Thursday, February 28, 2008

Camera Club - WoW went very well

The purpose of this 'post' is mainly to catch todays date, but I wanted to say what a success our WoW (Walking on Wednesday) evening was. Lots and lots of laughs and a few good pictures were smuggled in.

Your comments, as welcome and enlightening as usual, will be answered tomorrow. We are planning a 'quiet' day so I shall have plenty of time.

On Sunday 10th Feb I quoted Stevie Smith (out of the quotation dictionary in my head) on the subject of C.of.E bishops but didn't recall the exact wording. I couldn't find the book before but I now have it to hand - hence the picture. It wasn't a bad stab at the quote but my version lacked Stevie's finesse.

n.b. she doesn't mention Archbishops.

Of now, sleep tight and I'll catch you tomorrow.


bungus said...

Surely Archbishops are even better than Bishops?

Very impressive building, St Pancras (and BM). I particularly like the roof which is perhaps second only to Newcastle Central (which is curved). I like the statues too. I assume one is Betjeman? And the other is very ‘Brief Encounter’.

I don’t think I am generally one to bemoan my fate but I do feel that we have had a less than good six months.
Since September 07:
Cancer diagnosed, 3 weeks in hospital.
Next door dogs excreting on lawn (since owner demolished fence I had mackled up on his boundary).
Stepson Simon, cycling home from work, hit by scar, hospitalised.
Ralph the dog dies (aged nearly 15).
Stepdaughter Stephanie’s marriage collapses.
Washing machine dies (same age as Ralph).
Stepson Simon’s stepson Daniel (age 18) is hospitalised with glandular fever (having been accepted at prestigious London music school - as the only bassoon player in Notts?). He will now miss his A level exams.
What will happen today, I wonder?

Has everyone lost interest in Monday’s Mystery Woman?
Today’s clue:
“The chef was so pleased with her that he gave her three (cookery) books which she found very good on basics. ...a customer told her that English cooking used to be the best in the world so she took herself to ... the British Museum ... and read her way through old English cookbooks till she discovered her heroine, Eliza Acton.
She is a perfectionist who goes berserk when anything is wrong.
If any other cookery writer did this, one might wonder if they had some tie-up with Aunt Bessie.”

bungus said...

the scar which hit Simon was a car.

Reg said...

I put this commemt on yesterday but it has disappeared into the\ ether. Its not Anne Ribinson as she was born in 1944 and was therefore only 14 in 1960 (Isn't Google wnderfull)

bungus said...

Not much food talk recently.
I failed to mention the excellent game casserole Sandra mnade for me yeaterday. Carrot, onion and celery, a bay leaf, a partridge, half a pheasant, a foreleg of hare, 4 oz blue stalks, quarter bottle red wine, dessert spoon of hedgerow jelly, seasoning. Lovely with roast veg (potato, butternut squash, parsnip, carrot, onion, celery, olive oil, provencale herbs, balsamic vinegar and sesame oil) and potato/swede mash.

Mannanan said...

Could the mystery woman be Delia Smith.......Bungus ,you certainly seem to have been going through the mill so to speak these last six months or so. I hope now that things will start to change and better events and happenings will prevail......

Reg said...

Clang 1960-1944 =16 not 14 Typing error