Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nice Quiet Sunday - Pork Chops

Picture 1 is yet anther orchid study because. now we have our cheap ones from our local Lidl, I find that I look at them more closely than I have previously.

The centre of the snap reminds me of a hawk swooping to attack a Damien Hirst "Spot painting" but then, I do have an over-vivid imagination. The original Opium 2000 lies under the link. So, if you are anti-Damien please do not click on it.

With a little photoshoppery I could recolour some of the outer petals to make them more like wings - but that would be cheating.

Picture 2 is self-explanatory. I thought they were helping but then forgot where I had put the tin. The extra-extra strong version might help

For lunch we had more of the cauliflower soup with hot rolls. The hot rolls were nice! I shan't be trying that recipe again - shame because it was a lovely cauli. However, for main meal I cooked pork chops with roast potatoes, brussels, carrots, and gravy. For me sage & onion stuffing (which Y doesn't like) and for Y (applesauce which I don't like). Followed by cheese & biscuits and coffee.

And this was proclaimed a success. And as it was Sunday we actually sat at the table, like the Duke and Duchess of Brinsley, who prolly eat from trays on their knees like everybody else of advanced years.

Y has a question which she feels is more likely to be answered by our lady-readers, but a male perspective would be welcome.

If you buy a new garment with a button missing (but with a spare button sown into the seam) do you :-
  1. Take it back
  2. Huff and puff on the phone - "Why don't you...........? etc."
  3. Sow the spare button on and forget about it.
Nice family chats and from David this morning kind offers of transport etc., and doing shopping for us if my ankles are bad. I must make sure that, in the blog, I don't sound too sorry for myself - there is a balance to be struck I guess. All your wise counsel re The Terracotta Warriors Exhibition has been listened to and I thank you for it. It is my intention to ring tomorrow and iron out any snags in advance. If I ask when I ring they will ensure the availability of wheel chair for instance.

Which leads me unerringly to a quote for the day :-

"Excess on occasion is exhilarating. It prevents moderation from acquiring the deadening effect of a habit"

W. Somerset Maugham

A much underrated writer in my opinion. I remember reading The Moon and Sixpence as a 14yr old and being mightily impressed. What a strange child I was...... and growing up didn't help much!

The first of several blood-tests in the morning ! Watch this space. The result won't arrive till Tuesday - and I shall be at The British Museum. I'm not really being irresponsible though, they have my mobile number.

Sleep tight everybody and I'll catch you tomorrow. Y tells me that Tottenham beat Chelsea ! Poor Andy will be devastated.


bungus said...

Looking for the silver lining Jill, at least the buiding work should be finite.

I see no sweeping hawk. I don’t think this is lack of imagination; simply that everyone sees things slightly differently (never trust an eye witness as the Cross brothers said; they were cross, justifiably, having been jailed for several years, until someone else confessed, for a crime they did not commit).

I could do with some of those memory mints too. If you can remember where they were from, and I remember, I’ll get some.

We also ate at the table today as Stephanie and Jessica were with us. Much more civilised I think. In fact one of the rules I made when we moved here 26 years ago was that we should ALWAYS eat at table and another was that no food should be consumed upstairs. I think they were adhered to for several hours.

3 is the answer to Yvonnes’s dilemma. Unless she likes aggro.

I too read The Moon & Sixpence in my teens and remember nothing of it.

Good for the game that Spurs won. Did anyone else see that leg broken on Saturday? How is it that can happen now that they wear slippers and it didn't happen when the 'sliding tackle' was legitimate and applauded and the players wore pit boots with studs?

Jill said...

Yvonne's dilemma, it depends where I bought it - if it was somewhere I went to regularly or it was on my usual shopping route then I would take it back. I had the same thing happen to me with something I bought in M & S and they gave me a £5.00 voucher for my trouble in sewing another button on. This was some years ago.....I don't think they are quite so generous now.

How do you cook your pork chops? I am not sure whether it is me or the pork, but all the ones I've cooked over the past year or two seem to be tough, I can't get them tender like they used to be. We are both apple sauce people, luckily.

Workmen started at 7.30 a.m. this morning, but so far there has been no machinery noise.

There is a protest meeting this afternoon about 100 yds. down the road to us where O2 are erecting a 45 ft. mast. They were refused Council Planning permission on two occasions, but on the second occasion the Council missed the date they had to let O2 know the result by 24 hrs, and 02 claim this gives them permission and are going ahead. It is 250 yds. from primary/junior school and on route used by the comprehensive pupils, and only 30 ft. from houses. Ought I to be out there protesting (it will certainly de-value the houses nearby, think we are too far away) or do you think people's fears about this are of thing are unneccessary? Opinions, please!

bungus said...

MY dispute with Morrisins was over a parking charge and a wasted jorney. After trying the minions, I eventually wrote to the MD and following several amicable letters to and from him, I said I would settle for a fiver and that is what he sent me. I think he thought it was worth a fiver to get rid of me which is what I told my first wife.

For many years now i have found pork unreliable, whatever the source (preferably apple but must have stuffing as well). Occasionally delicious and unctuous as it should be but often either tough or tasteless or both.
That doesn't help much, does it.

I have no views on phone masts except that they are not pretty.

Mannanan said...

I'm just so glad that I'm a man and don't have to ponder the dillema such as Y has had to over her buttons. Each has it's own merits. If you opt for one then you forfeit the outfit in question. Two may cause problems and is an argument worth it just for the sake of a button and three what if you sew it on now and at a later date lose another where will you be without a button? I could add a fourth and ask the question hasn't Y got one of those fantastic button boxes or tins that mother always had that she could rummage through? Okay decision time after all that pondering I'd go for three and hope for the best..........Hope you have a great day tomorrow and that you don't overdo things......Pete