Saturday, February 16, 2008

Up for a bit - Shopping Chauffeur

Picture 1 is 'Rufus'. Actually Helen's 'Red Lion' entry in EPS's 'illustrate a Pub name' competition.

She won third place in the 'projected images' category with him. He certainly does the job and the technique she used to isolate him is first rate, but still suggesting the environment. Unless I'm way off, he is the left lion outside the Council House in the Square. A popular meeting place for we Nottingham folk for generations.

Congratulations Helen !

Re Jill's query about yesterday's Picture 1. I think we may have misled you by saying St. John's Chambers when it should be King John's Chambers. If I'm right it joins Bridlesmith Gate and Fletcher Gate and has Solicitors Offices, and Restaurants etc., - please come in AnonymousReg if I'm wrong..

I think the enlargement problem must be at your end Bungus, because it opens fine on the master copy and it sounds as if Jill could open it OK. Sorry about your computer problems Jill, if it persists I'll send the lads and they'll get it fixed for you. Ha Ha!

Picture 2 is our Orchid. Lidl still have them and also some attractive white ones with a slightly larger flower. We are tempted. I took Y shopping this morning although I stayed in the car and istened to the radio. No point in taking the Xword because we had finished it except for 1 clue in the bottom right corner, about a king or something.

Comments..... Jill... Your drive-man does sound abit dodgy. But from what Y says, R is fairly shrewd. If you disappear we will come and search for you.

Bungus.... I have never understood your working methods with My Pictures, so I can't comment. Perhaps when we meet sometime I'll show you my system, on mine. It might help. You shouldn't lose pictures when you do a 'system restore' as you say, they will be there somewhere.

I didn't mean to imply that there was a Hospital on Chesterfield Road, I just seeem to remember a road off, which went up a fairly steep hill to the Hospital, and if you carried on down the other side you eventually came out on Woodhouse Road. I reckon it must have been Mansfield General.

Sorry, it wasn't the Staff of Life that came second - I've no idea what happened to that one. But still, thanks to the model. And I wouldn't go for the 'excision of my fungiform papillae' sounds far too painful - you'll just have to truck on as a supertaster. The Lidl chocolate is well know to us. I find the 82% just a little over the top, and favour one called Ecuador which at around 72% suits me fine.

Thanks Bungus for Emma's fwd of Old Scrote's Cookbook - it is a delight. Witty, nice website, and the recipes look good too.

AnonymousRob.... I'm really glad that you share my opinion of Reg's picture. It is indeed an outstanding piece of work, and, before the weekend is out I feel he should bang a © Reg Lowe 2008 watermark across it. In pursuance of this Reg I have temporarily deleted the picture from the blog but will put it back in, as soon as you have thought about it.

Strange bit of synchronicity about the China - Queen/Fentanyl Patches. In spite of Bungus's sneaking regard for the Fat Albert street-name, there are others - King Ivory for instance which is much more acceptable, to the wearer at least.

There must be a joke which starts "A Plasterer, a Damp Proofer, and a Plumber all went to Annesley and..............." And don't worry about having "
no idea what Bungus is on about half the time....." You've just joined the end of a long queue !! I'm not serious Bungus you are the soul of clarity. BTW - what on earth was Archbishop Rowan Atkinson going on about yesterday when he apologised for his 'unclarity'..... Is there such a word?

No room for a quotation tonight. Sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow. I just know I've forgot summat



Reg said...

Mansfield Sec. Tech was on the site of the American hospital, King's Mill hospital was built on the west side of the driveway where there had been, during the war a POW camp,Italians I belive. Morrisons is on ths old school site. I understand that there are some pictures in Mansfield libaray archieves.Must go and ask some day.
I think it was the very late '50's or even early 60's when the school closed and moved becoming Sherwood Hall Comprehensive. They never suceeded in teaching me English or spelling but I left school able to use metal and wood working machines and do engineering drawings.Now adays Health and Safety would have a fit at 11/15 year olds using the equipment we that did. I still have a fretsaw that I made in metalwork and I still use it.

bungus said...

This is a repeat (I accidentally put it in yesterday's comments).

The photo enlarging has cured itself as these things so often seem to do.

I think the reason you never understood my working methods with My Pictures is that I don’t have one. I do not use My Pictures. Your offer is kind but I do not expect to understand it. It will undoubtedly lead to panic.

Yes, Mansfield General is on West Hill Drive off ClumberStreet (now part of the ring road).

