Thursday, February 07, 2008

EPS - brief blog - Rest Day tomorrow

Picture 1 is courtesy of Paul Alexander, taken with his Fuji compact.

All I can say is WoW!! ......It looks to be crawling out of a disused Yorkshire Pudding, but the detail is amazing.

A real busy day today. We have finally decided to end the ''delays without end" saga of our house sale. I won't bore you with the details but basically our purchaser has been looking at lots of alternative properties, as a cash-buyer ! but can't actually raise a mortgage. According to our Agent she is now going on holiday to New Zealand and won't be able to proceed until May. Y has taken it rather well and although we shall keep the house officially on the market, we don't intend to rush into selling. Treats are in order - holidays, new dining table and chairs, a cruise ?

The Camera Club 'skills' evening seemed a great success. I say 'seemed' because I haven't yet discussed it with Reg and Roy, but from the hubbub of conversation all went well. Jim said it sounded like a 'tap-room' which must be good.

Comments..... AnonymousRob is probably right to suggest closing the workhouse 'thread'. However I was a little worried that running them in the wishywashy left-wing manner depicted in 'Oliver Twist' and 'Great Expectations was mentioned.

Bungus.....Your new car sounds complicated and I hope you soon find the missing bit. But, if it is working well enough without it why .......................etc. Relieved to hear that you still have your army-issue frilly knickers ! Mine went to a charity shop long ago (p.s. for new readers, this interchange is strictly tongue-in-cheek).

AnonymousRob........ Don't apologise for becoming 'less tolerant'. Welcome to the Miserable Old Git Society. Thanks for the offer of a loan of your micro lens but I must decline and improve with 'mi tubes. I am sure it is an expertise issue rather than equipment failure. And I don't think we are alone in our opinions of certain cabinet ministers. With due deference to Spooner, Alan Johnson seems to be the exemplar of a 'shining wit'.

Messages of sympathy for Y (re the house move) keep arriving and it is comforting to know that so many of our friends realise what a trauma it has been.

Catch you tomorrow...........................................


bungus said...

I certainly think you are becoming less tolerant of my tolerant attitude. I don't want people totally segregated, just kept in reasonable comfort as so many are not presently. After a sentence like that (the one I have just composed, not the one which you erroneously believe I would have society's unfortunates committed to), you have to be right. We'll drop the subject (for now!).

There are no 'missing bits' to the car. The spring is in the little tray right behind the gear lever, waiting for a mechenic to fit it next time we visit the garage.

My interest in politics is so intense that I am not sure I can even picture this Alan Johnson you talk about. But I like the Spoonerism and will not publicly try to invent any even more derogatory.

bungus said...

I am very sorry to hear about the sudden changes re your house move.
It is not an easy procedure even when things go smoothly. On Wed you were talking about the wait continuing but I can well understand your change of heart in light of new information.
I suggest that you enjoy a break from it and come back renewed or resigned.

Anonymous said...

Bungus - I think we probably agree that the disdavantaged and dispossessed in our society should be kept in reasonable comfort and certainly treated better than they are. And I don't have a problem in saying that those who are in a position to make a contribution to society in return for welfare support should do so. The trick is, of course, to find a way to do it that works.

I think I've just failed to draw the line under the debate after having proposed we do that. Sorry RG.

RG - I'm struggling to understand why your problems (if that's what they are) with the extension tubes are a question of expertise. Do the tubes link to the automatic metering of the camera? If so, the camera itself should be able to sort out the technical issues leaving you free to concentrate on the art.

Thank you for my welcome into the Miserable Old Git Society. I feel I have been there a while but maybe you haven't noticed my presence - I must try harder!! Perhaps we should have part of the blog dedicated to MOGS.

I'm really sorry to learn about the house move, or lack of. It must have been a very frustrating time for you both but, when I saw her recently, Y seemed to be expecting this to happen. I hope you have both indulged yourselves in several Gordon Ramsay moments. As a member of MOGS I have to say that the house sale system in England is ridiculous. When someone says they will buy they should, legally, be committed to it. I think that's the system that operates in Scotland and other countries.

Too many people are giving too much free rein to mess about and upset others' lives. Lock 'em up and throw away the key.


Jill said...

I am bewildered by the Blue Guitar poem (mind you, I bewilder quite easily nowadays) but I would recognise Alan Johnson if I saw him.

Such detail in the wasp on the Yorkshire pudding - David Attenborough standards. Did anyone else watch, that snake swallowing a very large deer, and then apparently doesn't need any food for a year. Think of all the Tesco trips that would save.....

Am I allowed to say that the proposal that we recognise Sharia law in this country is nuts....Public Stoning anybody?

We are still refusing to sign the form with the shipping co 'in full and final settlement' - they sent us a £50 voucher yesterday, on-board ship's credit note.

Am so sorry about the non-move - do something else exotic instead. Aren't people a pain in the butt sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Jill - it's not just the proposal that we recognise sharia law that's nuts. I rather like this from -
United are to play on the moon under Sharia law

A pair of important middle-aged men go mad one cold day in February

Yesterday was ‘mad Thursday’.

Richard Scudamore suggested that Premier League clubs should play regular fixtures against each other in places such as Dubai, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. The Archbishop of Canterbury called for elements of Islamic Sharia law to be incorporated into British law. Both were apparently serious and neither had taken any medication or Class A drugs.

Earlier today, at a press conference at Cheadle Royal, Confidential can exclusively report, that the couple have decided to take things further.

“We suggest football matches on other planets and in other solar systems,” said Scudamore. “This is the only way we can ensure adequate revenues for football clubs. You have to understand that many clubs have been bought by overseas investors now desperately seeking cash to pay off their debts. The success of the Premier League means extra-terrestrials have a right to see live games, just as much as everybody else.”

“Loyal fans,” he added, “who have followed their team year in, year out, through thick and thin, and endless ticket price rises, have had things to themselves for far too long. In any case the price of a ticket to the moon will soon be under £2m.”

At the same conference the Archbishop said, “As the top Christian in the country, I like to evangelise in a very real sense for other faith groups in a series of long complicated sentences with very many sub-clauses. In this way I carefully ensure maximum distress and confusion in my own dwindling flock whilst provoking the very opposite reaction to the one I intended in other people, actually increasing religious and community tension and intolerance.”

Both Archbishop Rowen Williams and Premiership Chief Executive, Richard Scudamore, are from another planet.


Mannanan said...

Sorry to hear about the failed house move. Makes me think that the way houses are purchased in England needs to be changed to something similar to what they have in Scotland. On a lighter note......As you've been messing about with new lenses on your camera just wondered if you'd like to have a dabble with this one.....

bungus said...

I have seen a number of old dears in Tesco, Jill, but I don’t think I could swallow one whole (echoes of WC Fields). I suspect many of them are on the shelf but, from their stature, not the reduced shelf.
I would wish to know exactly which bits of Sharia law we are talking about before judging – it appears to be an unpopular idea anyway so perhaps we shall have to put up with it. But getting stoned in public sounds rather attractive.

On the other hand, the idea of Premiership clubs playing abroad IS outrageous and someone should be shot (after being flogged).
AnonRob’s ‘extension’ of the proposals amused me greatly and I suggest that those ‘given free rein’ (or ‘free reign’) should be banished to the workhouse which we are not mentioning anymore.
I thought the blog WAS mainly for MOGs (and GOBs) anyway.