, Jill, as I do, Gorgeous Gussie Moran.
I have never found another good reason for watching women's tennis (which is otherwise inferior to the men's game). Does anyone disagree? I'll bet they do!

Anonymous said...

In the interests of gastronomic authenticity, I would like to offer the following, from
"French bread is a lean bread as it contains no fat, lasting about a day at most. This is why people visit the local "Boulangerie" (bakery) and buy it daily in France. French bread is eaten at all meals, and forms the most important part of breakfast.

There are many different types of French bread called Pain [PAN] is the French word for "bread" or "loaf of bread." Various types include:

Boule: A round loaf sold in various sizes.
Ficelle: A very thin version of the baguette. Ficelle means string in French.
Fougasse: A flat rectangular bread often filled with bacon, onion or herbs.
Gros pain A large family size version of a baguette.
Pain de campagne: This is usually a big rustic loaf (campagne means country) with a thick crust.
Pain complet: Loaf made from whole wheat flour.
Pain de mie: Mie means the interior. Sliced, packaged white bread; this is a soft sweet loaf mainly used for sandwiches.
Pain aux noix: Bread filled with nuts.
Pain aux raisins: A light bread filled with raisins. A breakfast treat.
Pain de siegle: Loaf with two thirds rye flour, one third wheat flour.
Pain viennois: A baguette shape but softer and sweeter.
Pain d'épices Spiced or gingerbread
Pain grillé Toasted bread
Pain ordinaire Peasant bread
Pain perdu French toast
Pain petit Roll"

Napolean passed a law decreeing that all French towns and villages must have a supply of fresh bread every day. Hence they all have bakeries or a daily visit from a 'bread van'.

Thanks, Reg, for the explanation about digital/film camera lenses. It makes sense to me so you have done an excellent job. But am I right in thinking that a digital 10-20mm will give the equivalent angle of view, on a DSLR, as a film 10-20mm would on a film SLR? Surely it must otherwise what would be the point of having digital only lenses?

I take your point about all Nikon lenses fitting all Nikon cameras. There is obviously a difference between fitting the lens on the camera and being able to use it effectively - as any judge will tell you, ha ha!!

Two or three months I ago I used ciabatta breadcrumbs as a coating for fish. They were the only breadcrumbs I could find in Tesco and they were wonderful. I recommend them highly.

Did anyone hear the Today programme this morning? They are challenging listeners to write their life story in six words. This follows a similar 'contest' in the USA and is based on a story by Ernest Hemingway. Apparently, Hemingway bet someone 10 dollars he could write a complete story in six words. The bet having been accepted, Hemingway wrote "For sale, baby shoes, never worn."

I thought that was brilliant but apologies to those of you with more knowledge about literature than me as I expect you know about it.

Brian Ashton (England's rugger coach) e-mailed the programme with "Realised rugby's an eighty minute game."


Anonymous said...

Rob Believe you are correct about the angle of view Reg

Anonymous said...

Rob Believe you are correct about the angle of view Reg

Anonymous said...

Rob Believe you are correct about the angle of view Reg

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