Monday, February 25, 2008

Y's 'Nails' day - Bungus's Quiz

Bungus has set us older readers a quiz type question.

Who is the girl in the check swimsuit? The travel promotion pictures were taken in 1962 and the girl is 20 yrs old.

Entries cannot be accepted from thorough readers of The Observer. But your blogmeister will award a suitable prize, should anyone be successful. Y and I both think the face looks vaguely familiar but we are no closer than that.

This morning I had the first of several blood-tests and as the time is now 19.30pm and no-one has rung from the clinic I guess I shall be OK for tomorrow. After the blood test we went over to Carlton for Y's regular nails MOT and Service and after that soup and ciabatta in The CheeseCake Shop at Mapperley. We are still top fans of the area, even though the present house-move has fallen through.

Managed a trawl of the charity shops but didn't buy anything.

Picture 2 is the WoW regulars on the Wednesday just past, when we went a'huntin-hoar-frost near Wirksworth and as you can see, we are chip-cobbing with a will. My halo seems to have slipped a little but everyone was having a good time.

On Thursday night it is our WoW presentation to the Club and I understand that Roy wants me to sort out one of my WoW smileys to start the evening off.

This one is probably the best.

On the other hand is also good and perhaps better depicts the lively nature of our walkers.

All I need to do now is to work out how to incorporate it at the beginning of my slide-show, the CD for which is already burned.

Comments... Solution 3 - (Sew the spare button on and forget about it) seemed to be the consensus. Although ManxIslander makes an excellent point about what do you then do f you subsequently need the spare button? Y does have a granny-type button, thread, safety-pin tin but, like most such receptacles, rarely seems to contain what you actually need.

Jill.... Y's reaction to the aerial-mast erection was "In Chiswick?". I personally consider most such things ugly blots on the landscape. However, my attitudes have softened over the years with regard to power pylons. I venomously dislike wind-turbines, unless off-shore. So my advice would be to knit a placard and get out there and wave it.

Pork chops.... As remarked, they can vary a lot. My method is to barely oil (olive) a shallow baking dish. Cook them at around 180C for around 30 minutes, turning them once only as they brown. From around say 20mins onward keep prodding them with a skewer and when they are done, take them out drain off the oil and cover with foil until the other things are done. They are usually tender enough and juicy. But I don't think Pork Chops are ever as melt-in-the-mouth as beef or lamb.

As our Terracotta Warriors Exhibition plus travel will occupy most of the day I will do a blog-post about it as and when. Although my ankles have been the weak-link so far, when we returned home Y had pulled a muscle somewhere near her hip and has been sitting with hot-water bottles and microwaved bean-bags and pronounces it much better. I know it would be pricey but, if we need to, we will hire a cab from St.Pancras to the British Museum. They have been most helpful and have reserved me a wheelchair. So, even if I don't need it Y might ! - talk about 'just a couple of crocks'.

Quotation time....Bit relevant I suppose :-

"The least pain in our little finger gives us more concern and uneasiness than the destruction of millions of our fellow-beings"

William Hazlitt

..An early night is called for I think. Even though I shall probably be awake again by mignight. Not to worry, I can find plenty to do. Sleep tight and I'll catch you post London.



bungus said...

I will give another clue to the ‘mystery woman’ tomorrow.

The WoW Group Picture would have more interest if the members were named (or at least any of them whose names are known to blog readers).

The spring loaded WoW appeals to me most but, with the best will in the world, it hardly represents the blogmeister whose spring has sprung.

If you lose another button you have to replace them all with a matching set. But what are the odds?

I am not fond of phone masts. Like RG I have become largely accustomed to pylons but, unlike him, I think wind turbines are beautifully sculptural (although I understand why people do not want them too close to their homes).
In a recent local case, large numbers of residents of Eakring and Bilsthorpe objected in extreme fashion to a proposed 5 turbine wind farm which the Planning Officer had recommended for approval. In spite of there being 3 to 4 times as many letters of support (from local people, without any campaign) as there were signatures against, the District Councillors refused permission.
Democracy at work again, hey?

I am surprised that you would consider anything other than a taxi to the British Museum. It will cost a fiver (or would have a done a couple of years ago). When we visitid London Sandra insisted on a a taxi every time we left and returned to, the hotel Being more mobile I would have been less extravagant but felt, quite rightly I think, unable to argue.

No doubt Hazlitt is largely correct baout people being more concerned about their own ills than those of others.

As the folowing suggests:
“You can’t do a lot with a biro up your nose.”
(Radio Nottm, Sun night late; man talking about an assault by his wife.)

Reg said...

Last summer we had a few days away B & B in Herefordshire, We went to the local pub for our evening meals. The pork chops where superb, I understand they came straight from the local farm and believe that the man from the Ministry knew nothing about them whatsoever.They where 'proper' pork chops just like they used to be.

Anonymous said...

I can do a joint of pork fine, it's just the chops....

Definitely a taxi to and from Brit.Museum/St.Pancras, but I think it will cost you more than a fiver....

It's a pleasant sunny day here for you....

I have signed two petitions against mast, one on line and one that a chap was organising.... Meanwhile the contractors have stopped erecting the mast for seven days in an effort to sort things out.

I think wind turbines look quite attractive, but wouldn't want to live right next door to them.

Jill said...

The last comment is me - Jill - but I expect you guessed that. Haven't a clue who the lady is, was going to say Joan Bakewell but the dates are wrong.

Jill said...

Anna Ford?

bungus said...

‘Mystery Woman’ failed her 11 plus, left school with no O Levels, is semowaht disleksick, became a washer-up, then waitress, then journalist. “She goes to mass every day then comes back and makes her secretaries cry”.
Another clue on Wednesday.

Jill said...

Anne Robinson?

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