Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bedbound - Sister Y i/c - OK day actually

Just a couple of yesterday's images given the psychedelic touch in some unusual reaches of Photoshop.

No.1 is of course our Nottingham Eye with the sun behind one of the gondolas.

Reg has e-mailed me a great picture from yesterday, of St. John's Chambers, but he hasn't yet given me specific permission to 'blog' it. So perhaps tomorrow because he will be very busy with tonight being an EPS club-night. I have sent my apologies because my legs and ankles have been so bad a day in bed with my feet up was prescribed by Sister Y. She has looked after me so well it has almost been a pleasure. Hence the Photoshoppery!

I'm sorry to miss the club because my guess is that although Rob is unlikely to have entered the monthly Elaine might have. And in anycase I enjoy everyone's company and hate to miss a 'judging evening'. They usually fuel my blog engines for at least a week.

No.2 is a piece of tree bound litter I always notice on my way home from Nottingham. It always reminds me of some cobra-like creature, or an anorexic dinosaur.

Comments....I had just solved the problem caused by google's changing of the 'comments' system, when up comes Bungus on the inside rail, having solved the problem for me..........You need to scroll down until you get to the NAME/URL box. click the button, and in the name box put a name or pseudonym of your choice. Leave the URL slot blank and click submit. Please use that system because so many Anonymous-es was confusing me. If you do want to use the Anonymous box .....please consider signing your comment with some identifier......Or not ! We would all rather have a completely anonymous comment, than no comment.

But, most important of all, please keep the comments coming. They are an integral part of the blog. And there were 10 yesterday!

Jill.... Thanks for the additional info on the fishcakes. And thanks for you Valentine wishes. The chili, while still tasty had mellowed quite a lot y today.

Bungua..... I suspect it was the herbiness of the Lidle black-pudding that appealed. And I didn't know about the 'pennyroyal'. The 'loose change' thread has been good and Ray (OurStanley) tells me by e-mail that 'shrapnell' is common in his part of Yorkshire. I liked the 'spitting feathers' and 'down in the mouth' link. But I still think that 'below par' (as it is a golfing metaphor) should mean better than usual, rather than worse. Your 'support worker' story strains credibility. So it is obviously true.

AnonymousRob...... Paul the Plasterer was great. As you well know, as a lifelong Poetry lover, I throughly approve of your poem. I find Poetry compulsive reading, it takes me along whereas I get lost in overly long prose paragraphs. If there's no dialogue in there to keep me going I just skim read. Rupert Bear is originally responsible for this !

I applaud the nifty googling and I followed you to - but failed to find the 'slang' disctionary.

AnonymousReg.....Interesting you did part of your Nat.Servic at Northholt. Not that it is connected, but I was wondereing if 'shrapnel' was Services slang, because of it's wartime and military links.

I've kept away from the Sports Desk, and am assuming that "Ramsey might have put Duncan in...." is a cookery expression.

Quotation time...... This is definitely true....but I can't work out why.

"Have you ever observed that we pay much more attention to a wise passage when it is quoted than when we read it in the original author?"

Philip G Hamerton

Wikipedia refused to utter..... But I tracked him down as a Victorian Art Critic and correspondent of James McNeil Whistler (of 'his mother' fame). Not a critic I know of.

Off now. I've sat up long enough. Sleep tight........Catch you tomorrow.....


bungus said...

Sorry you are bedbound. Hope it soon improves.

Pity you never got a shot of the tree banana for your collection.

If you check again you will find an eleventh comment yesterday! Not that it will mean anything. The Munich disaster happened when I was in Tripoli on National Service. It cast a pall over the barracks.

On the black pudding: I generally like herby things, esp Lincolnshire sausage but with my currently distorted taste everything is exaggerated – Korma tastes like Vindaloo!
Perhaps (and I take your point) 'below par' (as it is a golfing metaphor) should mean better than usual, but it doesn’t, does it?
Yes, it’s true. Apparently it had happened elsewhere and the client said “No I’m not autistic, I’m Asperger’s.”.

I always used to read the Rupert Rhyme before the lengthier prose.

I think ‘shrapnel’ must come from the military, possibly The Great War? Most of my school contemporaries collected shrapnel. I probably still have some.

Not regretting the passing of Big Duncan is a sort of sacrilege.

I’m not sure the quotation is always true.

AnonymousRob said...

Maybe it depends who is quoting the wise passage and/or how much we agree with the quote. I noticed, after John Lennon was murdered, that he became widely quoted by all sorts of people yet wasn't quoted when he was alive.

I don't think Nobby would have got in United's team, not as a regular fixture anyway. Maybe some clever computer nerd could find enough footage of Duncan to put him alongside Pat Crerand and Georgie Best with Denis Law upfront. The fun they would have had.

I have to correct an error in an earlier post. Elaine tells me, quite rightly, that it is not Loyd Grossman's sauce we use for spag bol but Bertolli's. I hope this is slightly more acceptable to Bungus. We still put it over mince, though, so maybe not. Isn't it interesting how some people's names absolutely fit them? Grossman for example.

RG, you didn't miss Elaine's competition entries as she didn't enter. As it was Valentine's night we went into Nottingham for a meal. We went to Dolce on Broad Street and it was fine. A few things they could improve on but no real complaints. We were going to go on the tram but an electrical fault caused them to stop running at 6pm so I had to drive. Naturally, that curtailed the alcoholic intake. I did, however, take my Nikon digital compact and snapped a few night shots of the ferris wheel. I will e-mail you a couple for possible publication. should get you to the dictionary; it works for me even without the /

Yesterday Paul the Plasterer found damp in the walls due to incorrect damp proofing. His mate Neil is coming today to put it right. Paul also organised a man with a van to move our settee, today, to Elaine's son's flat. We ordered new settees from DFS just before Christmas. They said 12 weeks, it's been six and they are coming on Monday. We had expected to get all the work done before they arrived.

The extra damp proofing has delayed the plastering which will delay the new door and flooring. Neil has also told us not to decorate new plaster for 6 months otherwise the damp could still come through. Maybe that light at the end of the tunnel was a train after all.

Hope you are soon back on your feet, RG, though if I were you I'd be tempted to fake it a while to enjoy Sister Y's nursing for longer.


Reg said...

bungus I was at Mansfield County Secondary Technical School i.e. The Nissen Huts opposite Sutton Res. where Morrison's is now. From 1949 to 1954 travelling by bus from Hucknall. We used to go by bicycle for special events like the queen (or Queen Mother) visiting Mansfield Never saw Her being on the bike a sort of got lost and arrived home early