Lidl’s 81% (I exaggerated) Ecudorian Arriba Superieur is very intense, esp with chilli! I also bought some 77% Peruvian San Martin with cocoa nibs which I have not tried yet and a much cheaper 74% Fin Carre Edel Bitter Schokolade.

I’ll settle fo King Ivory. It conveys some of your majesty and stature.

I am reminded (by AnonRob’s situation) of the Flanders and Swan song “T’was on a Monday morning the gasman came to call…” and I enjoy being a bit obtuse at times. Keeps ‘em on their toes.
Is there such a word as 'unclarity'? There is now!

I bow to your greater knowledge, Reg. I still have this (possibly false) recollection of the original King’s Mill Hospital using brick buildings which were already in situ. Presumably part of the POW camp, which I too think was Italian and therefore not regarded as threatening.
You obviously gained skills and and the ability to make things. My Grammar School education taught me nothing practical (other than how to make half a wooden box in one term of Woodwork)and I have learnt nothing since, apart from how to tap a barrel.

Personally I would rather do without holidays than have to work, Rob. I was made redundant at 58 and decided to regard it as retirement (without holidays, apart from occasional weekends which I think are as good as a fortnight).
I have mostly thoroughly enjoyed it (certainly more than work) firstly by joining the Sixth Form of the Local Comp for A Level English (Aa) (I had left school after School Cert to become an architect) and then by editing and producing (on Amstrad) a newsletter for U3A.
Plenty of time for watching telly and doing a bit of Indian cooking (from basic spices).
If I regret anything it is not doing a degree in English.

I hope the supertasters link will clarify the reference. I believe it must be the chemicals in my body that have rendered my taste so much more acute.
I am seldom deliberately obscure and when I am I try to leave clues.

I enjoyed the humiliation of Arsenal but would rather it had been at the hands of City.
Looks like a Chelsea/ManU final unless they are drawn together before that.

anonymousrob said...

I'm glad to see Sheff U are still in the Cup, as are Lincoln City Ladies. I feel Portsmouth have a chance of sneaking through to the final - the FA Cup Gods seem determined to decimate the Premier League this year. Probably because of that stupid plan for a 39th round of games.

It was a good win for the Mighty Stags yesterday -thought it might have got a mention, but other results didn't go their way. Let's hope Leyton Orient's win gets them going again.

I'm pleased to see Reg's picture back on the blog - it deserves a wider audience. Not that I'm trying to suggest this blog hasn't got a wide audience, of course.

Paul the Plasterer came today the collect the plaster rubble. He returns at 8am tomorrow (Monday) with Neil the damp-proofer. What a day it's going to be; those two and DFS arriving at some point in time. Poor Elaine. I'm going to be inside Nottingham nick tomorrow morning.

Bungus, I think I would rather be retired than working and taking holidays. I feel I would regard retirement as one long holiday, but part of the trick is to have good health to be able to do what you want. At the moment I am of the age where I want to retire but have to get my employer's agreement to do so. However, the letter is going off next week (yes, seriously) so fingers crossed. We go to Italy soon to decide if we want to spend Elaine's divorce settlement there. When we get back we will have a wedding to plan. We are thinking of September, will you be able to enjoy mixed company then Bungus?

I think Helen's picture is an excellent piece of photoshoppery - well done indeed.

I went to Slab Square today to get some pictures for the exhibition in Angel Row. Sadly, it's not in the prestigious gallery but a smaller one to the side that is kept for local community groups/people. The light was amazing and I feel I've got a couple of good ones. The Eye looks better at night imho, but was very busy today.

Which bit of unclarity is the Archbishop apologising for? Hasn't he always been at least just a little obscure?

As with Bungus, my grammar school education taught me little or nothing practical - what's a fretsaw?


Reg said...

Consise Oxford Dictionary --Fretsaw -,very narrow saw streched on frame for cutting thin wood in ornamental patterns.
Its a bit like discribing a sprial staircase without moving your hands
The saw frame is rectangular,say about 6 inches by 12 inches one narrow end is open and the saw blade fits across this end. the blade is approx. 6 inches long very thin and les than 1/8 inch wide It will cut intricate shapes in thin material.
Thanks for liking the picture I am doing well in twenty plus years thats two of mine I know that Rob has liked!!!!!Rob, The other was the woodland panorama. (Its a good job we know one another quite well).